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Sub-Categorize Temporary Powers

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I have a lot of Temporary Powers on my main, and a few on many of my alts.  Enough that it's a pain in the ass to organize things after a Respec.



If we're not able to have something like https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/14927-save-and-load-command-for-power-tray-configuration/ any time soon (or even if we are), I would like to propose sub-categorization of the Temporary Powers.


Sub-Categories I would like to see would be:

-Single-Target Attack (possibly divided between Ranged and Melee if necessary)

-Cone Attack (possibly divided as above)

-AoE Attack (possibly divided)

-Self Support

-Team Support




This would be hugely helpful.


I realize a project of this magnitude could be quite time consuming, but its relative simplicity lends itself to something which the Homecoming Team could potentially recruit from willing players to tackle.

So, how about it, Homecoming?  Think this is something we could work on together after Issue 27, Page 1 has been fully tested and given some post-release attention for last minute bugs?

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