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Adding an additional admin-only chat channel

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Look, I'm gonna be honest -- having all my chat tabs get spammed with costume contest announcements that I can't turn off is extremely obnoxious.  Aside from being bombarded by walls of yellow text in all of my active tabs, it also causes all of my inactive tabs to show that they have new messages, even if the only new messages are from Admin.  Now I have to click through each tab to reset that.


The Admin channel is important in how it functions and I am not suggesting any changes be made to how the player receives its messages.  Instead what I'm proposing is a new admin-only chat channel that is not mandatory (opt-out would be fine I guess, not ideal); this channel would be used to announce special events, while the current Admin channel would be strictly limited to critical game information that impacts the player's ability to, well, play.  Stuff like "the server is going down soon", "oops we accidentally deleted all the floors, sorry we're fixing it", that sort of thing.


Pretty please? 🙂

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I agree.  Definitely we still need to be able to be warned for upcoming maintenance or missing foorls.  When I first attended GM contests they used broadcast in the zone....if a new channel cant be managed maybe they could go back to that?

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