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What was that streaming radio station?


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You probably don't remember me as Divmont or Divmontru, but I remember hanging out in a dance club in the City. 

There I met people who directed me to a collection of online radio stations (not mainstream thing to me like Shoutcast was)

and one station was dedicated to the heroes and was named as such. I listened to sort of goth and industrial late at night but there were different DJ's and times and genres, but it was always a 24/7 shout out to the City of Heroes (& Villains)

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On 5/2/2020 at 3:21 PM, Ferret said:

Are you thinking of Cape Radio by chance?

Cape Radio that was it !! 

Thanks, whee, I can't believe I'm listening again right now.

There was some other website they were listed on (I don't think it was TuneIn and it wasn't just Shoutcast) but who cares, they're still around and can be found right on their own URL.

Except this year I won't sit around getting drunk and chatting on the dance floor of the in-game club for an hour at a time.

Seems like everyone is chatting on Discord now, but it was interesting years ago to find people openly socializing right there in a "VR" nightclub and Local in-game chat, cartoon bubbles and all.

But this time I intend to use the user-created content (Mission Architect) over at AE.

A game within a game... whoa...

(I never took advantage of it back during Issue 14 and then CoH was gone)

CoH is just such an underrated game and others in the genre disappointed. Great graphics but crappy selection of stuff... always something. Restrictive, not posessing all the freedoms do do a bit of this or a bit of that as the mood strikes...

It's just great to see Homecoming. I only just re-discovered it.






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On 5/2/2020 at 4:12 PM, Kult said:

KJSR.net was another - had a lot of Protector folx on it so it was the one I checked out the most 

Did any of the former DJs come back? Are any of them still playing?

You pay to play, having fun is ok, kill Skuls or kill Crey, hunt at night or in the day, black or white or shades of gray, play it your way, we have no say.


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