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Grav/ Psi, Grav/ Fire, Grav/ Ele, Grav/Dark?


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I want to try grav because i want to throw cars at people. I am not sure what /xxx to take with it.


I want to be able to solo and group efficiently. I prefer to ranged damage and have some decent aoe skills also. Any help would be really appreciated.


Thank you

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I went Dark, and while I haven't gotten him very high, yet, it shows interesting promise.  At the very least, I don't see a need to get any of the melee powers, so I can easily convince myself to stay at range.

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Yeah I want to stay ranged as well, and have a decent amount of AOE ability, although it seems doms get less aoe in general. The assault sets all seem to have 1-2 aoes, and a mix of both ranged and melee. I am looking more os /fire and /psi right now but still cannot decide.

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I had a Grav/Elec/Mu back on Live and it was a very solid leveling spec, whether grouped or solo.  If you lock mobs down, they're not hitting you.  If you knock mobs over, they're not hitting you.  If you're sapping their Endurance, they're not hitting you.


Plus you get 3 pets out of this (Singy, Voltaic, and the Mu)

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