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Contacts that offer enhancements


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I realize that in this day of IOs, ATOs, WInter-Os, Summer-Os (overwhelming force) - that many players are skipping most, if not all the level 1-49 experience. Nothing wrong with that. 
I also realize that some play through from 1-50, some even without 2xp buff from p2w. 

But, there IS a segment of our player base that don't have the connections or the experience or influence to do these things. 

When you're level 22, you can slot SOs, if you can't afford IOs. 

So why are level 20-25 contacts offering TRAINING ENHANCEMENTS instead of Single Origin enhancements?  I do appreciate the information before I do a contact's missions, but when I'm introduced to the next contact, and all options only offer TOs...man, there's something wrong there. 

Yes, I know I can go to a store to buy them. But I'm asking for the folks that may not even know stores exist. These contacts at this level should offer SOs. That's all I'm saying. 

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