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Trouble with Keybinds

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So I've gotten my warshade up to level 18 and it's a blast so far. But changing forms is a real pain whne I'm constantly changing trays, and it will likely only get worse once I have access to the dwarf form.


I've been looking into guides online and one suggested setting up 3 separate keybind files that automatically switch not only the form you are in, but also your lower tray and current keybind file loaded. It seems like a pretty slick system that will feel great, once implemented.


 I'm running into a problem, however, with literally every aspect of what it is trying to do.


The code is as follows:


q “powexec_toggleon Dark Nova$$goto_tray 4$$bind_load_file c:cohws_nova.txt”


But instead of needing to press "q", it automatically moves me to tray 4 when i load the file and "q" and "e" do nothing after that. The other files have their own bits, but they all follow similarly.

What am I doing wrong? Is there a simpler way of accomplishing any of this?

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I’m sure Red’s system has its advantages, but personally I use the “three bind” system with no bind file loading and it seems to work fine. Basically, you need one bind to shift into nova and swap your bottom tray to powers for that form, one bind for dwarf and applicable tray swap (and maybe teleport rebind, but I just keep both in the same slot and have that bound to a mouse key since you have to use the mouse for it anyway), and one for human and that tray (plus sprint activation, and again maybe port rebind). Duplicate the human powers you need to keep an eye on in your second tray, and you’re good to go. 

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