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  1. I can't wait to check everything out! Wasn't expecting this already, ("Nobody expects the I27!") I'm excited to see all the new stuff! Don't have time to really get into game now, but I tried to get a sonic name reserved, it was gone already 😮 Darn it, back to the...drawing board? That's not right 🤔. Thank you everyone for all the hard work!
  2. Ah. Well if you come visit Torchbearer say hi! 👋 I have to say I don't think your cpu is the best place to melt butter... But it's been awhile since I was in school, maybe I just haven't heard about it...
  3. Congorats on first 50! 👊 Also have you found Enhancement Unslotters? You can remove enhancements with them and either reuse them or sell them.
  4. Welcome home Hero 🦸
  5. It may be too difficult to accomplish for the gain, but I was thinking it would be nice if there was a "Adjust all slots" button for changing size and/or height (also possibly a "make this the default costume"). What I currently do is make the changes and save it then go in and manually load each slot with the saved costume. Which is fine, and fairly easy unless you already have different costumes for some of the slots.
  6. "Come help us beat the stuffing out of The Gobbler the latest giant monster escapee from the secret program known as "The Farm" See The Puritan for your temporary power {Temporary Power:Infusion Baster}!"
  7. In the Shadow Shard in a giant-ass tote of course.
  8. When are the Thanksgiving decorations going up? 😉
  9. You mean below lvl 4 where you can pick Mystic Flight? 🤔
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