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So, I've made a WM/SD scrapper and I love him. The only thing is that he seems to lack anything special to take down GM's and AV's and such so I was wondering which interface proc works best, the -regen, the resist debuff or the max HP debuff? TIA

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Ok looking at the set the and the dpa you need lots of recharge and you want to skip bash



Pulverize 75.27

Jawbreaker 73.72

clobber 163.33

shatter 67.34 this is the one to help it is good enough to put in the chain and since it is a 45 degree arc you can slot furry of the gladiator -res proc that will help some with the issue as while.

FlashBack to old days: Pinnacle

Langar Thurs-Katana/SR 50; Hejtmane-DM/DA 50

Rogue Spear-Spines/DA 50; Hypnosis-Ill/Rad 50

Sir Thomas Theroux-DM/SR 50; Melted Copper-Fire/Shield 50; Byzantine Warrior-DB/ELA 50; Blade Tempo-50 DB/EA

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