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Support Core Embodiment (Incarnate) fix?


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The difference between the 10% and 9.08% is normal, due to the way Endurance Discounts work.


The number in the power effectively adds a 10% "Efficiency" bonus to your Endurance Usage, much like how the Endurance Reduction or Recharge Rate enhancements work (100% Halving the cost/time of the power).


This means that endurance costs are multiplied by (1/1.1)= 0.9090..., (Or 90.909...%) which implies a 9.09....% discount. This gets hit by either some minor rounding or imprecision stuff (but is still "close enough") and comes out to 9.08% in the Combat Attributes Window.


However, for the "-52.37%" figure from the right click info, I have no idea where that pulls from.

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