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@V.V in game.


LIST of currently active alts (with quick links)

Vulcana V (Fire/Fire/Pyre Tanker, War Mace/Fire Scrapper, Fire/Atomic Blaster, Fire/Dark Controller, Fire/Earth Dominator)

H3ll Grrl (StJ/Rad Scrapper)

Violeta V (Grav/Storm Controller)

Vice Sisters: Valyntina (Mind/Psionic Dominator) and Valkyre (Arachnos Widow)

Vengeancea (Rad/Dark Tanker currently)

Doctor Vector (Illusion/Traps Controller)

Victoria V2.7104 (War Mace/Ninja Scrapper)

Vortex V (Electic/Energy Dominator)

Vultarius (Dark/Savage Dominator)

Vervei (Plant/Dark Controller, Join us every Tuesday on Excelsior for All Plant fun)

Vitiatore (Poison/Water Defender, in progress)


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Vee Stardancer


One day as the Sisters ( The Sisterhood of Naughty Space Vixens SG) were cruising the starways looking for trouble, they came upon oddity. A rogue planet, a lonely planet with no sun drifting in space. Given an event this rare, they figured might as well scan it on the way by. Not really expecting to find anything exciting, they were surprised by an odd energy signature, seemingly alive, but not like anything they had heard of.

Investigating, the away team found an amorphous glowing being, dormant. As they poked at it, it started to take shape, forming a large, glowing female humanoid form. As they backed away and drew their weapons, they “heard” a gentle voice (impossible in space, of course) say, “Be calm, I welcome you to my grave, I had not even hoped to ever see another living being again. My name is unpronounceable to your kind, but you may call the Vee Stardancer.”

They took “her” to the ship and Vee explained that she was the heart of a dying star. An ancient star that had burned out long ago. She had been quietly lying there on the last of her planets for ages. Captain Bellonda demanded further information.

Vee explained that all stars are sentient. When most die, they explode to space gas, or implode to black holes. In her case, she had burned out so slowly, that she coalesced into the small energy blob they had discovered. The Captain wanted to know more, but they had to get moving to their next score. Frustrated that there was nothing of value on the dead planet, Bellonda was at least satisfied that there was new knowledge to be had. And, Vee didn't seem to eat anything. So, she decided to keep Vee aboard as they moved on. Vee was just happy to be around other sentients, having been alone for so long.


As they flew along, Vee told the story of the living stars, to the best of her knowledge. Then she started telling stories of all she had seen over her long, long life. The formation of her planetary system. The rise and fall of civilizations. The rise and fall of interstellar empires. So many, many things she had witnessed. One thing that particularly interested Bellonda was the inability of full-sized stars to communicate in any way with the beings their systems hosted. Vee explained, as best she could, that it was an issue of scale, gravity, and time.  Very little of what she said could be verified, which frustrated the Captain, but still the stories were interesting and the knowledge might come in handy someday.


As the days went along, Vee kind of fell into being part of the crew. She seemed to enjoy helping with even the most menial of jobs, and there was rarely a lack of work to be done. She happily learned the games people play, and anything else she could stick her nose into. Though so ancient, her inquisitiveness lent her an almost childlike naivety, which was quite endearing to most.


After a bit, they got to their destination. As they were doing the job, a fight broke out, of course. Vee gleefully jumped in, and that was when the crew that even a dying star wielded significant power on a human scale. After the fight ended, Captain Bellonda decided that whether Vee was lying, insane, or in fact was an ancient star heart, she was indeed a diligent worker and powerful help on the battlefield. All of the other Sisters seemed to like her well enough. So, she invited her to the crew. Vee happily accepted and has been riding with them ever since!


Home Shard: Everlasting

Powers: Fire/Earth/Soul Dominator

Direct link - https://bit.ly/veestardancer



Villain Plan by Mids' Reborn : Hero Designer

Click this DataLink to open the build!

Vee Stardancer: Level 50 Natural Dominator
Primary Power Set: Fire Control
Secondary Power Set: Earth Assault
Power Pool: Speed
Power Pool: Fighting
Power Pool: Leaping
Power Pool: Leadership
Ancillary Pool: Soul Mastery

Villain Profile:
Level 1: Char -- SprWntBit-Rchg/SlowProc(A), SprWntBit-Acc/Dmg(17)
Level 1: Stone Spears -- Apc-Dam%(A), Apc-Dmg/Rchg(13), Apc-Acc/Dmg/Rchg(13), Apc-Dmg/EndRdx(15), Apc-Acc/Rchg(25)
Level 2: Fire Cages -- SprAscoft-Acc/Conf/Hold/Immob/Sleep/Stun/Fear(A), SprAscoft-Rchg/+Dmg%(3), SprAscoft-Conf/Hold/Immob/Sleep/Stun/Fear/Rchg(3), SprAscoft-Acc/Conf/Hold/Immob/Sleep/Stun/Fear/EndRdx/Rchg(5), SprAscoft-Acc/Conf/Hold/Immob/Sleep/Stun/Fear/EndRdx(5), SprDmnGrs-Rchg/Fiery Orb(17)
Level 4: Super Speed -- EndRdx-I(A)
Level 6: Tremor -- Arm-Dam%(A), Arm-Dmg/EndRdx(7), Arm-Acc/Rchg(7), Arm-Acc/Dmg/Rchg(19), Arm-Dmg/Rchg(19)
Level 8: Hot Feet -- Obl-%Dam(A), ScrDrv-Dam%(9), Erd-%Dam(9), ImpSwf-Dam%(11), SprAvl-Rchg/KDProc(11)
Level 10: Kick -- SprBlsCol-Rchg/HoldProc(A)
Level 12: Flashfire -- Bmbdmt-+FireDmg(A), PstBls-Dam%(15)
Level 14: Tough -- UnbGrd-Max HP%(A), GldArm-3defTpProc(21), ImpArm-ResPsi(21), UnbGrd-ResDam(23)
Level 16: Combat Jumping -- Rct-ResDam%(A), LucoftheG-Def/Rchg+(39), Rct-Def(39)
Level 18: Cinders -- GldNet-Dam%(A), GldNet-EndRdx/Rchg/Hold(23), GldNet-Acc/EndRdx/Rchg/Hold(39), GldNet-Acc/Rchg(43), GldNet-Rchg/Hold(50)
Level 20: Heavy Mallet -- CrsImp-Acc/Dmg(A), CrsImp-Acc/Dmg/Rchg(36), CrsImp-Dmg/Rchg(37), CrsImp-Dmg/EndRdx/Rchg(37), CrsImp-Dmg/EndRdx(37)
Level 22: Weave -- LucoftheG-Def/Rchg+(A), ShlWal-ResDam/Re TP(40), ShlWal-Def(40), ShlWal-Def/EndRdx(42), ShlWal-Def/Rchg(42)
Level 24: Hasten -- RechRdx-I(A), RechRdx-I(25)
Level 26: Bonfire -- SuddAcc--KB/+KD(A), Rgn-Dmg/EndRdx(27), Rgn-Knock%(27), Rgn-Acc/Rchg(29), Rgn-Acc/Dmg/Rchg(29), Rgn-Dmg/Rchg(31)
Level 28: Seismic Smash -- Hct-Dam%(A), Hct-Dmg/EndRdx(31), Hct-Acc/Rchg(31), Hct-Acc/Dmg/Rchg(34), Hct-Dmg/Rchg(34), Hct-Dmg(34)
Level 30: Maneuvers -- LucoftheG-Def/Rchg+(A)
Level 32: Fire Imps -- ExpRnf-+Res(Pets)(A), ExpRnf-Acc/Dmg(33), ExpRnf-Dmg/EndRdx(33), ExpRnf-Acc/Dmg/Rchg(33)
Level 35: Mud Pots -- ImpSwf-Dam%(A), Obl-%Dam(36), Erd-%Dam(36)
Level 38: Fissure -- PstBls-Dam%(A), PstBls-Acc/Dmg/EndRdx(45), PstBls-Dmg/Rng(46), PstBls-Dmg/Rchg(50), PstBls-Acc/Dmg(50)
Level 41: Dark Consumption -- PreOptmz-EndMod/Acc/Rech(A), PreOptmz-EndMod/Rech(46), PreOptmz-EndMod/End/Rech(46), PreOptmz-Acc/Rech(48)
Level 44: Dark Embrace -- UnbGrd-ResDam(A), UnbGrd-ResDam/EndRdx(45), UnbGrd-Rchg/ResDam(45)
Level 47: Soul Drain -- AdjTrg-Rchg(A), AdjTrg-ToHit/Rchg(48), AdjTrg-EndRdx/Rchg(48)
Level 49: Power Up -- RechRdx-I(A)
Level 1: Brawl -- Empty(A)
Level 1: Domination 
Level 1: Quick Form 
Level 1: Prestige Power Dash -- Empty(A)
Level 1: Prestige Power Slide -- Clr-Stlth(A)
Level 1: Prestige Power Quick -- Empty(A)
Level 1: Prestige Power Rush -- Empty(A)
Level 1: Prestige Power Surge -- Empty(A)
Level 1: Sprint -- Jump-I(A)
Level 2: Rest -- Empty(A)
Level 4: Ninja Run 
Level 2: Swift -- Run-I(A)
Level 2: Health -- Prv-Absorb%(A), Pnc-Heal/+End(40), NmnCnv-Regen/Rcvry+(42), Mrc-Rcvry+(43), RgnTss-Regen+(43)
Level 2: Hurdle -- Jump-I(A)
Level 2: Stamina -- PrfShf-End%(A)

| Copy & Paste this data into Mids' Reborn : Hero Designer to view the build |









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The Origin of Violeta Vixie - The Stormie Pixie


Place of Origin: Cornwall Greens, One of the many other-dimensional fairylands that dot the landscape of the British Isles. Hers is located in Cornwall County.
Creature Type: Cornwall Pixie (Winged Variant).
Age: Looks to be mature enough to have had some life experience (32 human years).
Birthdate: December 21


Violeta was hatched to a modest but proud family of Pixies in the rural farmlands of Cornwall Green. One of the few Pixies born with wings, she was at first considered a blessed child. Rambunctious and overly energetic, she was always getting into trouble, but her parents loved her very much.

When she was about six, the evil Boggins attacked and looted her village. Her parents were among the fallen. Because it was an act of war, and because of her special gifts, Violeta became a ward of the royal family. The family had a young daughter, the princess, about Violeta's age, who instantly took a liking to the low-born and feisty Violeta.


While living at the castle, Violeta burned with pain of loss. Having already been boisterous, she became nearly uncontrollable, rampaging through the castle at all hours of the day and night. The princess tried to help her and they became good friends, but still, Violeta could not control her temper. Though the royal family felt pity for her, eventually they just could not keep her any longer.


When she was about fourteen, the Queen and King enrolled her in the military academy, in the hopes she would learn discipline and anger management. Violeta and the princess were sad to lose each other, but they both understood, and they knew they would see each other sometimes.


To Violeta, the military was an opportunity for revenge on those that killed her family, the Boggins. She focused on learning how to fight and use her powers of control over the strength of the sky. She quickly grew more powerful. Her aggressiveness and discipline earned her rapid promotions through the ranks. However, she was often reprimanded for being overly violent. This kept her from making it to the very highest ranks. Though there were various skirmishes here and there, she grew frustrated that she never had a chance to exact her full revenge on the Boggins.


After several years as a soldier, a wonderful opportunity came her way. The royal family needed some new personal bodyguards, so she quickly applied. Not only would she be back with the people who treated her so well, but she also believed her chance would come for revenge. Her military superiors gave her a glowing recommendation (in part to get her out of their hair) and the royal family was pleased to have their little orphan Pixie back in their company, assured that she would no longer destroy the place.


As the years passed, she performed her duties well, though sometimes still with a little too much vigor. She grew even more powerful, and her incredible strategic skills thwarted many a plot against her wards. After some time, she became the Chief of the Guards and the direct shieldmaiden of the new queen. Violeta's childhood friend, the princess, had become queen, crowned Maedb XVII.


She was not only the new queen's shieldmaiden, but their friendship grew even stronger. They were never apart, always laughing and sharing private inside jokes. Violeta became a trusted adviser and confidante, her skills being highly renowned. Her prowess in battle became legendary. Despite her rashness, or perhaps because if it, it turned out she was good at diplomacy, as well. She actually started to become happy, living with and protecting her friends in the royal family, and the anger of her youth fading back.


One day, the queen bade her attend a special secret meeting. It was to be only the queen and Violeta, no others allowed. As the doors opened, Violeta was stunned to see a room full of the horrid Boggins.


She cursed herself for a fool as she lept to attack, pushing the queen behind her protective wall. How did these Boggins manage to get all the way into the palace with her knowing? Her spies would be well-disciplined, but now was the time to focus on the fight. All of the rage and loss and pain that she had suppressed came flooding back, as if she was even now witnessing her parents' death once again. She went completely berserk, hurling the full might of the elements against the vile Boggins.


She could vaguely hear the queen shouting something in the background, but everything was drowned out by the rushing sound in her ears and the din created by her powers. In no time, her foes were vanquished, every single Boggins dead on the floor. The room was destroyed. The whole wall of the castle had been stripped away, so savage was her attack. As quickly as her rage had set on, it subsided and she was suddenly aware that the queen was staring at her in horror.


As it turned out, the Boggins were at the castle to negotiate a peace treaty. Violeta was mortified, knowing how badly she had let down her friend, the queen.


Of course, the Boggins were outraged once they were informed of the slaughter. They were ready to declare full-on war, a war that would likely destroy both nations. Somehow, the queen managed to keep the peace talks going, but there was one stipulation upon which the Boggins would not move. They demanded Violeta pay for her actions. She would be remanded to the Boggins for trial and punishment.


On the day of the her deportation, Violeta was beyond despair, not only because she was leaving her dear friends, but because she knew how much she had disappointed the queen. She was unusually quiet. The queen, under her stoic regal demeanor, was wrought with grief as she watched her best friend taken off in shackles to surely be slain.


The trial at the hands of the Boggins did not even have a pretense of fairness. It did not really matter, Violeta knew she was guilty and never uttered a word in her defense. The execution would have been swift, but the Boggins planned a huge celebration around the spectacle, which would take some time to organize.


At first, Violeta was resigned to her fate, filled with despair and regret. She felt she deserved it, and believed that it was the only way for the queen to make the peace treaty work. But, as she waited for days in the horrid prison, she became more and more anxious. She sometimes heard snippets of the guards chitter-chatter and started to get suspicious.


Though she was weighed down by her deep despair, inside she was still the queen's shieldmaiden and her responsibility was to safeguard her homeland. One day, at midday, when the Boggins were least active (being nocturnal creatures), she swiftly picked the crude lock to her cell and set out to explore. Using her powers to cloak herself, she searched the fetid headquarters of the Boggin chief.


She could only search for a short time each day because the guards checked her cell frequently. She became increasingly concerned as the days wore on and the date of her execution drew nearer. Finally, after many hours of careful searching, on the day before her execution, she found a secret door and stumbled upon the chieftain's war room. What she saw horrified her and confirmed her worst fears.


The day of her execution was scheduled for the same day as the signing of the treaty. As an insult to the Pixie queen, the signing would be in the Boggin capital to watch Violeta's death, but that was not the worst of it. The entire peace treaty was a ruse. Just as Violeta was to be executed, the queen and her entourage would be ambushed and killed in the stands, in the full view of all the Boggins attending. At the same time, a massive attack would be launched against the Pixie homeland, taking advantage of the fact that the queen was not there to lead the defense. The Boggins had been planning this all along.


Everything fell away, all of the rage and shame and despair, and the true shieldmaiden returned. She could not let this happen. But, if she tried to flee to warn the queen, the guards would notice her absence and the chieftain would order the attack early. Though she was fast, there was no guarantee she could get back to her homeland first. Her first responsibility was to the queen. She began to plan.


The next evening, the boggins shackled her heavily, expecting a big fight out of her, but she did not resist. As they walked to the coliseum, she carefully loosened the locks with a piece of bone she had hidden from her last meal and sharpened on the stone floor. They brought her to the center of the coliseum and fastened her shackles to the stage, completely unaware that they no longer held her captive.


As the executioners readied, the queen and her entourage appeared up in the chieftain's suite. The queen's face was drawn and hollowed, her eyes glistening with tears. Violeta's heart pounded as she saw her dear friend, but she knew she had to concentrate on the task at hand. Timing would be everything.


She was pleased to see that her former lieutenant had taken over her command, that would make this a little easier. She stared at her replacement who would not meet her for eyes for many long moments. Finally, the new shieldmaiden looked over at Violeta, the Pixie she had admired and followed for so long, who had betrayed their people with her rage, and was about to be executed. The new shieldmaiden's eyes widened as she realized Violeta was signaling her to be ready for action, a thin smile on Violeta's lips and lightning in her eyes. Just then, the executioner's arrows flew.


Many things happened in an instant. Violeta dropped her shackles and threw up her shields. The new shieldmaiden and her comrades lept to attack the Boggins guarding the suite, taking their weapons to form a defensive circle around the queen. By the time the Boggins even realized that anything had happened, Violeta was beside the queen, the dead body of the chieftain falling to the floor. Violeta's wounds were serious, but the other other Pixies patched her up quickly.


Violeta signaled the guards to get the Queen to safety while she went to deal with the Boggins. Shrouding herself with her powers, she turned to the coliseum and unleashed every bit of her elemental power. The stands broke into pandemonium, with terrified Boggins running all over trying to escape the terrifying barrage. The slaughter was horrifying and Violeta was glad that the queen was not there to see it. By the time she was done, crushed and burned bodies were everywhere.


As Violeta flew away to catch up with the queen, she could see one wall of the ugly building collapsing under the damage, screaming Boggins falling to their doom. She did not smile as she caught the entourage.


There was a cold silence as the small group of Pixies flew towards their homeland. Violeta's heart ached, she wished she could hug the queen tight, but she knew that could not happen, not now, maybe not ever. After they knew they were clear of any immediate danger, the queen uttered a single word, “Go.”


Violeta was the fastest of all the Pixies, her elemental powers supplementing her strong wings. That night, she put everything she had into getting to the homeland as fast as possible, hoping to warn them of the impending attack. The queen and her guards scoured the land in between the kingdoms stopping any messengers they could find. They were only partially successful.


When Violeta arrived at the palace, all was mayhem. The queen and her guards had managed to stop most of the messengers, but the encamped Boggins had grown impatient and attacked of their own initiative. Without their chieftain, the Boggins were a disorganized mess, but with the element of surprise and their overwhelming numbers, they were rolling over the Pixies. Though exhausted, Violeta dove right into the combat, letting the old rage wash over her and give her renewed energy. She tore through the Boggins' ranks like a ravaging wind, broken Boggins flying everywhere.


When the Pixie soldiers saw their old comrade and leader, they rallied to her. She reassured them that the queen was fine. With Violeta coordinating their attacks, the Pixies quickly routed the Boggins, driving them back into the wildlands.


The queen arrived with her entourage and alit upon her parapet to calm her shaken people. Before the queen could even utter a word, Violeta broke, flinging herself at the queen, clinging to her, weeping openly. The queen, shaking and fighting back tears, held Violeta for just a moment, then gently pushed her away. They locked eyes for a moment, countless words passing silently between the two dear friends, and then Violeta turned and flew away, never to return.


Before she left Cornwall Green, Violeta had one more task to accomplish. She flew back to the Boggins capital, straight into the headquarters. She made it abundantly clear to the remaining leaders, in no uncertain terms, that though she was leaving, she would always be keeping an eye on her homeland. If the Boggins ever harassed the Pixies again, she would return and lay waste to them. All of them. She knows this will not hold them forever, but it will be some time before they try anything again.


Banished to the “real” world (aka Primal Earth), she continues to do the only thing she ever knew, to protect the good peoples. Her rage still plagues her sometimes, but mostly she is just filled with a dull despair. As the years go by, and the memories fade, maybe one day she will be okay. Until then, she busies herself with her work, to keep her mind off of all she has lost. That was three years ago. Things have been happening back home.


Location: Everlasting

AT/Power: Controller Gravity/Storm

Direct Link: https://bit.ly/VioletaV









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 Vulcana V the Lava Nymph (Ignaiad) 


Fire & Stone, War & Love

[[All RP/IC. No Jerks.]]

[[ Document updated in real time. ]]


Physical Summary and Appearance:

* Species:  Primal Earth Fae. Type: Ignaiad (Lava Nymph from the Greco-Roman pantheon)

* Height: Slightly over 8' / 2.4m tall, depending on hair style.

* Weight: Approximately 2000 pounds / 900+kg.

* Eyes: Pools of molten Lava. The sclera (normally the white part) is yellow. The cornea and pupil are usually blue. Her eyes glow a bit at all times. When she is riled up, they burn brightly, even spitting flames and smoke.

* Hair: Her hair isn't really like human hair. It is strands of fibrous mineral material. She mixes other minerals in to change the color. Normally it would be the color of plain quartz crystal, translucent or white. She usually sports a deep purplish, but can do almost any color.

* Skin: Most of the time when not in combat, her skin is a dark ruby color, fire obsidian. It shines like glass. It is reminiscent of ruby basalt or quartz, but somewhat softer to the touch. It is extremely smooth, with no sharp edges, unless she wants. Often streams of molten lava can be seen behind her skin (the yellow lines). Her skin is very warm, but not painfully hot. Her ambient skin temperature is 10-15 degrees warmer than normal human, about the temperature of a nice warm bath. She can vary it quickly and easily.

In combat, her skin usually turns hard and rocky, she sometimes forms armor shapes out of it. Her skin temperature skyrockets. She can generate heat levels up to around 5000F / 2760C / 3000K, able to melt rock and metals, even impervium.

* Composition: Vulcana is 100% lava rock, through and through, though her exact composition make change from time to time. No internal organs, muscles, or blood vessels. Her interior stays molten, and the lava does move around in definite patterns. Magma is composed of many different minerals, and Vulcana's specific composition may vary week by week as she returns to the lava flows to replenish herself.

For those that can detect it, she is Fae, not Infernal or Celestial. Visually, she is often mistaken for a devil, given her skin color and horns. Specifically, her people are Nymphs, though there is no mythological name for her kind. Their closest relation is probably the oreads. Her people have been dubbed Ignaiads by the mythological community.


* Voice: Vulcana's voice is very husky, kind of gravelly. When she laughs, it sounds like a fire crackling or rocks knocking together. When she roars, it is the terrifying sound of a volcano erupting, fire and stone ripping through the air. She speaks perfect English in a clipped, but not strong, accent (Greek-ish, for those who would know, but definitely some other stuff mixed in.) She also speaks fluent Sign Language, Modern Greek & Italian, Ancient Latin and Ancient Greek.

* Age: Her people are incredibly long lived. As long as they can recharge in lava tubes regularly, it seems they are ageless. In all the history of her people, it is not known of any Ignaiad to have died of old age. The only deaths are from extreme catastrophes or being killed by gods. Ignaiads are incredibly hard to kill dead. If badly injured, they can soak into the ground and reform in a lava tube somewhere.


* Shapeshifting. She is a bit of a shapeshifter. By warming her body, she can manipulate her shape kind of like a glass sculptor or clay artist might manipulate their materials. The process is not instantaneous and can take a few minutes, depending on how extensive the changes are. She has learned to form her rocky exterior into various intricate armor forms to look more imposing in battle [[and so the other players can see her well in the middle of mobs]].

* Clothes: For "regular" clothes, pants, shirts, jackets, and such, she has them specially fabricated to be heat resistant. Fortunately, her super group has highly advanced technology (better than Icons) that can do this. These clothes cannot stand up to her full high temperatures, but will resist up to around 2000F / 1370C. She usually changes clothes using a special teleportation device built into the clothes and connected to her home base.


Personality / Roleplaying Details

* In a social situation, the first personality trait most people notice is her total casual confidence. Absolutely nothing rattles her. Though she is a hot-blooded fairy, when relaxed, she radiates a feeling of calm. No matter what anyone says or what happens, she remains unflustered. She does not (usually) come off as arrogant, but more unflappable. Many people say they feel safe in her presence.

* In combat, it's a little different. She charges in full bore, holding nothing back. Some say recklessly. Her complete zeal for combat can be a little disturbing to some people. Even if defeated, it is only momentary, as the power of Mother Gaia quickly resuscitates her. Many teammates love this, but again, there are others that find it off-putting. As with everything, others' opinions of her have no effect.  Her skin is thick as stone, both literally and figuratively.

* When they were created, the Ignaiads were not given the ability to feel fear or any emotion derived from it. She has no sense of shame or embarrassment. She barely understands the concepts, but she does recognize them as bad. If asked about it, she says her people did not have these issues at all. Being made of stone and living within the earth, things like clothes were totally unnecessary.

* Has a very dry and dark sense of humor. Sometimes people cannot tell if she is being serious or joking (the literal definition of stone faced).

* She generally calls herself a lava fairy, a fire fairy or a stone giant, but for those that can detect such things, she is actually a lava nymph of the Roman pantheon.

* In general, her personality is fiery to match her composition. She is quick to love and quick to anger. If she loves you, she will protect you with her life. If you get on her bad side, she will stop at nothing to burn you to ash. And if you hurt her friends, woe betide you.

* In social situations, she is generally outgoing and boisterous, though, for those who pay attention, there is always a hint of bitterness, a feel of age despite the youthful energy. She really does love people and completely does not understand the idea of shyness or composure. She is full on, always. Most people find this refreshing, but she can be a bit much for some people.



Ancient Origin

Born out of deepest lava flows of Vesuvius in the "god" Vulcan's slave pits, Vulcana was not only one of the mightiest of the Lava Nymphs, Ignaiads, she was also one of the most beautiful. As all of her kind, she was set to work in Vulcan's mines, supplying his vast smithy to make weapons for the gods. She was soon promoted to work in the smithy, becoming adept at blacksmithing and mechanical engineering. After a few centuries of hard labor, Vulcan himself noticed her. He took a liking to her and had her transferred to his harem. She was having none of that, but she was pleased that this allowed her certain opportunities that the mines did not.


She hatched a plan with her fellow Ignaiad slaves. On the day after the massive celebration of Vulcanalia, while Vulcan was recovering from his carousing, the Ignaiad slaves combined their powers to cause a massive eruption in the palace under the volcano. The idea was just to destroy the castle within the mountain, but even with all their knowledge the Ignaiads had miscalculated and Vesuvius blew with one of the largest explosions ever. While the huge explosion destroyed Vulcan's castle, it also destroyed the nearby cities, killing many humans. Many of the lava nymphs were blown far into the sea. Vulcana was hurled over 200 miles to the Ionian Sea near Greece, where she sank to the deep bottom. Before she could walk out, her fires cooled and she went into suspended animation.


Modern Times

Millennia later (around 1980-ish), some Greek marine archaeologists were investigating underwater Roman ruins and discovered what they believed to be a perfectly preserved statue. They brought it to the surface to be transported it to a nearby museum. While in transit, Vulcana thawed from the icy depths and reanimated. Totally confused, she accidentally ignited the train car in which she was being transported. The Greek authorities were quickly dispatched to the scene and subdued the confused Fae.


Recognizing what she was and how significant this find was to history, they decided it would be best if they worked with the Greek historic experts, rather than trying to control her. She was highly resistant to any type of controls, anyway, whether technological or supernatural. She reacted VERY poorly to any attempts at coercing or cajoling her. The researchers took her in and re-educated her about the modern world, while she filled them in on what history of the time she knew. Her stories have sparked a number of new archaeological digs. She maintains a good relationship with the Greeks and especially their historical sector.


She quickly became attached to the University system in Greece. She did not mind at all that they were interested mainly in her historical knowledge, she actually loved talking about it. They eventually gave her an honorary degree and hired her as an adjunct professor. Once word got around, her lectures, essentially storytelling times, became hugely popular. People from all over the world would come to see her talk about the ancient world. Even the students paid rapt attention when she taught a class.


The Greek government looooooves her. She is a real person of renown there, and across the world. Having a massive celebrity like this was great for their PR, their tourist economy, their world reputation. They gave her Greek citizenship, though she technically was "born" in Italy (ancient Roman Empire). The Italians are very jealous that the Greeks found her first. 


Coming to Paragon

After she got acclimated to the modern world, she decided her place would be in Paragon City, around many other supernormals. The Greek government, not wanting to lose her, placed her in the Diplomatic Corps, so she would have Diplomatic Immunity. That way she maintained her Greek citizenship and could travel back and forth easily.


Having been a slave for so long, Vulcana determined to make sure no being was treated in that way ever again. She also carries terrible guilt for the destruction of the city and the death of all those people and her Vulcanite family. So, she does all she can to help those she can help and hurt those who hurt others.


Needless to say, the various supernormal organizations (Vanguard, Arachnos, etc) became quite interested in taking her apart to see how she ticks. They have since all learned, quite emphatically, that this fiery Fae does what she wants and only what she wants, and does not take kindly to being poked and prodded without permission. Instead, they decided to secretly fund the new archaeological digs, in hopes the scientists happen upon others like her that are not quite so ornery.  (If they did and she found out, oooooooh that would be bad, baaaaaaaad.)


Joining The Sisterhood of Naughty Space Vixens

At some point, she met Bellonda (but that is a whole other story) , one of the most successful space pirates ever. They became fast friends. Vulcana joined Bellonda's Sisterhood, and has access to their vast resources. The organization is vastly wealthy and has incredibly high technology. The sometimes contract with the various defense agencies to create their technology.


Modern Life & Learning

Though many people expect Fae beings to be unfamiliar or inept with modern technology, this is not true of Vulcana. She has had plenty of time to study up on both modernity and history. She was already an adept maker and engineer from her time in Vulcan's shop, so she picked up technology easily.  Her people's natural abilities with making, combined with the vast knowledge she learned in Vulcan's smithy gave her a strong understanding of mechanics and engineering.  Since she does not need to work to live and "sleeps" little, she spends copious time researching whatever strikes her fancy. As a result, she has a deep knowledge of many subjects (so deep that sometimes her player has to google stuff that she would know).

She follows her own will, regardless of human law or opinion. She feels she is above such mundanities, being of godly descent.  Still, she is very popular with the regular folk, and the authorities have decided to mostly ignore any indiscretions. Besides, how do you catch someone who is made of lave and sleeps in volcanoes? Her two "bosses" the Greek government and her Captain, Bellonda, are both basically fine with this. Fortunately, she is generally a good person (sometimes annoyingly so), so nobody bothers much to worry about it.


Obvious Abilities

As a being of pure lava, she is able to generate intense heat, up to around 3000F/1650C, fire, and lava. She can form a hard outer layer to protect herself, as well as fire and plasma shields. She also can command fire and lava, making it bend to her will. She is decently strong, for a supernormal, able to lift around 40 tons. She is a trained combatant, conversant in a number of styles. Mostly she fights her own style based around her powers.


Unobvious Abilities

As a Fae, she has heightened senses. Increased vision, hearing, smell. She has an extraordinarily heightened tactile sense. Her people also have a special ability to heighten the tactile sense of most other beings while touching them. Like many Earth Fae, she can meld with rock or earth and "swim" through the earth.


Her horns look ferocious (and can be), but they are in fact highly sensitive sensory organs. Through them, she can sense vibrations, primarily through solid substances, but to a lesser extent liquids and gases. If she touches them to a surface, she can sense things like earthquakes or someone walking past. The stronger the vibrations, the further she can sense it. By humming or thumping an object, she can use it as sonar through solid substances and feel the different materials. Her people used this in mining and navigation, allowing them to detect veins of metals and minerals.



She wears a (heat resistant) micro communicator in her ear. Basically unnoticeable depending on her hairstyle. As mentioned, her clothes are fitted with teleport tech to send them back to base when needed. She also sometimes wears a teleport pack herself.


Fire/Fire/Pyre Tank (Main).

Fire/Atomic/Fire Blaster
Fire/Earth/Fire Dominator

Fire/Therm/Flame Corruptor (coming soon)

TW/Fiery/Blaze Scrapper (coming later)



Ongoing notes

  • Is not actually registered at the superhero (or villain) registrar.
  • Is wanted by both sides of the law for various supposed crimes. Has never actually gone to trial.
  • Some people laud her as a hero, some despise her as a villain. Many people are confused by the conflicting media reports.
  • She was a 
  • Knows dozens of ancient Roman and Greek songs, including a bunch of lullabies.
  • Is a masterful dancer. Her original training in harem dances back in the Roman, Greek, and Mediterranean styles of the later BC centuries. Since being re-awakened, she has learned most modern and classic style dances, too.
  • Has a deal with a pixie friend to supply her with pixie dust that allows her to fly.
  • Lives strictly by her own rules with utterly no regard for the humankind's laws. Some call her hero, some villain, many have no idea which she is, but the gods gave her purpose when they created her, like all her people, and though she hates the gods, she follows her purpose as best she can. She actually loves her purpose, to protect Mother Gaia and help humanity become better (the true purpose of all fae and monsters).
  • Like some fae, Vulcana cannot tell a lie. Unlike most fae, she does not mind this, even using it as an asset. Rather than working to get around telling the truth, she leans into it. Many people do not like to hear the truth. Everyone needs to hear it to grow and mature.
  • Cannot read magic. Like ever. Cannot learn to read it. When her people were created, they did not include that in the Ignaiad's make-up for fear they could get to powerful (a well-founded fear).
  •  Participated in the Alpha and Omega Gambit. Was part of Alpha team in the Rikti War of 2002. They wanted her on Omega, since she is magic, but the Charm of Invisibility could not mask her heavy stone foot steps. The only reason she survived the Alpha team wipe was because she got incinerated early, while still on the ground, her magic spirit drifted into the ground and found a lava tube from which to rebuild her body. It took weeks, and by the time she returned, everything was over and many of her friends had died.


Rarely waves.

Almost never says "nevermind."

Never gives off the feeling of staring, more just looking or observing.




Roman/Greek Gods:

Jupiter/Zeus  -  king of the Gods, and god of thunder and lightning
Juno/Hera  -  wife of Jupiter; goddess of women and fertility
Mars/Ares  -  son of Jupiter and Juno; god of war
Mercury/Hermes  -  god of travelers and tradesmen
Neptune/Poseidon  -  brother of Jupiter; god of the sea
Venus/Aphrodite  -  goddess of love, beauty, and jealousy
Apollo/Apollo  -  god of music, archery, healing, poetry and truth
Diana/Artemis  -  goddess of hunting, archery, and animals
Minerva/Athena  -  goddess of wisdom, learning, arts, and industry
Ceres/Demeter  -  goddess of agriculture, harvest, and the seasons
Vulcan/Hephaestus  -  god of blacksmiths and volcanoes
Vesta/Hestia  -  sister of Jupiter; goddess of hearth and home

Pluto/Hades - god of the underworld

Bacchus/Dionysis - god of wine, celebrations, and excess

Hecate/Hecate - goddess of magic, crossroads and ghosts



A place just like home (if you grew up in a volcano)! VHIII started as a small antiquities dealership about 40 years ago. Now, the largest relic dealer, it has grown into numerous other industries, with many subsidiaries. One of their specialties is fabrication, particularly metallurgic. They deal in real estate, fund management, distribution and shipping, futures trading, amongst a staggering variety of businesses. Recently acquired a small record label, renamed FireStoneRecords and growing fast. VHIII is known for its stunning honesty and transparency, as well as its terrifying ruthlessness in business dealings (if necessary). Do not go up against their lawyers or their PR firm. Vulcana owns the majority of the stock, with the rest being owned by employees. Non-employees are not allowed to own stock.


Question: What kind of business?
[[LOL mostly RP.]] Story-wise, the company does a lot of stuff. Fabrication, a bit of manufacturing, shipping (at one point, she ended up with a merchant ship full of sheep with no destination), real estate, money management, some hospitality. Basically, whatever whim takes Vulcana. She'll buy something, a company or an idea or whatever, and her team makes it make money. It all started like 40-ish years ago when she more-or-less accidentally got into the antiquities trade. Turned out she was good at it, and it grew. After a few years, she ended up with money and started investing in other businesses, and now here she is, a rich minor mogul. The company has always been virtual and remote, with no actual headquarters or offices. So, after bouncing around a bit, and not really liking how anything was run, she finally decided to just do it herself. And, she's never had super employees, all of her employees thus far are normals (about 300-500 of them). Now she has seen that there are plenty of supers who need a decent place where they can grow and flourish. So, along with the HQ, she has started hiring supers. She doesn't so much recruit as she does find people who need a home and offer them one.




TO: You
SUBJECT Where Was Vulcana
Dearest friend,
My most heartfelt apologies for your concern over my recent disappearance. I have finally returned and wish to tell you that your concern was not unwarranted. I was on a quest most dire where even I questioned my own survival. 
As I was out on my latest lecture tour, educating another generation on the truths of our history, I was pulled away to a great battle on a higher plane. Or, perhaps 'twas a lower plane, impossible to tell. I was transported directly from my own private jet, a feat that should be nearly impossible with all the wards on it. It was a power greater than any of ours that summoned me, the power of a true old god.
Yes, pulled directly to their war room, I was drawn into another war with the gods. This time, however, I was fighting on the side of the gods, instead of against them, an event that I never thought would come to pass.
From my tales and others, you know that many of the old gods are dead. Most of the true old gods passed or killed. Those that go by their names now are avatars, reincarnations, or most likely impostors. As well, you know the magic of this world has waned over the eons.  It is far less than it once was.
These last few ragtag members of the old gods had called upon those of us with strong ties to Mother Gaia to face an even more ancient and terrifying threat. A being so ancient and gruesome its name has been long forgotten, we call it only The Nothing. It had come to finish the last of the old gods and drain away the remainder of Gaia's magic, a fate worse than death for this world and all living on and in it. The battle was long and hard, costly to all our souls. All who participated were changed, nobody made it through unscathed.
When all was thought lost, one stood alone against The Nothing while the rest of us drew our last remaining strength together for a final push to drive the devouring beast off. That one was the bastard son of Yahweh, once crucified by the very humans he now stood to protect. Resurrected by his father, this twice-lived demigod gave his all to buy us a few moments to mount the final counterattack. Though he is but a newling, the power of his love and compassion was truly a sight to behold, striking awe and inspiration into even the oldest amongst us.
With that, we gave one final push, expending every bit of power we had. We managed to deflect the beast. Turn it away. Drive it off. Gaia is safe for now, humanity, as well. The Nothing will return eventually, maybe in millennia, maybe eons, but it is gone for now. We shall stand ready when next it returns. Preparations have even now begun.
So, I am back, my loves but I am not the Vulcana you once knew. Much changed and damaged was I, as we all were, by this battle most dire. Perhaps one day I shall fully heal and return to the joyful fairy you once knew. Until then, know that I still love you and wish you all the happiness you deserve. I am returned to Earth as of now, but am spending some time in the deep magma healing. I will be back out and about soon enough.
All my very best regards,
Vulcana V
Last of the Ignaiads
Founder & CEO, Vulcana Heavy Industries International Incorporated
[[ In reality, Vulcana’s player caught a bad case of Covid in some fairly inconvenient circumstances and lost about a month of life while down. I thought it would be interesting to use the interruption for some off-kilter character development. Finally feeling better. Not quite all healed, but getting there. ]]



Direct link: https://bit.ly/vulcanav




















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Victoria V2.7104

"WHAWT!? Yeah, that's what I thowght!"

{RP Friendly. Usually "on"}


"Cawll me Viic"

Victoria speaks with a very odd accent and claims to be a native of the Shadow Shard. She has ebony black skin that almost seems to suck in the light, with an incredibly, almost inhumanly muscular physique, though her size is more sleek than bulky. She is friendly, though quiet, and is often visibly tense, as if she expects an attack at any second. Her smile looks more like a snarl and her laugh sounds more like a growl. Despite that, if treated kindly, she can be quite good company.



Born into a ninja-like clan in a world of despair, literally ripped apart by violence. Victoria was trained from childhood in the stealthy combat arts in an elite group of female warriors (some say assassins). She hated all the discipline and sneaking around. She took to combat training, but preferred her enemies to see (and feel) it coming.

In addition, she was bigger and stronger than the other girls and preferred to practice with heavier weapons, usually a large branch. She adapted the stealthy fighting style to the larger tool. With her large hands and muscular body, she could not master the small weapons and delicate techniques of her sisters. Finally, the directors got disgusted by what they perceived as her incompetence and threw her out into the Shadow Shard Wilds.

Having no family or friends, she found the only way she could survive was to join up with a local gang. The gang leader quickly noticed her skill and gave her more proper heavy-weapons training. She spent a few years of wandering the floating land chunks, both marauding and helping people. She met the few people who worked out there, making friends and enemies. She knows all the good and bad spots, friends and enemies. Eventually, after one particularly bad encounter, she was "rescued" by the allied expeditionary force and taken to Firebase Zulu.

General Hammond had heard of her, of course, the ebony wild woman who some considered hero, some villain. Having been in the Shard for so long, he tended to be protective of the native humans, so he did not report her capture to Portal Corp right away. His motivations were not entirely altruistic, a person with this much native knowledge and the abilities she had could be useful to his own mission.

Victoria had never ventured that close to Firebase Zulu, much less inside, having been warned as a young girl that evil resided there. But, General Hammond was persuasive and kind, offering to house her for as long as she needed to recover. Finding no immediate threat, she decided to look around. This was one of the few places in the Shard that she did not know intimately. The soldiers all had strict orders to treat her as an honored guest, which really wasn't much of an effort for them.

After she was recovered, General Hammond offered to give her some regular work, so she could stay at Firebase Zulu while making some of what passed for money in the Shard. After she did a few missions and proved her mettle, Hammond decided he had put off the inevitable long enough. He had to let Portal Corp and the allied command know about her.

He talked to Victoria about it. Of course, she had heard of this other dimension from some of the outlying humans, but was never sure if it really existed or not. She was excited about the opportunity to see something different than the same swirling sky.  So, General Hammond and a few of his troops took her through the portal to Portal Corp.

And that was when all hell broke loose.

Alarms screamed. Lights flashed. Sirens wailed. People screamed. Technicians fled. Even General Hammond was surprised by the commotion. Lab coats came running. Portal Security showed up. Then Vanguard showed up, Arachnos, Circle of Thorns, a number of Heroes, Crey, and finally Nemesis. A MASSIVE battle ensued.  Under the shelter of all the chaos, General Hammond helped his new ward back into the Shadow Shard. Needless to say, Victoria was extremely rattled, and fled into the nether reaches of the Shard. Once she is in her home element, she is nearly impossible to find.

The battle destroyed the Shard portal on the Prime side. Once they got it fixed, Hammond refused to help any of the groups find her. In fact, he stood in direct defiance of orders and shut the power off on the Shard side of the portal, until they all agreed to "calm the F down," as he put it. Eventually they did, or at least realized they could not do anything without his help, and decided to compromise. He agreed to allow a few of them in at a time to search for her, if they allowed him to tag them and follow their movements. They also had to agree to turn over information for any other discoveries they made to Hammond. Surprisingly, nobody has found her, yet, while General Hammond's information on the Shadow Shard has grown extensively.

What none of them know is that Victoria has learned to move between the dimensions without use of the Portal Corp portal....


Scrapper: War Mace/Ninjitsu

Shard: Mainly Everlasting

Direct Link: https://bit.ly/VictoriaV2




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H3ll Grrl


Once thought she was a half-demon on a mission to recruit for the Devil's army. Since learned her whole life was a lie. Wields "hellfire" which not only burns, but sickens victims. She is quite strong and a vicious fighter. Inspiration bit.ly/2RXrPxW





HG thought she was the daughter of The Devil (that one) and a human. This is only partly true. She is the outcome of a bizarre experiment by Preatorian scientists and Primal Wizards.

(Note that the term "The Devil" is used here as a generic term to signify any of the great evil overlords of the underworld or afterlife. There is no intent to imply any particular religion or mythology. Also, it is used in a non-gendered way (mistakes notwithstanding) under the premise that a being this powerful is a full shapeshifter and therefore can be anything.)

Emperor Cole saw his campaign to conquer Primal Earth was going too slowly. He determined that throwing another disruptive force into their midst would likely speed things up. But, he did not want it to be tracked back to him, so he decided to use a being from the Primal realm.

Gathering his best advisors together, it was decided to summon a Primal demon, one of the many children of The Devil running around the Underworld. There are thousands of them, so they figured one would not be missed, and being a child of the king of the Underworld meant that it would be devastatingly powerful.

They set up the cross-dimensional portal and began the summoning ritual. Unfortunately, something went terribly wrong. They did manage to summon a demoness from the Primal Underworld, however, the Portal was damage by the Underworld energy released and the demoness was critically injured. As she lay dying, the whole facility started to collapse. Having little time, the scientists and magicians did what they could, they grabbed as many samples as they could. One very clever scientist thought to harvest some eggs from her.

They went to another facility to recover and regroup. Desperate to salvage something from the insanely costly procedure. The cells they collected were deteriorating quickly. Time was running out. Luckily (or unluckily), the solution happened to be lying right in the next room. In that room there were two more paranormals, a nuclear man and a regenerative woman. The man was a nuclear physicist who had gained immense powers through exposure to an unusual form of radiation. Unfortunately, he was not immune to radiation and was dying from multiple cancers.

The woman was a natural born mutant with incredible regenerative powers, but was otherwise unremarkable. They were trying to find ways to use her regenerative powers to save the nuclear man. It was not working.

The scientists combined the demoness' egg with the nuclear man's sperm and implanted the zygote inside the regenerative woman's womb. The demon cells were strong enough to resist the radiation, the woman's regeneration helped the two disparate types of cells to not reject each other and healed the cells damaged from radiation.

By some anti-miracle, this insane experiment managed to work and after an agonizing nine months a powerful hybrid baby was born. They took the baby and got to work indoctrinating it. They accelerated its growth while psychically filling its head with Cole's propaganda. They added combat and infiltration skills. They also added memories of growing up in the Underworld.

The seers doing this work noticed something very strange. Somehow she had retained fractured memories from all of her parents, the demoness, the nuclear man, the regenerative woman. They did their best to bury those memories and wall them off from her consciousness.

After just two years, she was fully grown and mostly educated. They sent her out on some test missions against the Resistance. However, she was not ready. Her body had grown too fast, and her brain had been overloaded with information. On her third mission out, she was captured by Wardog. Rather than just disposing of her, he sensed there might be potential.

Wardog took her to Vanessa DeVore, who quickly determined approximately what happened. The Resistance got to work undoing Cole's indoctrination. In a rush to get her to work, they mostly ignored the memory issue, though both Vanessa and Beholder know that it is seriously messed up. As they were breaking the conditioning, they repressed the memory of her birth and training. It became entangled in the mess of other memories. They managed to break the conditioning and, as they hoped, she was none too happy about being brainwashed.

She gladly agreed to join the Resistance, though less for the freedom of the Praetorians and more just for her desire to wreak havoc. They dubbed her H3ll Grrl in their weird Resistance speach. As they worked with her, she formed a serious bond with Wardog, who she came to look to as almost a father figure. She also became enamored of Beholder because of their long hours of intimate work together. It was almost inevitable that they would become close, with their minds melded together for hours on end. They also have the shared experience of having their minds raped by Cole's people.

For whatever reason, she served the Crusaders well. Crushing all enemies in their way. They dubbed her H3ll Grrl, in their funny She showed no mercy, and even glee in breaking her opponents. Sometimes her zeal for mayhem even concerned Wardog a little. She went so far as to nearly nuke an entire city for the Crusaders. She probably would have except for some last second glitches in the plan.

As she worked, her power grew exponentially. Somehow the combination of the infernal and radiation powers with the regenerative ability made her even greater than the sum of those parts. Eventually the Crusaders became concerned about keeping her in their midst any longer. Like Cole, they decided to send her to the Primal realm to disrupt their opponents operations.

She did not really want to go, but with Beholder near death and Wardog clearly done with her, she had nothing left to keep her in Praetoria. Plus, having seen the conflict between Cole and the Resistance, she had come to the conclusion that Praetoria would soon tear itself apart and be consumed by the Hamidon and Devouring Earth. She decided what she really wanted was to return to the Underworld, the place she thought was her real home.

Earth, she found, seemed to be a place of even worse chaos than Praetoria. The people are shattered into small tribes that constantly fought. There is an incredible amount of paranormals. Multiple factions are at each others' throat. A few people hoard resources while many others starve and suffer. She realized what she had to do to get "home". She has no interest in focusing on what the Crusaders sent her for, but if their interests align, that is fine. 

Despite, or maybe because of, all the mucking around in her head, she is still convinced she is a daughter of The Devil. Though, she realizes she is a half-breed and so assumes she had a human mother. She thinks she is about 1400 years old, while in fact she is only about 6. She knows she was removed from the Underworld, but she does not know why or how. She assumes that her "father" became angry with her and cast her out.

To her, it seemed that the best way to get back in her "father's" "good" graces was to go on a recruiting spree. She believed that once she had "recruited" enough souls, her father would let her back into the Underworld. (Spoiler, it won't.)

Meanwhile, The Devil has no clue who she is. It does not even know that it is missing a child, having so many thousands. If she were to somehow get an audience, The Devil would laugh her out of Underworld.

She definitely lives up to her infernal heritage. She kills wontonly, is vulgar, lusty, and cruel. Lies, cheats, and steals. She tries, when she can, to convince people to join her side. Unlike her "father," she has little subtlety or cunning. Where The Devil uses lies and misdirection to lead people astray, H3ll Grrl has none of those skills. She is a trained infiltrator and investigator, has none of the manipulative powers or skills as naturally as a full demon. She is somewhat of a shapeshifter, as most demons are, but it is difficult, and she cannot shift far from her native form.

However, evil is not inherent to her nature, like it is for those of real demonic heritage. She can be kind, loyal, and compassionate when she likes someone. When she is around friends, she will sometimes forget that she is supposed to be a little devil and is actually decent.



After many months of thinking she was a half-devil, and cast out of Hell, she finally managed to get into Hell. She me her "father," Satan, who had no idea who she is. He did notice she had infernal scent. He also noticed she was not fully Primal. Satan tried to obliterate her for whatever reason, but she managed to escape. In the mayhem and interdimensional transportation, her memories got even more jumbled than they already were, resulting in her forgetting much of her more recent history since escaping Cole.


Since returning from Hell, she has managed to learn a little more about her true origin.

Without any real history or home, H3ll Grrl fell into a deep depression. For a long time, she did not know what to do and simply "existed," staying in the abandoned Devil's Own base full-time. After a time, the crippling pain of her existence faded, replaced with simple ennui. She is coming out more often, sometimes using extreme violence to manage her pain, sometimes trying to engage. Still filled with feelings of pointlessness, she wanders through life aimlessly, looking for some meaning.






Inspired by this artwork by Jeff Chapman.



H3ll Grrl

Super Villain
[[CONTENT WARNING - Vulgar, Vicious, and Cruel, you know, like a demon. Lots of bad language, violence, and smut. Do not RP if offended.]]

RP notes:
* Smells vaguely of tin and musk.
* Voice is husky and luxurious, with a Praetorian Resistance gutter speak accent.
* Due to the extreme amount of pheromones she exudes, just her presence can "excite" people nearby (does not work on everyone).
* Vaguely detects of magic.

* Reads as slightly radioactive.
* For telepaths who try to read her mind, it is a terribly nasty place, traumatizing to many.
* She is always obviously "excited."
[[Note: this is only roleplay, please do not take anything she says seriously or does.]]


H3ll Grrl claims to be half-demon, even half-sister to the famous "Boy" (TM), though none of this has been corroborated. She wields "hellfire" which not only burns, but sickens victims (radiation armor). She is quite strong and a vicious fighter, often inflicting crippling wounds to her victims (street justice).


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Valyntina and Valkyria Vice



(RP Only. CW - Not very nice.)

*Has leaky telepathy, send Tell if she picks anything up.*
"I know what you are thinking and your mother would be horrified!"

Imagine hearing all the thoughts around you while still in the womb. This is what happened to Valyntina and her twin sister and rival, Valkyria. As they developed, the noise intensified, the unborn children thrashed in agony, injuring their mother. In the hospital, doctors realized something was strange and transferred her to Vanguard. The twins were born fully cognizant.


The day of their birth, Recluse' troops attacked to kidnap them. Even as babies, the children were formidable psychics, but their  mother was killed in the battle. In the end, Valkyria went with Recluse. Despite giving Valyntina the best care and training possible, she hates Vanguard, blaming them for her losses. Still has trouble blocking out others' thoughts.



Imagine hearing all the voices in everyone's heads and not being able to block them out from the time you were in the womb. This is what happened to Valyntina and her sister and rival, Valkyria Vice, twin (fraternal) psychics. As soon as their brains started to form, just weeks after conception, the noise flooded in, thoughts and emotions of every person nearby. Their underdevoloped minds could not handle it, did not know how to process it. Valentyna clung to her sister in the womb, Valkyria, who was slightly different, less empathic and able to erect some small mental barriers.


As they developed and the noise intensified, the unborn children thrashed in agony, injuring their mother. When their mother went to the hospital, the doctors realized something was strange and called Vanguard. Mother was moved to a special unit at Vanguard. They held her in a psychically shielded room so the unborn babies would not be subjected to the voices, or so they thought.


As the babies grew, they learned to filter out the noise that leaked through the shields. The older sister, helped to protect her younger sibling. The only thoughts they could not hear were each others. They were born fully cognizant, having interfaced with their mother and the Vanguard attendants, as well as the thoughts that leaked through the shields, throughout their gestation.


On the day of their birth, Arachnos attacked to kidnap them. Even as babies, the children were formidable psychics. Vanguard sacrificed many soldiers to defend them, but Arachnos had brought some of their heavies and the twins' mother was killed in the battle. In the end, Valkyria went with Arachnos, possibly sacrificing herself to save her sister, possibly because she saw something in Arachnos she wanted.


Vanguard trained the younger sibling, while Arachnos trained Valkyria. Despite giving her the best care and training they could, Valyntina hated Vanguard and blamed them for her mother's death and sister's capture. By the time they were adults, they were both formidable fighters. But, on the day of their 18th birthday, at the exact same moment (not that anyone was counting... nobody has noticed how exact the timing was), they both broke free of their respective groups.


They met together to discuss their future. They both still had trouble blocking out the mental noise, Valyntina moreso than Valkyria. Valkyria's tough nature had greatly increased in her time at Arachnos. Being surrounded by all those evil thoughts had turned her terribly bitter and maniacal. All she really wanted to do was silence the noise. Valyntina, though still angry at Vanguard, was the more empathic and felt like there was good in people worth preserving.

Though Valkyria begged Valyntina to join with her, Valyntina could not support her sister's insane lust for power and destruction. When Valyntina turned her down, Valkyria flew into a rage, screaming at her sister about how she had sacrificed for her. They fought to a standstill, destroying several city blocks and sending many people to the psych ward for years to come.


Though she could not condone her methods, Valyntina could not bring herself to take her sister in, so she left Valkyria there to pursue her own destiny. Valkyria screamed after her, vowing revenge, which broke Valyntina's heart. Since then, the sisters have met numerous times in combat, as it is nearly impossible to keep Valkyria incarcerated. Valyntina has continued her pursuit of goodness, even though she knows everyone's dirty secrets.

No one knows who twins father is, and their mother scanned as a normal human, so the origin of their powers is rather a mystery. Of course, there are plenty of theories that one superhuman or another is their father, but none have ever come forward.


Not the friendliest person you will ever meet. Having had so much brain content thrown at her, she has learned that most of what you see is cover story. This tends to color her interactions. Though, she is open enough to eventually accept someone if they prove worth it.


Valyntina does NOT proactively read minds without permission or provocation. Valkyria will if she is interested, which is rarely.



Want to get to know her better? Toss a stray thought her way. Tells are always open. Be warned, if you are nasty about it, it will go bad. If you are cool, it will probably go cool.


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I had no idea this still existed! Old characters of mine I see on that tremendous Wiki are:







My old super group:



And my old user page:



Wow! I need to donate to this project, it's brought me much joy over the decades and I'm so very happy that it still exists!! 



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