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  1. This is an oddly specific thing to nitpick
  2. I've noticed this happens with a variety of effects in the game, specifically those that "pulse" some effect repeatedly (like Faraday cage). You can see it happen in the Combat Attributes window too. They should have a duration longer than the pulse (such as duration 0.75s but pulses every 0.5s), so they theoretically shouldn't drop, but it looks like they do every so often. I'm not certain if this is just a display issue, or if you can actually get hit by an attack in between pulses and not get the benefit of the buff.
  3. It's been a little while, I've been meaning to get that v1 out the door but i26 p5 dropped sooner than I thought. Also I got sick (hopefully not coronavirus but probably is). In good news, I was able to make all the necessary adjustments to parse the new powers.bin file format (a lot of subtle little changes threw me off for a couple days). Now I just need to take a good look at the new chain effect parameters used by Electrical Affinity to make sure the output matches what's seen in-game. Expect one more beta release soon-ish... EDIT: Oh almost forgot, when I got interrupted by i26 p5, I was in the middle of implementing detailed pet info (powers, etc.) so expect that in the next version.
  4. Filling in the data wouldn't be difficult per se, you just need to fill in the appropriate data (each mob has a specific name/costume/exp grant) defined individually from level 1-50. The powers table is shared across all levels and simply notes which levels they should have which powers. From a game balance and content issue, it would probably feel less than stellar. Low level groups would have pretty lackluster abilities when leveled up, and high level groups (especially 40+ and incarnate) would probably flatten lower level characters. You'd have to go through (again per individual mob not group) and figure out what powers they should have at which levels, which might necessitate creating more appropriate powers since a lot of NPCs don't use player powers. I'm not surprised the original devs chose Ouro as a compromise, as that's a much cleaner way of addressing the issue without introducing what's essentially a huge new amount of content and balancing issues. I would love it if we could do easy, on-the-fly level scaling without using sidekick/Ouro, that was one of the things I loved about Guild Wars 2... but going through and updating all 7,000 villain defs sounds like it would be a lot of unfun busy work for someone. 😧
  5. I suggest the badge name "Resilient" -- I think it describes this community and our game pretty well.
  6. BETA 3 is up. I'm pretty happy with this latest data set. Most of this week's work was on the back-end trying to fix up some bugs and make sure the data is consistent. I found a pretty dumb one that messed up all the arc/radius values for AoEs and cones, but it's fixed now. Outside of the bugs though, I've added a few convenience items like a power-level display_info that mimics some of the info as it's seen in the in-game UI: Also the scaled effects include some of the calculated averages: I've got to do a final pass on the data to make sure everything jives with the in-game numbers, but I'm hoping not much more will be changing. I'd like to have a true "version 1" out that folks can use by first of April.
  7. I feel that makes it more authentic, right? 😋
  8. In the most technical sense, yes, but I doubt it'd be useful for Mids.They're using a lot more data than I'm exporting directly and probably already have their own facilities for mapping the raw bin data to what Mids need to use. I haven't really looked at how Mids works and it was not really my intention to support a character builder, though that could technically be possible. Maybe. Powers are complicated enough on their own. But I'll probably have to, because the incarnate data's kind of messed up (incarnate powers behave more like enhancements than powers).
  9. Updated today with many many improvements. Fixed a lot of bugs and worked out the details of a lot more powers. Also I think the structure is getting a bit easier to understand and exposes less of CoH's internals, so you should be able to use it without having to know exactly how to combine certain effects and parameters. I also added a display_info field that mimics to a degree how power effects are described in the in-game UI. This took a lot of work, so I'm probably going to take a bit of a break before refining further. I've not really been playing the game lately because I've been too busy coding. 😅 I think I'm getting pretty close to an official "1.0" release that should be usable. Here's an example of a power in the new structure:
  10. Depends on what you're referring to. If you're talking about the powers in general, then no there's a copy of that data in the client files. If you're talking about the powers that you chose for your character, then yes those are only server-side.
  11. boostsets doesn't look all that complicated, comparatively speaking. Looks like it contains the sets linked to the boosts that are in them as well as the set bonuses.
  12. From what I understand of City of Data, I think it's basically just a dump of what's in the bins in a nice easy to read format. It would definitely be possible to remake it in some format, obviously that would go faster if someone is around that still owns the source code. EDIT: In fact I just realized that's kind of what Sif is already starting, you may be interested in their tool: https://indexobscurum.com/index/hc/
  13. Not at the moment. I specifically skipped over enhancements and sets because I was focused on powers. But they're mostly in the same place. I might make a separate enhancements data set at some point. I haven't touched the AT limits yet either. I've seen where they're at, and I'll probably add them to the AT data set in the future, but I'm still focused on getting the power effects accurate, they're kind of a mess at the moment.
  14. Yeah the boosts are part of the powers but right now I'm explicitly filtering them out so I can focus on getting the power data correct. I didn't see enhancement sets in the stuff I did parse so you're probably right that it's in a different bin.
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