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Master of Statesman tf


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Id like to do a master of Statesman at +4×8 with only 5 heros.  Tank, scrapper, troller, blaster, and defender!  Only original builds.  No bio armor, no willpower etc.  What are your suggested builds?  These are mine,

  1. Tank. dark dark
  2. Scrapper. claws elec
  3. Troller. Illusion rad
  4. Blaster.  Fire devices
  5. Defender. Dark elec.

With full incarnate allowed.  

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Dark/Dark wasn't originally available to tanks

/ELA was not originally available at all (it came out with CoV and then it was limited to Brutes)


you wouldn't have any trouble with a team like that except for Recluse.  The tank won't be able to heal until the orange tower is down.  This could be mitigated by multiple people with Rebirth, but I think your better option is a Granite Tank built for Recharge/Damage and an Empathy to keep AB and RA on him.

What this team needs is more Defenders

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My group did it with SO/HO only builds, no incarnates.


  • grav/kin troller
  • therm/dark defender
  • fire/kin corrupter 
  • ff/rad defender
  • fire/fire blaster
  • inv/ss tank
  • ice/cold corrupter

I don’t remember #8 but it was a ranged toon.


Solid team, solid speed run, no deaths.


Going to do the LRSF next.


We 3 manned the STF as well with some pimped out builds so 5 manning it is totally doable.

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