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CoT Guides will not use melee weapons?


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Hello, am working towards Immortal (29 million atm) using the Rest in front of Guides method.

Have used it before on live and on this alt from 6 million taken to current amount with no problem.

Am in a CoT map with a pocket Emp spamming Heal Other and using two blue conned Guides. 

About a week ago I noticed that my progress had slowed considerably and realised that the Guides were only using their ranged crossbow weapons for really small damage points.

No matter what I try I cannot keep them using their Scimiter melee weapon with its much higher hit points.

Have abandoned the mission, tried another mission, tried different guides in same mission and a mix of blue/white conned and same result.

I clear the area around so no wandering patrols and am not social distancing and do get both of them using the Melee Scimitar before I go into rest.

After a couple of hits they change to crossbow and that is that, I do get a very occassional change back for a hit or two then the crossbows come out for long periods of time.

I even saw them hit me with the crossbow and change to Scimitar but then change back to crossbow before the next hit as if they were teasing me!

I am completely bewildered about other things to try or do.

Help please, thanks


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Just now seeing this. 

Other things to try: 
Back on live, with an emp to assist, I used a level 52 natterling in FBZ. I have no recollection of how well or how fast this worked - it was a long time ago. 

Recently, I used the very method you describe, a level 54 guide, However, before that, I had taken a lot of my IOs out of my build that resisted fire damage and would sit in the lava in the Alpha Unlock ouro arc that Mender Remiel gives when you ding 50. (The trap door mission)

I had just finished using the first mission with all those avs to get the damage dealt badges, so it made sense to sit in the lava in mission 2 for a spell. The key was finding a balance in how much damage I could take and still regen enough to stay alive. It is much slower than the guide was, for sure, so only as a last resort. 



Tonight, I saw this post again - and figured I'd see for myself. 

The level 54 guide shot me with his crossbow once, then closed in for melee. 

 [11:15] Guide hits you with their Scimitar for 648.3 points of Lethal damage.
[11:15] Guide hits you with their Scimitar for 479.74 points of Negative Energy damage.

Just a radio mission in PI, there were three Guides, two in brown, one in a lighter color.  It's the brown robed ones I've always used. 


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