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  1. I thought my costume character concept was a good one too. Am I disappointed I didn't win? Of course. But whether I think my character was better or not has no bearing on how the judges felt. For whatever reason (Which you do NOT know) they chose the way they did. I am happy for all the winners. Also I kicked my own ass. WIN.
  2. Then just don't do it. How is someone suggesting something harm you in any way?
  3. Not to discourage you from posting here at all but there is a bio thread also that you might enjoy 🙂
  4. It ended up not mattering, I thought I could do it with a phone but I was wrong. Wish I coulda figured it out for ya...
  5. Yes pets can be annoying. Other players can also be annoying. I say we ban both.👍
  6. Yep, that was to your response,I should have quoted you. I know it doesn't do exactly what you are looking for but it might help a bit.
  7. This will show you are typing... /bind key "afk Your message$$startchat"
  8. To send myself inf I made a template and sent it to myself and all I have to do is reply to it and put the INF amount in. This could be adjusted to do the same thing for gifts, your just have to change the global and put the amount in. Also it can be easier to copy and paste globals out of chat (find global and then Ctrl C to copy them Ctrl V to paste into email). If you knew all this I apologize, but it may be helpful to someone else.
  9. I like to use mine while IN Wentworth's 😉
  10. Make a base on every shard and fill it with purples and rare salvage and then just invite people to go shopping. Let them decide how much is to much. I'm sure no one will rob you blind 😉
  11. And you change it anytime you need to look for another ( so change "Fake" to whatever else like "Sap" for sappers for example) I made mine a macro and then just edit it when I need to.
  12. Not native to the game, but if you have VidiotMaps loaded it will show you mobs/ranges on it.
  13. This thread has some images used in place of that screen. I haven't tried it so I'm not sure how exactly you do it, but it is definitely possible.
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