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"Reporting for Duty Sweetheart!."

Mother's Love

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Hi everyone,


Fashionably late to the party as usual. 😊

Well... this has come straight out of left field and taken me right by surprise!.   I am overjoyed at Homecoming's success in allowing us to come home.

I am just downloading the game now, and so looking forward to meeting and teaming with you all again.






(Find me @ 'Mothers.Love' in-game). 


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" Reporting for Duty Sweetheart!." - Dropping My Knitting To Buff You Whilst Hitting! - Proudly Protecting Paragons Little Ones Since 2005.


" Wow! - You're like a Hot Yoda!.... only taller! "  - Soul Stalker.
" I knew there was Evil under that All-American girl persona! " -

" Hey! - Aren't you that roleplayer that says 'up you get' all the time? " - funny (unconscious) generic hero 01.

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