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A powers test bed mission, for use in AE


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In order to help players test power on the beta server (or wherever!) I made a custom mission in the Mission Architect. Attached to this post is the .storyarc file for the arc; simply download it and place it in the Missions folder in your City of Heroes install location, then it will show up under My Creations -> My Local Stories in the MA window as "Powers Test Bed!"


The mission has custom enemies with no attacks or resistances. They are clearly, visually differentiated by rank, and the mission includes an Elite Boss, an Archvillain, and a Doppelganger of your character (which is important for testing powers changes, because that can produce weird results when the game tries to make a doppelganger of you).


Why post the .storyarc file for everyone to download, instead of just publishing the arc myself? Because custom enemies with no attacks will run away at the drop of a hat, unless you use the Mission Architect test mode options to turn yourself invisible. Be sure to turn that on if you're not testing doppelgangers, because you'll get about 3 attacks off before mobs scatter to the wind with it turned off.

Test Bed.storyarc

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