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Katana vs Elec


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Hey All!


I've been in the process of deciding which char to make next and I've been curious about going the route of Elec or Katana!


Which do you believe would be the better option to go with fire?


Is the main trade off between the two Elec = AOE | Katana = Single Target?


I would love to hear your thoughts on the overall ability of both with AOE and ST, thanks!

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Only AT I like electric melee on personally is a stalker so you still get a hard hitting single target attack to go with all that aoe.   Electric/shield stalker is a classic.  But all depends what you are trying to do with the character.  Pretty much as you thought, electric would give you better aoe, katana would give you better single target (and some extra defense that is hard to get otherwise on a fire armor).  

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