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Shared Storage - Personal and Base

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Transferring things 1 attachment at time between alts is kind of nice, but gets to be a pain, and IMO not very intuitive for a game. I remember what was easily my favorite perk of the Legacy system on SWTOR was global storage to swap gear between alts.  There's a couple ways to do that here.


  • Make personal storage @global -- Also add tabs for Recipes, Enhs, and Insps. And a field for Influence/Infamy/Information.

  • Add Coalition Permissions to SG Base storage/bins -- It seems pretty common for folks to have their own personal SG base since Prestige went away, then they have alts as part of another SG with friends. It would be nice if we could share the storage and bins across the whole Coalition (still based on rank within their respective group). If for some reason the personal storage method isn't feasible, using bases to accomplish the feature could work and add community value.
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We were chatting about this among my SG today, so thought I'd bump it to try to get votes. :)  Personal bases with storage across alts was my absolute favorite feature of the Legacy system in SWTOR. 


In short, I'd love to see a "Hideout" tied to your @Global would be great for alt storage.  And/or grant permission rights (that can be set or revoked) to storage bins and such across a Coalition.


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