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Community Costume Contest 24.10 - Paragon Patrol


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Thank you Reunion !


It was a pleasure hosting this Costume Contest, we were amazed by the amount of people attending, by the creativity you guys brought to the table.
We got contacted by some people that would like to donate and sponsor our Contests in the future, that being said we are planning to do this more often.

As soon as we figured something out, we'll come back to you with another happening.

So lets jump right into it.



        The Theme          

Spooky Scary Halloween



The Contestants


This picture was taken earlier, and we havent made one after everyone was there, cut us some slack we are learning to capture it better next time. 😉

Anyway this was already great for us, we were worried that not enough people would show up, but you guys did !
And we are thankful for that.


Reunion rocks dude, keep it up !





The Winners


Deciding the winners wasn't as easy as we thought it would be, and to cramp them into a top 3 would be even harder.

For the next time we are thinking about a top 5, or give out honorable mentions to costumes that are really good but didnt make the cut, maybe both depending on how many people show up.


Dredge:  For this one we thought about a ghastly wood witch, the one you would hear screaming in the forest at night.

At first you might think: nah its Red Fox or a Mountain Lion but then you take a look and see this bit... uhh witch slowly levitating towards your location.


Ragespawn:   We really liked the Frankenstein/Patchwork kinda theme this costume is going with. The black electro pattern on the grey zombie chest looks like blackened veins and the omega hand and foot on his (from our perspective) right side made it look dead and swollen, if you'd prick it with a needle it would ooze out. Disgusting.


Avenging Mummy:  You just bought a "Sphinx Nose" from some thrift shop down the road, the cashier was an elderly lady and she told you to be careful with this piece for it is cursed.

You smirk and leave to your car, thinking about the leftover peperoni pizza you are going to devour in front of your computer while reading forum posts about Energy Melee needing a buff.

So you arrive at your front door, enter your home and put the cursed artifact on your table, not sure where to leave it yet.
You grab the pizza box and sit down, opening it in anticipation but all you find are crawling scarabs ?!

Frightened you throw it away from you, and in the corner of your eye you see a dark-greenish substance leaking through under your door.

Then it busts out the hinges, and slowly opens to the side like a sarcophagus.

There he is Avenging Mummy and he didn't come for the pizza.



                                       (left) Second Place: Ragespawn                                            (middle) First Place: Avenging Mummy                                                (right) Third Place: Dredge                    




Thats it for now, Thank you Reunion people we hope to see you again next time we do something like this !





Happy Halloween to Reunion


Paragon Patrol







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