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I haven't played that combo specifically.  I've used Dual Pistols with Nin and currently prefer it with Super Reflexes.  Energy Aura I have on a couple other characters since the flashy effects work better for their look.  

I can't imagine the combo being all that different from what I've played previously though.  I like to play fairly close to the action since Hail of Bullets is a point-blank power.  I'd play in close quarters even if the T9 was ranged only.  Hover blasting is for pansies Blasters.  All kidding aside, Energy Aura is a really good defensive set once you've put the time into it.  Dual Pistols isn't for everyone.  Some people really like it, and a lot of people don't.  

I happen to prefer Dual Pistols on any of the ATs that aren't Blasters.  It's just not a set that works well for me on that AT.  On Sentinels though it can be pretty good.  Maybe not be-all-end-all great, but pretty good.  

Energy Aura can be fairly self-contained.  So if you look at some builds with just */EA you'll get some ideas on how to slot it.  Then, if you look at some builds with DP/* you can just fill in the gaps.  Neither of these sets depend on each other to do their thing.

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I have a DP/SR sentinel. I spent quite a bit on it getting a nice build with good recharge and procs. I really wanted to like it because my DP/MC blaster is my favorite toon. I just cry a little inside each time I try to play it though.  It just doesn’t do enough damage, especially compared to my blaster.  The additional survivability doesn’t really make up for it IMO. 

I played them back to back to try to compare them, and to me the damage difference is night and day. Dual pistols, even with procs, on sentinels just feels super anemic. That said, if you’ve never played it on a blaster, then you probably won’t care. Dual pistols is still a fun set. 

I do however enjoy my beam rifle / EA sentinel. Although it still isn’t blaster level damage, it is more survivable, and still has pretty good damage. Energy aura is a fantastic secondary. 

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I've put together a potential build.  Have a look, please... and be gentle. 😛


Hero Plan by Mids' Reborn : Hero Designer

Click this DataLink to open the build!

Level 50 Technology Sentinel
Primary Power Set: Dual Pistols
Secondary Power Set: Energy Aura
Power Pool: Flight
Power Pool: Fighting
Power Pool: Speed
Power Pool: Leadership
Ancillary Pool: Electricity Mastery

Hero Profile:
Level 1: Pistols -- Thn-Acc/Dmg/EndRdx(A), Thn-Acc/Dmg(7), Thn-Dmg/EndRdx(7), Dcm-Build%(9), TchofLadG-%Dam(9), ShlBrk-%Dam(11)
Level 1: Kinetic Shield -- LucoftheG-Def/Rchg+(A), LucoftheG-Def(39), LucoftheG-Def/EndRdx(45)
Level 2: Empty Clips -- SprFrzBls-Acc/Dmg(A), SprFrzBls-Dmg/EndRdx(31), SprFrzBls-Acc/Dmg/EndRdx(31), SprFrzBls-Acc/Dmg/Rchg(31), SprFrzBls-Dmg/EndRdx/Acc/Rchg(33), SprFrzBls-Rchg/ImmobProc(33)
Level 4: Power Shield -- LucoftheG-Def/Rchg+(A), LucoftheG-Def(39), LucoftheG-Def/EndRdx(43)
Level 6: Suppressive Fire -- Thn-Acc/Dmg/EndRdx(A), Thn-Acc/Dmg(11), Thn-Dmg/EndRdx(13), GhsWdwEmb-Dam%(13), GldNet-Dam%(15), GldJvl-Dam%(15)
Level 8: Swap Ammo 
Level 10: Kinetic Dampening -- GldArm-3defTpProc(A), GldArm-ResDam(39), GldArm-End/Res(40), Ags-Psi/Status(40)
Level 12: Bullet Rain -- SprSntWar-Acc/Dmg(A), SprSntWar-Dmg/Rchg(17), SprSntWar-Acc/Dmg/Rchg(17), SprSntWar-Acc/Dmg/EndRdx(27), SprSntWar-Acc/Dmg/EndRdx/Rchg(29), SprSntWar-Rchg/+Absorb(29)
Level 14: Hover -- LucoftheG-Def/Rchg+(A), LucoftheG-Def(23), LucoftheG-Def/EndRdx(23)
Level 16: Fly -- WntGif-ResSlow(A), Flight-I(45)
Level 18: Executioner's Shot -- SprWntBit-Rchg/SlowProc(A), SprWntBit-Acc/Dmg(19), SprWntBit-Acc/Dmg/EndRdx(19), Apc-Dam%(25), SprWntBit-Dmg/EndRdx/Acc/Rchg(25), SprWntBit-Dmg/Rchg(27)
Level 20: Energize -- Prv-Absorb%(A), Prv-Heal(21)
Level 22: Entropy Shield -- EndRdx-I(A)
Level 24: Kick -- Acc-I(A)
Level 26: Tough -- GldArm-ResDam(A), GldArm-End/Res(36), GldArm-Res/Rech/End(37), UnbGrd-Max HP%(46)
Level 28: Weave -- LucoftheG-Def/Rchg+(A), Rct-Def/EndRdx(37), Rct-ResDam%(37)
Level 30: Hasten -- RechRdx-I(A), RechRdx-I(36)
Level 32: Hail of Bullets -- Arm-Dam%(A), Arm-Dmg/EndRdx(33), Arm-Dmg(34), Arm-Dmg/Rchg(34), Arm-Acc/Dmg/Rchg(34), FuroftheG-ResDeb%(36)
Level 35: Power Armor -- StdPrt-ResDam/Def+(A), ImpArm-ResPsi(40), ImpArm-ResDam/EndRdx(42), ImpArm-ResDam(42)
Level 38: Repelling Force -- LucoftheG-Def/Rchg+(A), LucoftheG-Def(42), LucoftheG-Def/EndRdx(43), ShlWal-ResDam/Re TP(43), ShlWal-Def(45)
Level 41: Power Drain -- PrfShf-End%(A), PrfShf-EndMod/Acc(50)
Level 44: Havoc Punch -- Hct-Dam%(A), Hct-Dmg(46), Hct-Dmg/Rchg(46), Hct-Acc/Dmg/Rchg(48), Hct-Acc/Rchg(50)
Level 47: Maneuvers -- LucoftheG-Def/Rchg+(A), LucoftheG-Def(48), LucoftheG-Def/EndRdx(48)
Level 49: Afterburner -- LucoftheG-Def/Rchg+(A), Flight-I(50)
Level 1: Brawl -- Empty(A)
Level 1: Opportunity 
Level 1: Prestige Power Dash -- Empty(A)
Level 1: Prestige Power Slide -- Empty(A)
Level 1: Prestige Power Quick -- Empty(A)
Level 1: Prestige Power Rush -- Empty(A)
Level 1: Prestige Power Surge -- Empty(A)
Level 1: Sprint -- Run-I(A)
Level 2: Rest -- IntRdx-I(A)
Level 4: Ninja Run 
Level 2: Swift -- Flight-I(A), Run-I(21)
Level 2: Health -- NmnCnv-Regen/Rcvry+(A), Mrc-Rcvry+(5), Pnc-Heal/+End(5)
Level 2: Hurdle -- Jump-I(A)
Level 2: Stamina -- PrfShf-EndMod(A), PrfShf-End%(3), PwrTrns-+Heal(3)
Level 8: Chemical Ammunition 
Level 8: Cryo Ammunition 
Level 8: Incendiary Ammunition 
Level 0: Freedom Phalanx Reserve 
Level 0: Portal Jockey 
Level 0: Task Force Commander 
Level 0: The Atlas Medallion 
Level 50: Ion Core Final Judgement 
Level 50: Reactive Radial Flawless Interface 
Level 50: Seers Radial Superior Ally 
Level 50: Barrier Core Epiphany 
Level 50: Assault Core Embodiment 
Level 50: Agility Core Paragon 


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@OnePatriot procs and Agility Alpha work against each other.  You're reducing the effectiveness of the Pistols/Suppressive Fire slotting by doing that.  


Did you select Impervium Armor for the Psi defense?  If so, then I'd dump that idea.  You need more Smashing/Lethal defense.  You can use a set like 4pc Unbreakable Guard to work your way up.  So 2 powers with this 4pc set soft-caps S/L.  That could Tough and Power Armor or some other combination.  Since you can soft-cap without Agility, Musculature becomes an ideal path for damage.  Obviously you can go other directions for various reasons but none of them will push your damage like Musculature Core will.  (Musculature and Intuition Radials are lesser damage buffs... and you're not really making use of Intuition's strength).


You're chasing some resistance buffs like the Aegis unique.  It's OK, but I'd prioritize that last on list.  Soaking Psi damage isn't something EA is great at and you're unlikely to notice a significant difference with what you have anyway.  


You have 7 copies of the LotG recharge IO.  You can only make use of 5.  


I don't think Afterburner needs a speed IO but it can be a nice mule for specific globals like the PvP armor one.  i think you can drop a slot from both Flight and Afterburner OR you could find a 2pc travel set piece to go there.  You don't need to dramatically change much here. 

You're stacking regen with 2pc PvP and LotG.  I'd prioritize this lower on the list since regeneration isn't a great form of mitigation.  


You're better off running 5 slots in Pistols with the Superior Winter's Bite set than doing what you're doing with Executioner's shot.  Put procs in Executioner's Shot and Suppressive Fire if you have to choose.  Pistols has about a 29-30% chance to trigger the damage effects and 8-10% for Decimation.  You're chance to trigger those in Executioner's Shot is much higher which will improve your damage more.  


That's it though.  While I'm not super fond of Winter Sets (I don't think the expense is necessary here) what you have works.  It just needs to be tweaked to the areas that deserve focus and lower the priority on the effects that aren't really going to help as much as you think.  

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Here is a build I made for you to look at and see if you want to take some idea's from.  I don't claim that it is the best build.  I haven't tested it out on the test server yet.  Though I am positive this would be very survivable. You could easily chase more damage via procs and different pool powers if you sacrificed some recharge and survivability.  


For my theory build here are the key points:

- The main single target attacks have procs (1 -res on pistols, 3 damage procs on suppressive, and 2 damage procs on executioners shot).

- The ATO procs are on the lower recharge AOE powers to give a better chance of them firing off.

- Rune of protection was picked up to give solid resists with 50% uptime.  Note, rune is active in the totals when you open up the build.  Turn it off to show non-rune resistance totals.

- Softcaps to all types (except psionic) achieved without incarnates allowing for musculature alpha to be taken.

- The last slot on hail of bullets is up for debate.  You can put the FOTG - res, FF + rech, or another damage proc in there.  I chose to put the FF + Rech in, but can easily swap that out if you want.

- 3 seconds short of perma hasten with unboosted IOs, but with FF + rech or any other recharge buff on teams it should be perma.  Or you can boost the recharge IOs to make it perma.

- Although it is still an expensive build it doesnt use any winter Os.

- I chose combat jumping/super jump as opposed to hover/fly as I feel that combat jumping fits dual pistols PBAOE nuke better.  However, you can easily swap out for hover/fly with the same results.



Hero Plan by Mids' Reborn : Hero Designer

Click this DataLink to open the build!

Level 50 Mutation Sentinel
Primary Power Set: Dual Pistols
Secondary Power Set: Energy Aura
Power Pool: Leaping
Power Pool: Fighting
Power Pool: Sorcery
Power Pool: Speed

Hero Profile:
Level 1: Pistols -- Dcm-Acc/Dmg(A), Dcm-Dmg/EndRdx(3), Dcm-Acc/EndRdx/Rchg(3), Dcm-Acc/Dmg/Rchg(5), Dcm-Dmg/Rchg(5), AchHee-ResDeb%(7)
Level 1: Kinetic Shield -- LucoftheG-Def/Rchg+(A), LucoftheG-Def(7), LucoftheG-Def/EndRdx(9)
Level 2: Kinetic Dampening -- RctArm-ResDam(A), RctArm-ResDam/EndRdx(9), RctArm-ResDam/Rchg(11), RctArm-ResDam/EndRdx/Rchg(11), StdPrt-ResDam/Def+(13)
Level 4: Empty Clips -- SprOppStr-Acc/Dmg(A), SprOppStr-Dmg/Rchg(15), SprOppStr-Acc/Dmg/Rchg(17), SprOppStr-Acc/Dmg/EndRdx(17), SprOppStr-Acc/Dmg/EndRdx/Rchg(19), SprOppStr-Rchg/+Opportunity(19)
Level 6: Power Shield -- LucoftheG-Def/Rchg+(A), LucoftheG-Def/EndRdx(21), LucoftheG-Def(21)
Level 8: Suppressive Fire -- Thn-Acc/Dmg(A), Thn-Dmg/EndRdx(23), Thn-Acc/Dmg/Rchg(23), UnbCns-Dam%(25), GhsWdwEmb-Dam%(25), NrnSht-Dam%(27)
Level 10: Swap Ammo 
Level 12: Energize -- Prv-Heal(A), Prv-Heal/EndRdx(27), Prv-EndRdx/Rchg(29), Prv-Heal/Rchg(29), Prv-Heal/Rchg/EndRdx(31), Prv-Absorb%(31)
Level 14: Bullet Rain -- SprSntWar-Acc/Dmg(A), SprSntWar-Dmg/Rchg(31), SprSntWar-Acc/Dmg/Rchg(33), SprSntWar-Acc/Dmg/EndRdx(33), SprSntWar-Acc/Dmg/EndRdx/Rchg(33), SprSntWar-Rchg/+Absorb(34)
Level 16: Entropy Shield -- EndRdx-I(A)
Level 18: Executioner's Shot -- Apc-Dmg(A), Apc-Acc/Dmg/Rchg(34), Apc-Acc/Rchg(34), Apc-Dmg/EndRdx(36), Apc-Dam%(36), TchofLadG-%Dam(36)
Level 20: Power Armor -- RctArm-ResDam(A), RctArm-ResDam/EndRdx(37), RctArm-ResDam/Rchg(37), RctArm-ResDam/EndRdx/Rchg(37), GldArm-3defTpProc(39)
Level 22: Combat Jumping -- LucoftheG-Def/Rchg+(A), ShlWal-ResDam/Re TP(39), Rct-ResDam%(39)
Level 24: Boxing -- KntCmb-Acc/Dmg(A), KntCmb-Dmg/EndRdx(45), KntCmb-Dmg/EndRdx/Rchg(50), KntCmb-Dmg/Rchg(50)
Level 26: Tough -- RctArm-ResDam(A), RctArm-ResDam/EndRdx(40), RctArm-ResDam/Rchg(40), RctArm-ResDam/EndRdx/Rchg(40)
Level 28: Weave -- LucoftheG-Def/Rchg+(A), Rct-Def(42), Rct-Def/EndRdx(42)
Level 30: Spirit Ward -- Empty(A)
Level 32: Arcane Bolt -- Empty(A)
Level 35: Rune of Protection -- Ags-ResDam/EndRdx(A), Ags-ResDam/Rchg(42), Ags-EndRdx/Rchg(43), Ags-ResDam/EndRdx/Rchg(43), Ags-ResDam(43)
Level 38: Hail of Bullets -- Arm-Dmg(A), Arm-Acc/Dmg/Rchg(45), Arm-Acc/Rchg(45), Arm-Dmg/EndRdx(46), Arm-Dam%(46), FrcFdb-Rechg%(46)
Level 41: Repelling Force -- LucoftheG-Def/Rchg+(A), Rct-Def(48), Rct-Def/EndRdx(48)
Level 44: Power Drain -- PrfShf-EndMod/Rchg(A), PrfShf-EndMod/Acc(48)
Level 47: Hasten -- RechRdx-I(A), RechRdx-I(50)
Level 49: Super Jump -- Empty(A)
Level 1: Brawl -- Empty(A)
Level 1: Opportunity 
Level 1: Prestige Power Dash -- Empty(A)
Level 1: Prestige Power Slide -- Empty(A)
Level 1: Prestige Power Quick -- Empty(A)
Level 1: Prestige Power Rush -- Empty(A)
Level 1: Prestige Power Surge -- Empty(A)
Level 1: Sprint -- Empty(A)
Level 2: Rest -- Empty(A)
Level 4: Ninja Run 
Level 2: Swift -- Empty(A)
Level 2: Health -- NmnCnv-Regen/Rcvry+(A), Mrc-Rcvry+(13)
Level 2: Hurdle -- Empty(A)
Level 2: Stamina -- PrfShf-End%(A), PrfShf-EndMod(15)
Level 10: Chemical Ammunition 
Level 10: Cryo Ammunition 
Level 10: Incendiary Ammunition 
Level 50: Musculature Core Paragon 
Level 50: Reactive Core Flawless Interface 
Level 50: Assault Radial Embodiment 


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