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For your amusement😂

Dafydd Hywel

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Newly back in COH In am trying to remember how to do (or in those case how NOT to do) certain things.


A level 3 Dark Dark Scrapper heading to my first indoor mission.

I try to change up my renown. Weirdly, all mobs in Atlas stay same level. Clearly got it wrong somehow.

Walk into the mission and everything is purple😲😲😲.

Thought one was to abort, but then I figured, level 3, no debt, lets play this comedy out and see just how bad it can get😂


There was.....

Lots of running away, including right out of the door.

Rest did not actually GET much rest.

Lots of me screaming loudly and desperately at my laptop.

I became Paragons biggest Insp junkie.

I rediscovered the sad, slow flailing of a missed Shadow Maul😂


But.........I beat the mission and......I did not face plant once doing it.


Don't get me wrong, the not dieing was blind bloody luck but......by dragging out all  I could remember from the old days about, proximity pulling, neutralizing Gunners and Buckshots, everything, that Dark Dark Scrapper, usually an underrated combo, pulled it off.


If I say so myself, I felt pretty damned tough after that.

(Probs not doing it again anytime soon though yeah😉,)

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If everything was purple, then you were fighting +4s.  I've often tried the +4/x8 challenge at level 2, but if you were able to pull off one entire mission +4/x1 at level 3, color me impressed.  I don't doubt you used all your inspirations, since probably 6 wouldn't even get you through one minion!

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