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Pirate Crew RP VG


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So, I'm wanting to put together an RP VG themed around being space pirates. It's a general concept, yeah, but could be a fun one, I think, with the right crew.


The feel I'm going for is sort of a Serenity/Firefly crew. I'd like to have specific roles for members as well, such as Captain, First Mate, Mechanic/Engineer, Pilot, etc. I would like to keep the crew small, as I don't want it to become one of those VGs that has a bunch of members who are never online. A small, tight-knit crew would be the goal here. I'd like to run regular things together in-game, including weekly TFs, powerleveling, farms, RP arcs in AE in the flavor of piratey stuff like treasure hunts and heists.


Helps to be on Mountain Time in the US, as I'm in Arizona.

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7 minutes ago, ImpousVileTerror said:

You've piqued my interest, although I tend to have a lot on my plate these days.  What level of time commitment would you be looking for exactly?

I would set up a Discord server to aid communication and hammer out specifics. That said, I'd like a group to play with regularly, perhaps a few hours, every other night, and a bit on weekends. We're working adults, so obviously I don't expect people to make this their life or job, but I -would- like this group to meet and play regularly.


Especially since I'd like to have specific roles for people. On a small crew, every person is important. The pilot, the mechanic, the enforcer, everybody's got an important job on the ship, so I'd prefer this -not- be a group for an alt that'll get shelved after a few levels.

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Ah, so you're looking for players who want to join the Group as their primary focus in the game?

I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to meet that level of commitment, sorry.


And, while I can't speak to everyone, I do know that a discord requirement would be a reason for a hard pass regardless.  I would recommend making a private group here in the forums instead.  After all, everyone with a game account -has- to have a forum account, so there's no additional barrier for entry.  The forum software is pretty robust, and allows for significant file sharing.

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