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Slotting for Endurance Recovery: A Cheat Sheet


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So you want to maximize your Endurance Recovery, to ensure you never run out of Endurance, with the fewest slots possible? These charts should help you pick the optimal slotting. The Recovery values are given in Endurance per Minute, rather than the typical in-game Endurance per Second, because Endurance per Minute results in nice, easy to follow numbers; Base Recovery is 100 endurance in one minute, and the chance for +Endurance procs operate on procs per minute, so working in Endurance per Minute means everything's using the same units and easy to compare.


Universal End/Min
Base Recovery 100
Numina Unique 10
Miracle Unique 15
Performance Shifter Proc 15
Panacea Proc 22.5


Stamina/Inexhaustable End/Min
Base 25
First and second End Mod SO 8.325
Third End Mod SO 7.0825
First 50 End Mod IO 10.6
Second 50 End Mod IO 10.23
Third 50 End Mod IO 3.94
First 50+5 End Mod IO 13.25
Second 50+5 End Mod IO 10.725
Agility Core Paragon 7.5
Agility/Musculature Radial Paragon 5.5


Quick Recovery/Accelerate Metabolism End/Min
Base 30
First and second End Mod SO 9.99
Third End Mod SO 8.499
First 50 End Mod IO 12.72
Second 50 End Mod IO 12.276

Third 50 End Mod IO

First 50+5 End Mod IO 15.9
Second 50+5 End Mod IO 12.87
Agility Core Paragon 9
Agility/Musculature Radial Paragon 6.6


Blaster Sustains (minus Drain Psyche) End/Min
Base 50
First and second End Mod SO 16.65
Third End Mod SO 14.165
First 50 End Mod IO 21.2
Second 50 End Mod IO 20.46
Third 50 End Mod IO 7.88
First 50+5 End Mod IO 26.5
Second 50+5 End Mod IO 21.45
Agility Core Paragon 15
Agility/Musculature Radial Paragon 11


Physical Perfection End/Min
Base 12.5
First and second End Mod SO 4.1625‬
Third End Mod SO 3.54125‬
First 50 End Mod IO 5.3‬
Second 50 End Mod IO 5.115
Third 50 End Mod IO 1.97‬
First 50+5 End Mod IO 6.625
Second 50+5 End Mod IO 5.3625‬
Agility Core Paragon 3.75
Agility/Musculature Radial Paragon 2.75


Arachnos Soldier and Arachnos Widow End/Min
Base Recovery 105
Numina Unique 10.5
Miracle Unique 15.75
Stamina base 26.25
First and Second End Mod SO in Stamina 8.74125
Third End Mod SO in Stamina 7.436625
First 50 End Mod IO in Stamina 11.13
Second 50 End Mod IO in Stamina 10.7415
Third 50 End Mod IO in Stamina 4.137‬
First 50+5 End Mod IO in Stamina 13.9125‬
Second 50+5 End Mod IO in Stamina 11.26125‬
Agility Core Paragon (Stamina) 7.875
Agility/Musculature Radial Paragon (Stamina) 5.775


I tried to put together charts with the most common options people will have access to. If there's a common, permable +Recovery power I missed, let me know and I'll try to update the charts.


One last note, about set bonuses: Since 100 End/Min is the base, Recovery set bonuses are easy to understand as well. For example, a 2.5% recovery set bonus is equal to 2.5 endurance per minute. (They suck, but that's another topic.) It's a little higher for VEATs, with their higher base Recovery, but not enough to really matter.


Edit: Tried to improve readability by lightening more significant digits and darkening less significant ones.


Edit: Added entries for the ED-exempt portions of tier 4 end mod-affecting Alpha abilities.

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Do you happen to know how Gamma Boost, from Radiation Armor, works?  Powers like stamina list a % bonus to recovery, but Gamma Boost's power icon shows an amount of end/sec, and the tooltip says that varies based upon your health...


Bio armor's "inexhaustible" has similarly cloudy data on its effects in-game. 


Thank you!

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Inexhaustible has the same recovery boost as Stamina, so I just added it to the Stamina chart. It gets another 10% buff with Efficient Adaptation, but that buff ignores enhancements, so you don't have to worry about it when planning your slots. The charts give numbers in a straightforward "you will get this much endurance with this enhancement slotting" way.


I'm not sure if Gamma Boost would really fit in this thread. I could make a chart for it when buffing Recovery at its maximum value, but since it can vary so much in gameplay that might not be meaningful information. It's also, like you say, very fuzzy. I checked it in-game and even at 100% health, when the Recovery boost should be at its maximum, it's less than the real numbers in the info window say.

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56 minutes ago, Hedgefund said:

Is recovery affected by +end from accolades and/or set bonuses?

It is. It'll affect all of the items indicated above proportionally, though, so if one option is more effective than another at 100 max endurance, it will still be better at 105 or 120 or any other value. Endurance recovery plays nice that way.

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I'm pretty certain that your calculated number for the Panacea Proc is showing it as nearly twice the effectiveness then it actually is.  It's nearly a Proc version of the Numina Unique in both HP and END, it is slightly better though.


The Panacea is a PPM 3 while the Performance Shifter is a PPM 1.5 but, while the Shifter is a 100% chance of 10 percent of your END bar.  The Panacea is a 50/50% chance of either HP or END, which it's only 7.5% of your END bar.  So, you actually get ticks of END at about the same rate as the Shifter proc, but less total END.  So, it's actually 11.25 END/Min, slightly better then the Numina.

If I calculated the HP/min of the Panacea correctly, its also pretty close to the Numina unique too, which makes sense.

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For the Ageless destinies that give +Recovery, it's 100 end per minute even at the lowest level of the buff. That's pretty much "you will not run out of endurance, period" levels of Recovery for many characters. You can get another 33 or 45 end per minute by also equipping the right Agility or Musculature alphas.

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Well, I'm not the proc math guy, so I can't give you solid numbers, but I tested Theft of Essence in Frigid Protection. It can go off with no target, but the proc rate is very low from what I can see. It has additional chances to go off for every enemy in the AoE at proc time, which will make it slightly better in actual gameplay than while hanging out with Ms. Liberty, but since I don't know the proc math for AoEs offhand that's about as specific as I can be.

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