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Blaster - Temp Manip - Temporal Mending


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Many of this power's feature stop working for no apparent reason.  I tried this on both a new toon created on Brainstorm and one transferred over from Indomitable.  In the first case the power was functioning on log in but stopped within 2 seconds after log in.  This was repeated with a log cycle.  Re-toggling the power seemed to fix the issue.  Then I used the Tunnel system to go from AP to Talos and the power stopped working properly about 1 second after zoning.  I then transferred and tried the second toon.  Her power worked fine until I re-toggled it.  The Absorb shield came on, but none of the other effects were applied.

The first screenshot shows the toggle on in the power tray (bottom right, slot 1 of tray 3), the status bar (top right, the right-most icon) and the graphics (the floating Absorb and pale white swirl graphics).  Yet there are no Regen Res, Recharge Time Res buffs and the Recovery rate is just base+unslotted Stamina.  This can be seen in the Combat Attributes monitor in the upper right region.  The second screenshot shows what it looks like after re-toggling and is working properly.



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Verified Working. This appears to be working correctly on the latest build on Brainstorm or I'm unable to reproduce; Unable to get it to stop applying through a couple of logouts and zone changes.


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