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Punchvoke and Taunt Auras (Might need looking in to)


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I don't have any numbers to back any of this up, I am simply going off the way things feel as a very long time Tank player. However, it sure seems like Punchvoke is not working properly, nor are the taunt Auras. Hell, even by the matter, my Taunt seems to do nothing from time to time as well. It's not that it is not working at all, but seems it is hit and miss...almost as if all of the ways for a Tank to taunt are all taking to-hit checks now. Like I said, this is just the way it feels now in comparison to before. I do not believe the recent patch had anything to do with this, because I first noticed this months ago. However, I kept chalking it up to this or that and other players have been giving me this reason or that reason, all of which I believe are wrong.

Anyway, might be worth it to double check all the values of the different ways Tanks can keep aggro and see if anything looks out of place.


I wish I had better information than this, but sadly I do not...it's just the feel of the class now in comparison to the feel of the class prior to a few months back. Aggro management is just not the same as it used to be.

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