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Text/UI sizeable?


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Don't use the one under Graphics in Options... it tends to "balloon" on you on a High-DPI display.


Text is super readable and clear, yes.  But when disabled, the % slider doesn't even work.  Can't hit anything to close it, or accept your settings, since the window prevents being off-screen panned to the left.  Just hit Cancel in the corner.


Instead once logged in, open Options, then the Windows tab, and use that one.



"Automatic UI Scale" is the one you want.  Toggle it Disabled then re-Enable to do it automatically, or Disable it and set a percentage you like.


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And if you want a single window blown up or made small, you can do it with /window_scale WindowName scale

Window scale will increase/decrease the size between 64% and 199% (expressed in decimal, 0.64 to 1.99)

I use it for league windows to make them more readable.

/window_scale League 1.75  (I'm playing at, essentially, 6K resolution.  So stuff that's perfectly viewable for me, at 1080p and .65, is nigh unreadable.)

Note: If the window you're trying to resize is docked, it'll stay at the scale of the parent window.  So either rescale the parent window, or undock the specific window.

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