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Trick or Treating


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A huge thank you to everyone who joined us for Trick or Treat league in PI this year. We caused a lot of mayhem at the motel and I'm betting management is glad to be rid of us. Eochai and Jack were good sports, and the zombies & banners made numerous celebrity appearances. Enormous thank yous to Radium Gurl, Az'rial, and Lord Aragas who were all instrumental in leading, running, and maintaining the league. So big shout out to all of the players that ran us with over the course of the last month; we had a blast and hope you did as well. I hope the costume contest winners enjoy their prizes. 65 participants (of a possible 70) all walked away with a shiny lvl 50 LotG Global Recharge.

Mayhem Motel, we'll turn the fright on for ya.  (Just not until next year)





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Torchbearer Temporary Hero-ing:

Experts in - Soil Analysis, Hamidon & Hive Viscera Clean-up, Mayhem Motel Menacing, Advertising Aficionados, Undertaking, Undertaken, and........


The Spanish Inquisition!!!

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So these images me think...  for next year, can more ToT costumes be added to the list we get now?


It seems like the ones we get are fairly limited from the female side of things.  There's one exclusively female costume with the Knives of Artemis costume... and then a handful of costumes that represent whatever your characters sex normally is (Crey Agent, Paragon Protector, Coralax, Eidolon), and the rest are all male.


Some suggested additions:


Skulls  (add female variant as they exist now)

Cabal  (female only)

Longbow  (sex appropriate to character)

Hero Corps  (sex appropriate to character)

Cimeroran  (Roman soldier male / Citizen in toga female, appropriate to character's sex)

Clockwork  (Praetorian stlye, sex appropriate to character)

Neo-Shivan  (no sexual characteristics)

Redcap  (male only, obviously)

Firbolg  (no sexual characteristics?)

Zombie  (like the lieutenants in the cool ripped up shirts during the zombie apocalypse event)


And how about some specific individual costumes?

Statesman, Lord Recluse, Back Alley Brawler, and Hamidon all have costume salvage pieces show up indicating that these costumes exist within the lore of Paragon City... couldn't we get some representation on that?  Another individual I'd like to see is a Jack in Irons costume (shrunk down, obviously, not GM-sized).

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