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Buffs breaking Emotes on targets: A partial workaround


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Many buffs are known to break emotes on other players when cast, which can disrupt social interactions for some groups.


Today I found a way to stop some of those buffs from breaking emotes:


  • Turn on Afterburner
  • Turn on Fly
  • Perform the emote in the air


This works against any buff that causes a "hurt" animation on allies, including Speed BoostIncrease Density, most Electrical Affinity buffs (except Rejuvenating Circuit, more about that in a moment), Injection from Medicine Pool, the Valentine Arrow buff, and some other power that causes that animation. It also prevents SnowBall and Flying Disc from breaking the target's current emote.


Buffs that cause a "power up" animation on allies still break emotes on allies. Those include but not limited to: Heal Other, Ice Shields, Fire Shields, Clarion, Aid Other, and Rejuvenating Circuit, among others.


Some emotes, even when performed with AB+Fly, can still be broken. During testing, it was noticed that all the stances (herostance, villainstance) are broken after receiving any buff that causes a "hurt" animation. So other emotes might be affected as well. But mostly everything else works, including all dances, and emotes that have different ground/air versions (like yoga).


While this does not prevent all buffs from breaking emotes on other players, it's still something we can use. I wish all buffs would not break the target's animation if they're running emotes, but I understand how this wouldn't be a priority right now. Either way, I hope this post will be useful to someone out there.


(Thanks ROBOKiTTY and Divi for helping with testing!)


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28 minutes ago, krj12 said:

Yeah, very irritating on the Lambda ITrial, when you're trying to pose with Marauder during his cutscene - plenty of jerks who do it on purpose.

Hope they eventually get around to fixing it.


Damn I never thought about this.  I was just trying to buff up before the fight, I swear you guys.

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