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List of i27 Badges


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Issue 27 Patch Notes:



Several new badges have been added to the game!

New Defeat Badges

  • defeats_jaegers.png.b468a68b9f3033aa059f4eeff6c749db.png Brass Hunter
    • Defeat 1000 Nemesis Jaegers
  • 1699805077_defeats_warhulkscopy.png.ec957595d983620fc607d827103b0b20.png Green Machine
    • Defeat 100 Nemesis Warhulks
  • 519787418_defeats_brutescopy.png.b1fb51e7aa983a8faa19bc38ec4c6235.png Brute Forced
    • Defeat 500 points worth of Rularuu Brutes
      • Bosses are worth 5 points, all others are worth 1, like the Praetoria and Dark Astoria defeat badges
  • 1636862581_defeats_natterlingscopy.png.905995d5b8e4ce0dab509c09effb5638.png Winged Nuisance
    • Defeat 500 Rularuu Natterlings of any rank
  • 432351809_defeats_sapperscopy.png.f11d15e7950085195edd2a173d3e4198.png Running on Empty
    • Defeat 200 Malta Sappers
  • 1474809920_defeats_bobo_protectorscopy.png.f564d2d3c4190e3ffc45cfef6838f46f.png Womp Womp
    • Defeat 100 Immature Paragon Protectors
  • defeats_superstunners.png.33fcfde73de039f24a6d875e076b6c20.png Assault and Battery
    • Defeat 50 Freakshow Super Stunners

New Story Arc Badges

  Spoilers in the box below

  Reveal hidden contents

Other New Badges

  • Badge_tourist_01.png.98471da62a255e5dadb6128b60bffd8a.png On the Shoulders of Giants
    • Located in Kallisti Wharf
  • V_badge_PvpMissionBadge.png.4a53769079914ce26f424f41cbc1792c.png Behind Enemy Lines
    • Complete at least one door mission in Bloody Bay, Siren's Call and Warburg (one mission per zone)

Existing Badges

  • Badge_passport_01.png.6e20773e5535ab6e7b890abfce435bb4.png Passport
    • Moved from Events to Accolades, and no longer awarded automatically on character creation
    • Now unlocked by earning either:
      • An exploration accolade in any zone with a Base Portal (see "Complete Base Portal List" above), or
      • The Pocket D VIP Gold Club Member badge (for spending 1 hour in Pocket D)
    • Grants the LongRangeTeleporter.png.4970195b31b9e2546510622430b293f0.png Long Range Teleporter accolade power
    • Hint text has been updated to explain exactly how you earn Long Range Teleporter
  • 120px-Badge_Pocket_D_VIP.png.4a4570d04a4d874615787c562464f7f4.png Pocket D VIP Gold Club Member
    • No longer unlocks the Pocket D VIP Pass power
    • Now unlocks Pocket D as a Long Range Teleporter destination (and unlocks Long Range Teleporter if you don't already have it)
  • MCDraft-4.png.dcc60d3676b55fa102e9d27cabe815a1.png Loyal Customer
    • This badge now has new artwork (previously it was using the same artwork as the Air Pirate badge)
  • Badge_tourism_hazard.png.6242ffab3f9d0ca790449f4c07df6e7c.png Unabashed
    • Can now be acquired in the instanced Rikti Mothership Raid instead of just in the zone version
  • Badge_giant_octopus.png.823f8f4389d39da47da0481dfb9bcf9b.png Devilfish
    • Improved the reliability of this badge awarding when defeating Lusca
      • Along with awarding to anyone within X feet of Lusca dying, it now awards to anyone that receives kill credit (the normal method for awarding defeat badges)
  • Badge_tourism_hazard_accolade.png.7f3ed8295b027d845f3673fd7f85d1a4.png Wincott's Ally / Wincott's Betrayer
    • Now correctly uses the Hazard Zone Exploration Accolade artwork
    • The exploration badges in The Hollows have also been updated to use the correct artwork
  • V_badge_TourismBadge.png.3c4e8e110552c704d1a42aa792a11d9e.png Burgermeister
    • Now shows as Burgermeisterin on female characters
  • Badge_villain_rularru.png.41d7335d4809b3c1bd69713b38cdd4c5.png Visionary
    • Changed from defeating 100 Rularuu Overseers bosses to 500 points worth of Rularuu eyes (Watchers, Observers and Overseers)
      • Bosses are worth 5 points, all others are worth 1, like the Praetoria and Dark Astoria defeat badges
      • Existing badge progress will be transferred (1 boss on the old tracker = 5 points on the new tracker)
  • V_badge_ThiefBadge.png.96fef3a4c9579c993e612555c70a7522.png Power Liberator Master Thief
    • Moved from PvP to Accomplishment as the Cathedral of Pain Trial has no relation to PvP
  • Badge_DayJob_MonitorDuty.png.fb3e70f05b0cea927f59d8af216d5a79.png Monitor Duty
    • No longer increases the rate at which you earn the Monitor Duty (Brain Storm Idea boost) day job power
    • Now increases the rate at which you earn the Monitor Duty Teleporter (Teleport self to base) day job power
  • Badge_DayJob_Auctioneer.png.95bc1aa829198b6d563ee6ea850ba93b.png Day Trader / Marketeer
    • No longer increases the rate at which you earn Day Trader Teleporter / Marketeer's Teleporter day job power
    • Now increases the rate at which you earn the Marketeer (Brain Storm Idea boost) day job power
  • Badge_DayJobAcc_RapidResponse.png.f217e8a6f5140ade696a6931e501b43c.png Rapid Response Member / Trouble Maker
    • No longer unlocks the Base Teleporter day job power (this power no longer requires unlocking)
    • Now unlocks the Rapid Response Portal (Summon supergroup portal) day job power
  • Badge_ouroboros_enabled.png.2c55726037a2708a36c62d59481d6062.png Entrusted with the Secret
    • Moved to the top of the Flashback badge list
    • Ouroboros Portals can now be summoned and entered by characters of any level
    • The requirements to earn this badge have been cleaned up:
      • Completing any Flashback story arc using the Pillar of Ice and Flame will award the badge
      • Completing any story arc given directly by a Mender will award the badge
      • Completing any of the following missions will award the badge:
        • Follow up on Holsten Armitage's claim that Senator Dybalski has been kidnapped by Rikti
        • Defeat Ubelmann the Unknown in Ashwin Lannister or Laurie Pennington's story arc
        • Recover the PsychoChronoMetron or Destroy the PsychoChronoMetron from Agent G
        • Find "The Magic Man" and recover the Devil's Timepiece in Mercedes Shelton's story arc
        • Meet with Botis during Vincent Ross' story arc
        • Any mission with Professor Echo from Marshall Brass
        • Defeat Professor Echo when you encounter him during Pandora's Box story arc
        • Confront Mender Silos in the final mission of the Pandora's Box story arc
        • Travel to the ruined Cap Au Diable from the future in any Patron arc
        • Travel to the ruined Atlas Park from the Future in any Patron arc or the Lord Recluse Strike Force
        • Travel to the Dark Victory version of Atlas Park in Statesman's Task Force
      • Entering any of the following zones will award the badge:
        • Cimerora
        • Ouroboros
        • Recluse's Victory
        • Echo: Atlas Park
        • Echo: Galaxy City
        • Echo: Faultline
        • Echo: Dark Astoria
        • Echo: Rikti Crash Site
      • Entering one of these zones will also award the Ouroboros Portal power if you have somehow managed to lose it
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