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  1. If it's Max from Dark Astoria, nothing you can do, he's your friend forever
  2. I’d rather they just restore the LRSF and STF to their i22 states. I don’t think there’s any redeeming features of the new arcs that are worth preserving. They’ve lost the “biggest bad versus the biggest good” theme the originals had, and the last two missions of the LRSF literally have gaps in their hero lineups because of dead characters. Just put in a note that the TFs take place before Who Will Die to explain the presence of Statesman, and there’s no need to alter them any further.
  3. How exactly is that an oversight? The nuke changes were to remove the end crash, which Omega Maneuver never had, and Widows and Banes don’t have Assassin’s Strike or equivalent, so why would they be changed along with AS?
  4. Isn’t this the sort of thing the Sad reaction is for? It’s not supposed to be a downvote like some posters use it.
  5. I don't think the War Walker skeleton even has a knocked down animation.
  6. I don't know if Trip Mines are affected by buffs like Aim. I suspect they're not, but if they are, they would only be affected if the buff is active on you at the time of summoning and still active when they detonate.
  7. I think most people should take the Radial/DoT branches, since incarnate powers are intended for trials with dozens of players, so it's extremely likely the AVs will end up with max stacks of debuffs on them no matter what.
  8. Seeds is the same confuse scale as Mass Confusion, scale 20. So this would just be reducing the recharge of MC, which has already been pointed out to be broken.
  9. I'm guessing you mean this post: It was a very short list, and they all got fixed a short while after.
  10. Makes enemies group up closer Does DPS as they attack each other
  11. None of those are perma with just slotting. The stuns, in particular, have less than half the duration of Mass Confusion, yet take 50% longer to recharge than your suggestion would have it.
  12. From Rikti Monkeys? That animation wasn't made for any player character skeletons.
  13. Yeah, developed characters that need well-made builds, not just a single power slotted for recharge and duration.
  14. Every time this topic comes up, Seeds turns out to be even more overpowered than I remember. That’s not so odd; most Control sets have a ST immobilize and hold, an AoE immobilize and hold, and a pet, so that leaves only 4 powers for the sets to distinguish themselves from each other. A lot of control sets would be bad if you disregarded two of their non-standard powers.
  15. Thats not how things are done on Homecoming. Balance changes always have to be done in a thoughtful way. A change like this is a good example for why; this shallow, not-thought-out change would utterly break Mind Control. Seeds of Confusion has less range than Mass Confusion, lower target cap, is trickier to aim due to being conical rather than spherical, aggroes enemies, and despite all these disadvantages is still much too powerful because of that recharge time. You give that to Mass Confusion and Mind Control characters would basically never have to fight an enemy that’s not immune to confu
  16. Absorb is actually a different aspect from healing as far as the enhancement system is concerned. All regular enhancements with healing had absorb added to them, but for some reason the Alpha slot didn't do the same, and Absorb is found in the Resilient and Cardiac abilities.
  17. W-wait a minute! This is dupin! JERK HACKIN! You want to make us gone to the americans!
  18. It can produce some neat looks, actually:
  19. If @The Philotic Knight ever gets Project Spelunker finished I should be able to link the idea I had for hunts years and years ago. Needless to say, it was mind-bogglingly brilliant, believe you me
  20. You should probably be aware, then, that /yell is already an alias for /broadcast.
  21. Oh, they mean the emote channel. That whole thing is a mess; what you type appears in a thought bubble above your character like it's something they're thinking, but in the chat log as though it's narration about what they're doing. There's practically no way to write something that works grammatically in both formats at once. They should split that function into two separate channels.
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