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  1. I apologize that I've not had time to keep my code up to date with the latest changes.. the Homecoming team makes structural changes to powers.bin far more often than I imagine the retail team ever did, and the reverse engineering takes a lot of time and effort. So I kinda signed myself up for a sisyphean task. 😛 I've had a lot of other IRL stuff come up this year that's kept me away from the project.
  2. I think this would be a nice addition at some point. I get some stats since I use Lutris as a front-end but that has challenges since it's tracked client side (I play on two different computers and have reinstalled at points which wipes the data). Probably doesn't need to be that fancy at all. It could just track time the game is running, that's what Steam does, and it's a nice enough estimate.
  3. Oh jeez, I'm so sorry... I hope you didn't use my bin parser as a model for Rust programs, I literally just vomited that code out as I went along specifically because I didn't feel like overthinking or planning ahead. I've written far more coherent code in my lifetime, I swear 😆
  4. This is some really spectacular work, @UberGuy. So happy to see something cool and useful for the players come out of the reverse engineering I did.
  5. Honestly I'm not keen on emoji but this isn't a bad suggestion, because to add emoji you would need to extend Unicode support into the chat which would open the full international character set as well (selfishly I would love to see this for character names too, but there's a whole can of worms there). That said, I would not want to be the one to try and implement it... all of the text in the game is based on CP-1252 encoding using simple C strings, which would be a nightmare to upgrade. You could hack in a subsection of emoji using a special chat code and custom graphics, which wo
  6. I don't suppose this could be made an option? I actually think it's easier to use the way it is currently, especially if you only have a few zones unlocked...
  7. No, it's really not. Constructive criticism is one thing, but when you lead in with judgments like "X is terrible/bad/a mess" you set a certain tone for your post that can be inferred. TBH, I'm impressed that Piecemeal responded so civilly to your post after you basically trashed what was likely hundreds of hours of difficult work. You do actually have a lot of valuable feedback in your post, and not entirely new. You might want to check the feedback on the beta forums, especially on the story arc, since a lot of it was already said. It would have upset fewer people if you stuck to
  8. I'll make a note to look at it. As is, it pulls only things that are discovered through primary/secondary, epic, pool, prestige, and incarnate powers. Temps are a bit wacky because there's a lot of non-player stuff in there.
  9. Updated with i27 page 1 data on the live version of the data set. Additionally: Attribute mod flags that change based on the attribute should be accurately reported now. Global chance mods now accurately report their % chance. Strengths disallowed added to output. Some chain fields that were missed from i26p5 have been added.
  10. A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one. I was totally not expecting this to drop on live so fast! Thanks for all the hard work.
  11. Been a while since I did much with this. I made several new updates today: Added Sonic Manipulation to Blasters and Energy Melee to Scrappers (i27 stuff) Made the issue-selection more granular, you can now choose any range from i24 to i27. Realized I had missed Spines on Brute, so that's been added. There wasn't any logic to validate the suggestions, so you'd sometimes get silly suggestions like Shield Defense + Titan Weapons. That's been fixed. Nice little badge added next to power sets for anything post-i24. If you're having any issues using the page, make s
  12. Could be, but other than Vile's example with Faultline, I haven't seen people asking for transparency specifying what that means except in broad strokes. So, yes, I responded to vagueness with vagueness.
  13. I apologize. For some reason thought you posted it both times but the first time was someone else, you're right. This is probably the best kind of feedback -- specific example of what you're looking for. Just calling for transparency can mean too many things to different people.
  14. I think if your standard is going to be "devs must crosspost every conversation everywhere" you're just going to encourage them to participate in discussion less, not more. You're setting the bar for "transparency" incredibly high. You keep posting that screenshot but honestly that conversation is minutiae that isn't really relevant for general feedback regarding patch updates.
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