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[Q: Admins] Are there plans to adjust salvage/recipe drop rates? [Answered]


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I'm not talking anything crazy, but I know I for one wouldn't complain about something like 1.5x or double.


Due to the (comparatively) low player count to back when the official servers were up, it could be hard to even get what you need off the marketplace when it gets more traffic.


I think it is also safe to say that most players are going to be gunning for their purple sets ASAP, and it might be painful if everybody is grinding them out themselves at vanilla droprate at the same time.






Rare salvage drop rate has been increased already. From the patch notes:


"Salvage drop distribution has been changed from 22:5:1 to 6:3:1 common:uncommon:rare, and the overall drop rate has been lowered to compensate.

The result is that common salvage should drop significantly less, uncommon salvage should drop about slightly less, and rare salvage should drop a lot more.

These numbers are not necessarily final and further adjustments will follow based on its effect on the market supply."

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