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Monos King & Galaxy Brain: Thugs/Beast/Demons

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For the full details of the Monos-Brain Overhaul, please view the link below:

Monos King & Galaxy Brains Mastermind Changes



These mastermind primaries are functionally perfect, and need only slight changes for the sake of convenience or theme. The changes in this thread will address:


  1. Beast Masteries need for increased radius in attacks
  2. Thugs requirement for better weapons actually being better
  3. Demons need to not be punished through the use of Hell on Earth
  4. Demons need for thematic consistency on hellfire attacks for performance and logic

Beast Quick Fixes


Here's a chart displaying total damage , total activation time, and total damage per activation time for all the primaries. 




Beasts has, without any additional level 17 pets, the 3rd highest total damage and the 4th greatest total damage per activation time of every single mastermind primary, with the changes in this thread factored in. Meaning, even with only two changes for beast, they are outright damage savages. All they really need is wider range of attack, and minute increases.



Claw Swipe

Target Radius 7ft -> 10 ft

Targets Reduced from 16 to 10

Base Damage: 46.04 -> 57.55

Available from Tame Beasts

From a melee limitation like the Lioness's, 16 target max is less significant that a simple radius increase and damage bonus. This change will allow for the Lioness to access more enemies with her attacks, doing greater damage and in shorter periods of time, and hit slightly harder as well.


Dire Wolf

Chilling Howl

Target Max: 3 -> 5

Available from Default Equipment

Just like the Lioness, this change to the Dire Wolfs howl will allow it faster damage and maintain Beast's High ST-lower AoE Damage Dynamic.


Thug Quick Fixes



The punks, despite getting a supposed "upgrade" do the damage with their new Dual Wield Pistols, with only a lower activation time to speak for it. This is clearly unacceptable. 




Base Damage: 19.46 -> 20

Available from Equip Thug

Yeah, thugs don't need any changes at all. They are completely and utterly stacked, a model for mastermind design.


Demons Quick Fixes

Involving only "Summon Demons" The Hellfire Gargoyle and Ember Demon.


Ember Demon

Ember Demon Mod 1: Allow Ember Demon to be affected by its own Ember Shield.

This might have been a long overlooked glitch, but while the Ember Demon appears to have the Ember Shield and Ember Shield Owner applied to itself, it does not. It is highly possible this is intenional, but it would do little harm to permit all of the demons to benefit from the sets notable buffs, in line with every other MM set with Henchmen AoE benefits.


Ember Demon Mod 2: Increase Abyssal Reconstructions Target Cap from 7 to 255

Ember Demons group heal recharges very slowly, and is rendered completely useless in goups or with Hell on Earth active. With exactly 7 members of your Demon squad ordinarily, ANY additional members create an unreliable heal. Hell on Earth summons 9 Living Hellfire, almost guaranteeing that they will be ones recieving the the heal rather than any of the main demons. Since Ember Demon itself is an automatic one count, the chances are even more extrordinarily low you or the needing pets will be healed. The ability has a remarkably small radius as well (15ft compared to Healing Aura's 25) so combined with the long recharge, this move has been long overdue for a target cap buff.


Hellfire Gargoyle

Gargoyle Mod 1: Hellfire Smash

Add -20% res for 5s


Gargoyle Mod 2: Hellfire Burst

Add  -20% res for 5s

These changes will bring the Hellfire Gargoyle's Smash and Burst in line with the other Hellfire named moves, ensuring there are not long periods of time where it's thematic and much needed debuff is not applied.


ThugsBeast, and Demons are in great positions, excellent at what it is they were meant to specialize in and extremely fun to play. Hopefully, future MM sets will bring to the table strong qualities with appropriate trade-offs in a similar manner to these.

Edited by Monos King
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