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  1. Thanks to the continuous prodding of @Bopper, there's now a v2 of the API available at the usual place. It was sooner than expected, but I needed to redo the structure to accommodate a richer data set that includes the full data for referenced powers rather than summarizing them. In other words, you can now fully inspect the powers used by pets/pseudopets as well as powers granted and powers executed by other powers. Also he pointed out that redirects were completely borked in the v1 data ... totally my fault, I made a note to try and understand them better on my first pass through the data and then completely forgot. They're now properly separated so that you can figure out what to redirect to. Page where you can get all the fun stuff: https://coh.tips/powers/ Release notes: https://gitlab.com/rubidium-dev/powers/-/releases/2.0.1
  2. It doesn't. The i25 codebase modified the bins to use a completely different format, and the actual data contained in them has changed structure over the past few years as well. Unfortunately means any bin-parsing code from the beforetimes is completely useless on Homecoming.
  3. Released a slightly updated data set today, fixing/adding a few things. Scrapper criticals should have correct pvp/pve tagging now. New "stacking" field added to effects to describe how the effect stacks with itself. Times represented in display fields should no longer incorrectly round (they were always accurate in the data fields). "ticks" added to effects that tick multiple times. This is a convenience field derived from duration_seconds and continuous_apply_seconds. Effects that have a percent chance of 0 to apply should no longer stop the display_info of child scaled effects from being populated. Shout out to @Bopper, @Dismiss, and @modest for helping me identify these issues and providing suggestions. 😎
  4. Looks like the intention is -10%, with an additional -10% each if you have Boxing and Brawl. Unfortunately the code that renders all the power effects is kind of a buggy mess so these problems aren't all that uncommon. It's also got a "Special to hit" line that I'm not sure where it's coming from, possibly a duplicate of the previous entry on recharge reduction (it typically says "Special" if there's a scaling modifier).
  5. v1 is now "complete," meaning this is the structure going forward and shouldn't change, so totally safe to use for production applications. Of particular note, there is now a complete data dictionary describing the output format so you don't have to guess what things are. Now for the hard part, I need to remember what I was doing back in January that prompted me to create this...
  6. Not sure if many other folks here are playing Animal Crossing, but it's been a welcome reprieve from real world shenanigans lately. Still, gotta represent some City of Villains so here's an Arachnos design if anyone wants it. 😎
  7. Yeah this time has been very disruptive for side projects
  8. So... the AH? Unless you meant that they should only be sold to vendors, which just seems wasteful. Why make them even more rare than they already are? "Stupid" price is entirely relative to the market. If people are buying them for the prices listed, then it's not stupid. Heck, without purples people wouldn't have much to do with the billions of inf they're sitting on.
  9. Despite being originally released in 2004, the system specs didn't stay static. I think the last time they revised the minimum specs was with Going Rogue's release in 2010. IIRC, the GPU requirements didn't change a whole lot but the CPU requirements did move over time. That said, the E1505 appears to meet the minimum system requirements, but from my own experiments with older hardware (and the fact that you're using a laptop), I don't expect the results to be great. Probably in the 15-20 FPS range in populated areas like Atlas Park, and something big like an MSR may be out of the question. Playable? Technically. Just be prepared for a less than stellar experience.
  10. I've built a few scrappers that have capped or near-capped defenses/resists so they can tank, it's pretty fun. Dark/dark is probably my fave because of the added tools the sets offer. You're not gonna be quite as good as a real Tanker, especially against some AVs that hit ridiculously hard (like Bobcat) but overall it works. Hardest part is getting group aggro.. taunt auras only get you so far. Not having punchvoke makes things a bit more dicey. I sometimes use Provoke from the pool power but since it has an acc check unlike normal Taunt it can be a bit iffy.
  11. No, I've been slacking. I have the 2202 blu rays sitting right here and haven't cracked them open yet. 😶
  12. Yamato is such a great franchise... I remember the original fondly (though honestly it can be a bit hard to go back and watch now, it didn't age all that gracefully). 2199 is a very worthy retelling, as it keeps a lot of the sensibilities, style, and core story of the 70s anime while making it feel fresh and relevant for a modern audience. The space battles are really exciting to watch. It's also really easy to get invested in the stories of the individual characters. I was also surprised to find that the live-action movie that came out in 2010 is really well done too.
  13. Thanks! The target expression seemed to only be used by the new chain powers so I incorrectly assumed it was limited to that usage. I may dig deeper on some of the more advanced parameters, but I'm not sure if they would add anything that someone just looking for "what does this power do" will find useful. I do that across the board for a lot of parameters that really only the game client/server cares about.
  14. Oh! Nice that you have a CoV version, I've been looking for some stuff to do redside.
  15. Released BETA 4 this morning, based on Issue 26 Page 5. Includes fun new stuff, like Electrical Affinity and Experimentation! Supports the new Chain powers, so it should accurately report jump distance, max targets, etc. Fixed a bunch of small bugs with parsing requirements expressions, which will forever be the bane of my existence. In particular, things that used "minmax" like Scourge shouldn't be horribly broken any more. Summary power data is included inline for pets, power grants, power execute parameters. This should make Incarnate lore pets easier to parse now in particular because before all their data was in the top level Incarnate power category. Keyword "summary" here. Originally I tried it including the full power data like I do for top-level items, but this bloated some of the power sets by like an additional 80%, which started to get unwieldy. Since the point of this data set is to be focused on player powers, I felt this was an acceptable trade off. Enjoy!
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