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OK so I probably butchered the name of the icons that show what powers are currently affecting me, both positive and negative, that display under your XP bar.
Namely these:

Today I was under the affect of the Farady Cage power by an random and I wanted to see the effects of the power so I right-clicked the icon.
For ~1.5secs I got what I would expect - a detailed listing of everything that power is doing:



However after that ~1.5secs the display changed to this:

I retested this a number of time and every time after ~1.5secs the display would change.
Immediately right-click on the icon again and the details view would show - for ~1.5secs.

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I've noticed this happens with a variety of effects in the game, specifically those that "pulse" some effect repeatedly (like Faraday cage). You can see it happen in the Combat Attributes window too. They should have a duration longer than the pulse (such as duration 0.75s but pulses every 0.5s), so they theoretically shouldn't drop, but it looks like they do every so often. I'm not certain if this is just a display issue, or if you can actually get hit by an attack in between pulses and not get the benefit of the buff.

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