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  1. Welcome Home Hero (and/or Villain!) I was on Liberty as well, I don't recall meeting you tho. Enjoy the memories and have fun!
  2. My cow toon would like to request Legendairy. 🐄
  3. In my day we just did our ERPing in mistells.😉
  4. I don't farm at all, I've only really made INF from crafting/converting. I have my two 50's at about 350 mil each and then some spread out. So I'm at about 800 mil total I think.
  5. There go my plans for Dinty Moore Lass...🤔
  6. @Shenanigunner posted about this here, may be what you need...
  7. You can try Menu/Options go to Windows and try the Chat Settings File/Load from default file. But that may only work if you previously saved it, I'm not sure.
  8. I made a kind of homage to older style superheroes/pulp heroes, and then I decide to do a new costume for different eras in each slot. I apologize if I'm using to much forum space! 😉 So I present my Grav/Time Troller, Astronomical Lass! Astronomical Lass B&W Astronomical Lass Tinted Astronomical Lass 50's Astronomical Lass 60's Astronomical Lass 70's Astronomical Lass 80's Astronomical Lass 90's
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