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  1. Yes it is out of beta,I just linked to it because it seemed like it would answer some of your questions about it. They have patched it and there are patch notes for it. I've used it since it came out and had no issues with it. I think just the added security makes it worth it. And the fact that Tequila will be unsupported in the future, why not do it now? But that is your call. It does change your filepath, just FYI.
  2. This post for the Beta describes some of the reasons/changes
  3. Sorry for the loss of your friend. Condolences to his family. /e holdtorch
  4. Sorry about the attempted humor. I will try to be more serious about this game breaking suggestion that needs to be shot down.
  5. You are absolutely correct, I don't get to tell you what you can say. And I didn't. You aren't a Dev so you don't get to tell people what the HC team can or cant do also. Or what they might deem "worth" their time. And the fact that I/We/You don't know what it would take WAS my point. And they are great suggestions. I happen to think the OPs suggestion is worth looking into. You don't. I get to give my opinion same as you. Feel free to ignore it.
  6. Why do people need to get this aggressive by someone asking if the portal can be moved/expanded. Feel free to disagree that it needs to be done, give your suggestions on workarounds (they can disagree with your suggestions just like you disagree with theirs). None of you know how easy or difficult it would be to do, maybe it's as simple as moving a portal in a base, maybe they'd have to invent a new coding language. A GM/Dev would have to answer that, all of you are guessing on what it would take. I personally think it's worth looking into. It could cause the world to implode tho, so good
  7. Yes you lose the other factions missions. I believe you can just go back to Tina and get the mission back tho.
  8. Or make a new topic and get some others involved!
  9. You're STILL the man Mike...its just you're the OLD man now! (Lol just kidding!) Welcome Home, Hero (and/or Villain)! Play how you want to and ask questions, both here and in game. Most people like to help, especially if you let them know you are newly returned.
  10. Ah yep, I gotcha. Definitely not the easiest to set up.
  11. You can also use custom.windows to have macros that all your toons can use. It's a bit clunky and never stays where you want it but it's handy I you can get used to it.
  12. Nortons website says yes, turn both of those off. It should ask for a duration. https://support.norton.com/sp/en/us/home/current/solutions/v116457581
  13. Do all your ERPing elsewhere, ay? 😉
  14. I like to wing it myself, but some people like to have a "guide" to look at. I agree with you some but there are alot of people who just like to share builds. Sometimes its not always "do it for me!" I had someone ask me for my WB/Nin build. I'm not sure anyone in their right mind would think that was an Uber build lol
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