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What to Skip on a Trick Arrow / Water Defender?

Yomo Kimyata

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I recently started up one of these (high teens now) and I'm really enjoying the combination.  I consider myself well versed in TA but not so much in Water, so I'm in a bit of a pickle.  Not only are there so many good/great powers between these two sets, but some of the powers are (in my opinion) slot hungry and when taking a first pass at an end build (which I expect to be very different from my leveling build) I'm kind of at a loss when trying to figure out what to skip, both in terms of power and slots.


Trick Arrow seems pretty straight forward to me:


Entangling Arrow -- skip

Flash Arrow -- 4 slots

Glue Arrow -- skip for this build

Ice Arrow -- 4-6 slots

Poison Gas Arrow -- base slot

Acid Arrow -- 4-6 slots

Disruption Arrow -- base slot

Oil Slick Arrow -- 6 slots

EMP Arrow -- skip


I'm having trouble with Water Blast:


Aqua Bolt -- either base slot or more?

Hydro Blast -- level up with it but respec out later?

Water Burst -- 5-6 slots

Whirlpool -- 4-6 slots

Tidal Forces -- base slot

Dehydrate -- ???

Water Jet -- ???

Steam Spray -- ???

Geyser -- ???


I would expect to have Combat Jumping, Hasten, Kick, Tough, Weave, Maneuvers, Tactics, and some sort of resist shield from the epics as well.


Currently looking at something like this (lots of slots to put to work):




Any thoughts?  I appreciate your feedback!








Who run Bartertown?


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I think you have the right idea so far. Do slot up aqua bolt. You will need it as a builder and it's a solid t1.


I won't tell you exact slotting, but will speak in broad terms.


Dehydrate - good place for achilles proc. Fairly proc worthy overall and can be a flexible builder and spender depending on the situation.


Water jet - this is where you want your premium procs to abuse the instant recharge mechanic. Avoid recharge and proc away. I like to do the two non recharge vigilant assault and the proc for a sweet 10 percent recharge, then as many damage procs as money can buy. Definitely your apoc proc.


Steam spray. Lots of ways to go with this. Has good proc options but also good base damage. Really depends on your io goals here. In my latest build I used a Hami acc/dam and a ragnarok damage boosted up to max it out in just a couple slots. 


Geyser - Ragnarok five slot and an extra damage proc of your choice? 5 or 6 slots for sure. Nothing super special to say here, it's just a great power that deserves attention.


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Don't make any final decisions yet. It's gonna be tougher to choose based on what I saw of the changes coming to TA. Entangle and EMP arrow are both getting very interesting changes along with several of the others.

It's gonna be hell picking and choosing if it hits live like that. Both sets have loads of takeable powers.


That being said, I have one running around in his 30s and he's a blast to play.

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