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Arthurian Contacts...


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Are you referingto a ingame contact (Nightward/Firstward) or another player? As a player I have created a Templar Knight  where in fact they had been quested with finding the grail which they did. the youngest of the brothers ventured forth and discovered a new land without a king and the sword of power was missing etc...

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They're not actually Arthurian descendants... They're basically Oranbegan... But two of my time-travelling, from-one-possible-far-future magic-types do use code names pulled from those legends.


My technomancer, Olympia, goes by Code Merlin.

Her grumpy Thorn Wielder field-partner, Morgan, is Code Mordred. (And yes. His scary-looking tech armor is all black. 😝)


I can imagine a descendant-type character running across the two of them and doing a bit of a double-take. "Okay, you're magic types. But... tech-stuff, too. Sort-of. But... WaitAMinute. You said you're from Nova WHERE?"  

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