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Confined badge progress


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I think there's something up with this badge. The 'Confined' badge is rewarded for being held for a total of three hours, but being held for longer continuous periods of time seems to go uncounted.


My method: Get a newspaper mission with Malta agents, clear a few groups save for the sappers, then invite a bunch of them to a private party when all is said is done. As a result, I should be held close to 100% of the time, right? I put hasten on autofire so I'd be aware of when any gaps occur. After coming back after four hours last night without the 3 hour badge, I noticed something was off.


The badge progress bar's maximum is 10800 for three hours, so unless I'm incredibly bad at math it seems like it's being counted in seconds. With a ten minute test with a bunch of sappers on me, I should be in the ballpark of 600 points of progress.


I can't post the full screenshots due to the max file size (does it even matter, without timestamps in the chat?) but at the start and end of a 10 minute test I was at 5118 out of 10,800. Hasten fired off once, toward the end of the ten minutes, so it should have been a high uptime.


I noticed it sometimes doesn't update until after the hold wears off so I left the zone and came back and it bumped up to.... 5130. Still far south of 600. I did another test of ten minutes, starting at 5480. After those ten minutes, I finished at 5531. Still off the mark. I popped a breakfree this time and danced around the sappers until the holds wore off, zoned in and out, and it didn't bump up any higher after the fact this time.


I have no idea what's causing this bug, but for now it seems like the fastest way to get this badge is to have only one sapper trained on me. Since I'm a VEAT, I'm only held when the sapp stick debuff is stacked twice, so it's going to take me quite a while.

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