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CoT Guides will not use melee weapons?

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Hello, am working towards Immortal (29 million atm) using the Rest in front of Guides method.

Have used it before on live and on this alt from 6 million taken to current amount with no problem.

Am in a CoT map with a pocket Emp spamming Heal Other and using two blue conned Guides. 

About a week ago I noticed that my progress had slowed considerably and realised that the Guides were only using their ranged crossbow weapons for really small damage points.

No matter what I try I cannot keep them using their Scimiter melee weapon with its much higher hit points.

Have abandoned the mission, tried another mission, tried different guides in same mission and a mix of blue/white conned and same result.

I clear the area around so no wandering patrols and am not social distancing and do get both of them using the Melee Scimitar before I go into rest.

After a couple of hits they change to crossbow and that is that, I do get a very occassional change back for a hit or two then the crossbows come out for long periods of time.

I even saw them hit me with the crossbow and change to Scimitar but then change back to crossbow before the next hit as if they were teasing me!

I am completely bewildered about other things to try or do.

Help please, thanks


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