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Would you be interested in a Mod that reverts the Spines and Dark Assassin Strike SFX?


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It's a long title, but honestly I wanted to make sure I got the point across without feeling like I mislead anyone in to reading this.

So basically, as some of you may know, I create SFX mods for the community. Most of them are mods that are open to anyone who wants them free of charge. It's my way of giving back to the community and it's my way of showing my gratitude for those who brought the game back for all of us hard core fans! You are probably saying to yourself, "yeah yeah, shut up and get on with it, dude...I'm not getting any of this time back out of my life reading this!" Okay okay! Settle down, I got you! Really, it's no problem, out with it then!

So I have a couple of mods that I have been keeping for myself because...well...honestly, I cannot imagine there being very many people who would even care about them enough to justify making them available for all. What these two mods do is that one of them gives back Spines Stalkers and Dark Stalkers that Classic Spook sound upon hitting your target with Assassin's Strike. For some reason, after i9 or so, the Original Devs removed that sound effect and tied it in to the Placate instead of the Assassin's Strike....which to me was just....why? It was perfect right where it was! I suppose a Dev disagreed and they moved it anyway. So I simply...fixed...what they unfixed? Shame on me, I know...but you know me! So, I am curious if anyone would be interested in this mod. If so, I will happily make it available to the community, if not, no big deal, I made the mod for my personal use anyway...but if enough people are interested, I will gladly make it readily available!

Second mod is rather simple, and chances are nobody but me has ever even thought about it...Bone Smasher. I never understood why all the other Energy Melee powers had that snap burst in your face sound effect, but Bone Smasher got the short end of the stick there. It hits harder that the two powers before it, yet sounds like it hits like a puppy instead. So...well...you know me...I "fixed" that and now it sounds like it smashes just as hard as the other powers!

So, if any one of these two SFX Mods are something you guys and gals would be interested in, let me know on this thread! If it looks like enough people would be interested in them, I'll come off the personal goodies and will share like I have Reece's Pieces!

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