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Super (sized) Heroes and the Cost of Technology


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Article and Analysis by Kal Trail, writer for the Paragon Times Journal

Superheroes in this city began taking advantage of this mysterious technological transporter that seemingly came out of nowhere in the Spring of 2019. Heroes such as Atomic Level, Heavy Metal, Nebula, United States and even the assigned protector of our very existence in the universe, Solarverse, have all taken advantage of this new technology; but at what cost?







Gone are the days when you would see the occasional glimpse of Solarverse flying through the skies in Atlas Park, flying overhead to remind us that he is still here...watching, protecting, giving a show of presence that scatters the criminal element of the city back to the holes in which they came. Gone are the days when you would see Heavy Metal leaping through the air and over the tallest of buildings, always rushing off to prevent a major city disaster under the Task Force of Positron. Gone are the days when United States would come from the skies in the north for the occasional stance and salute to the United States flag at City Hall. We even miss the days when Atomic Level would fly in from time to time and request people keep 20 feet away from him for fear of civilians getting radiation sickness in his proximity, while he attempts to update the press on the tasks that he and the others are working on to keep us all safe. Gone are the days when you would see a trail of dark nebula energy warping any given space or time where Nebula had just teleported to and fro before flying off in to the distance.

In fact, the skies have been empty, the roads are no longer being used by the speedsters, there are no longer any warped areas of ground nor space from the use of Teleportation, no longer any cracks in the cement from the landings of heroes who leap...there is simply...nothing. To an outsider, you would even think there were no heroes in this city at all if you were attempting to find evidence visually through signs of travel.


Over the past year we have began noticing that due to the use of this instant travel technology, that heroes are growing out of shape. They are no longer moving, but rather instant traveling anywhere they need to go. People have been talking, they have been noticing that heroes are being winded more easily when combating foes from afar. People have been even posting memes online of overweight and out of shape superheroes who were once fit and strong, but are now slow, sluggish and weak. A meme such as the one below began circulating and has gone viral with hundreds of thousands of people chiming in to add to the joke. Have heroes lost the respect of the citizens of Paragon City? It would seem as though they have. They have lost the respect of the people, but one thing that they have not lost, is weight.






Perhaps technology has even made the greatest of heroes fall from grace, all so that they can go from one place to the next with little effort nor energy required. In a world where threats from other worlds and threats from the criminal underground and threats from minions of Lord Recluse are constantly a reality that we all must live under, perhaps heroes would do well to get back to their roots and get back to being the respected heroes they once were. Considering we have no idea where this new technology came from, it has been theorized by the greatest minds of our world that this technology may have been intentionally planted in an attempt to make our heroes too weak and too out of shape to defend us against the coming threat. We can only hope the theories are incorrect. We can only hope that the most brilliant minds are incorrect because if they are indeed right, no hero will be fit enough to save us. They will no longer be Super Heroes. They will be Supersized Heroes.

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