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What to do next with my Ice Controller


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So I have been grinding alot with my Controller over the past 2 weeks. I have gotten all 6 Incarnate abilities to Tier 4. I have gotten both Tier Sets(Superior Overpowering Presence and Superior Will of the Controller). I have replaced all enchantments with IO's. What else can I do to make my Controller better?

Thank you


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Set bonuses. You probably want to focus on those giving Smashing/Lethal defenses, recharge. You want to try and get 45% smashing and lethal then work on recharge (more recharge = quicker disruption, oil slick and ice patches).


In Mids you can switch to "alternate slotting" to experiment with sets without disrupting your current Common IO build.


Try and buy Attuned IOs (except purples and PvP) so you keep as many bonuses as possible if exemping down for Tfs / Strike forces.


Affording them can be tricky. Easiest way is to use merits to by Converters and then sell the Converters en mass at the market. Each converter goes for about 80k typically and you get 3 per merit. So your overall inf per merit ends up around 220,000. 


For more advanced techniques you can instead buy cheap recipies which only use common and uncommon ingredients (usually at level 31 to save on crafting fees) then use the merit-bought converters on them to change them to more expensive IOs you can sell on the market for a few million inf. 


Use that cash to buy your attuned sets. 

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I'm going to link to some articles on Paragonwiki.com, just to make sure you are fully aware of the IO system.






Attunement was updated/improved right at the end before CoH shut down.  You can now buy attuned enhancements on the Market, or create them yourself using Catalysts.


There's lots of info in this guide on making money, but it actually covers a lot about the Market and IOs that would be good to know, too.


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