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Creating Modern-Looking Skyscrapers


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I'm in the process of building a modern city in the editor. I've been at it for a couple weeks, but I've started running out of ideas for modern looking skyscrapers. 


Can anyone recommend bases with an urban/city-like feel? I've toured many of the bases on the Everlasting Yellow Pages, but most of the "city-esque" bases I've been to simply re-use brick walls stacked on top of each other. I'm looking for new ideas. If anyone has worked on something like this in the past (or knows of a base that does these kinds of buildings particularly well), I'd love to tour them for inspiration.



Here's what I've worked on so far:



Building One: Black stone with steel supports.








Building Two: All Stone.










Building Three: Glass and steel skyscraper. The most "modern" looking of the bunch - and the largest.








Building Four: The "under construction" building. Scaffolding, construction platforms, etc.









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First, let me say WOW! 😁  Absolutely beautiful work!


For a couple of buildings I have made, I used a combination tech balcony flipped around so the metal underside is showing and the glass floor.  May want to try that combo.  It is the one I used for the Mini Titans base.





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Using the Praetorian Skylight I built an entire tower and even added inside rooms, about 4 floors inside that could be accessed by the generic teleport (aleph etc) At night it looks awesome when it decides to light up. Unfortunately I cant take you on a tour it was on another server not homecoming.


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