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plant/poison - helpsie!


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hey gang,


iv'e done plant before on trollers and doms, but poison is new for me and i have absolutely no clue on how to slot it or which powers to pick.

i dont have mids on my mac, otherwise i would've made a build myself and posted and gotten critiques, but unfortunately thats not an option.


so dear trollers, what do you think about this build and how would you build it? thanks! 🙂

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Hero Plan by Mids' Reborn : Hero Designer

Click this DataLink to open the build!

Level 50 Magic Controller
Primary Power Set: Plant Control
Secondary Power Set: Poison
Power Pool: Speed
Power Pool: Leaping
Power Pool: Fighting
Power Pool: Leadership
Ancillary Pool: Stone Mastery

Hero Profile:
Level 1: Strangler -- Apc-Dam%(A), GhsWdwEmb-Dam%(5), NrnSht-Dam%(5), GldJvl-Dam%(11), GldNet-Dam%(13), Apc-Dmg(25)
Level 1: Alkaloid -- Empty(A)
Level 2: Envenom -- AchHee-ResDeb%(A), TchofLadG-%Dam(3), ShlBrk-%Dam(3)
Level 4: Hasten -- RechRdx-I(A), RechRdx-I(11)
Level 6: Roots -- TraoftheH-Dam%(A), PstBls-Dam%(7), JvlVll-Dam%(7), Ann-ResDeb%(15), Rgn-Dmg(21)
Level 8: Seeds of Confusion -- MlsIll-Dam%(A), SprOvrPrs-Rchg/Energy Font(9), CrcPrs-Conf%(9), Ccp-Dam%(13)
Level 10: Super Jump -- BlsoftheZ-ResKB(A)
Level 12: Boxing -- Empty(A)
Level 14: Tough -- StdPrt-ResDam/Def+(A), GldArm-3defTpProc(15)
Level 16: Weave -- LucoftheG-Def/Rchg+(A), RedFrt-Def/EndRdx(17), RedFrt-Def(17), RedFrt-EndRdx(19), RedFrt-EndRdx/Rchg(19), RedFrt-Def/EndRdx/Rchg(21)
Level 18: Maneuvers -- LucoftheG-Def/Rchg+(A), RedFrt-Def/EndRdx(23), RedFrt-Def(48), RedFrt-EndRdx(50), RedFrt-EndRdx/Rchg(50), RedFrt-Def/EndRdx/Rchg(50)
Level 20: Tactics -- GssSynFr--Build%(A)
Level 22: Vengeance -- LucoftheG-Def/Rchg+(A)
Level 24: Combat Jumping -- LucoftheG-Def/Rchg+(A), Rct-ResDam%(33), ShlWal-ResDam/Re TP(37)
Level 26: Carrion Creepers -- Ann-ResDeb%(A), JvlVll-Dam%(27), PstBls-Dam%(27), ExpStr-Dam%(29), Rgn-Dmg/Rchg(29), ImpSwf-Dam%(33)
Level 28: Paralytic Poison -- GldNet-Dam%(A), GhsWdwEmb-Dam%(33), NrnSht-Dam%(43), Lck-%Hold(46)
Level 30: Spirit Tree -- Prv-Heal(A), Prv-Heal/EndRdx(31), Prv-EndRdx/Rchg(31), Prv-Heal/Rchg(31), Prv-Heal/Rchg/EndRdx(40), Prv-Absorb%(48)
Level 32: Spore Burst -- FrtHyp-Sleep(A), FrtHyp-Sleep/Rchg(34), FrtHyp-Acc/Sleep/Rchg(34), FrtHyp-Acc/Rchg(34), FrtHyp-Sleep/EndRdx(48)
Level 35: Poison Trap -- SprWiloft-Rchg/Dmg%(A), UnbCns-Dam%(36), Arm-Dam%(36), GhsWdwEmb-Dam%(36), FuroftheG-ResDeb%(37), Erd-%Dam(37)
Level 38: Fissure -- JvlVll-Dam%(A), PstBls-Dam%(39), ExpStr-Dam%(39), FrcFdb-Rechg%(39), Rgn-Dmg/EndRdx(40), Ann-ResDeb%(40)
Level 41: Seismic Smash -- Hct-Dam%(A), Mk'Bit-Dam%(42), TchofDth-Dam%(42), GhsWdwEmb-Dam%(42), Hct-Dmg/Rchg(43), Hct-Dmg(43)
Level 44: Rock Armor -- LucoftheG-Def/Rchg+(A), RedFrt-Def(45), RedFrt-EndRdx(45), RedFrt-Def/EndRdx(45), RedFrt-EndRdx/Rchg(46), RedFrt-Def/EndRdx/Rchg(46)
Level 47: Venomous Gas -- AchHee-ResDeb%(A)
Level 49: Earth's Embrace -- RechRdx-I(A)
Level 1: Brawl -- Empty(A)
Level 1: Containment 
Level 1: Prestige Power Dash -- Empty(A)
Level 1: Prestige Power Slide -- Empty(A)
Level 1: Prestige Power Quick -- Empty(A)
Level 1: Prestige Power Rush -- Empty(A)
Level 1: Prestige Power Surge -- Empty(A)
Level 1: Sprint -- Empty(A)
Level 2: Rest -- Empty(A)
Level 4: Ninja Run 
Level 2: Swift -- Empty(A)
Level 2: Health -- Pnc-Heal/+End(A), Mrc-Rcvry+(23)
Level 2: Hurdle -- Empty(A)
Level 2: Stamina -- EndMod-I(A), PrfShf-End%(25)
Level 50: Nerve Core Paragon 
Level 50: Ageless Core Epiphany 
Level 50: Melee Core Embodiment 
Level 0: Task Force Commander 
Level 0: The Atlas Medallion 
Level 0: Portal Jockey 
Level 0: Freedom Phalanx Reserve 


I like poison. It takes quite a bit of work to get the set singing, but it is really good imo.


I think plant/poison is one of the best pairings for plant and one of the best pairings for poison. They compliment and synergize quite well. Namely, poison doesn't do anything to deter the effectiveness of confuse. All it does is make it even more amazing. Sometimes too amazing and the spawn will just implode and you may get very little xp. 


Plant offers a ton of mitigation which poison definitely benefits from and seeds helps bunch up spawns to make the small aoe's of poison more effective.


I think /stone app is the best fit for this combo as it is melee centric like poison leans toward. 

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