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Tech Blaster Assault Rifle/Devices w/Flight Build


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Sure, but what do you want.

I'd suggest a have  look down in the Blaster Forum you will probably find some posts on AR and Devices.

I have done AR a couple of times and all the powers are good, take lots of them and 6 slot them and put enhancements in them.  If you are able to get IO sets use ones that give you Set Bonuses that improve things you want.

Devices similarly, if you think that you will find a power useful and fun take it.

If you can't find at least 6 powers from each powerset that look fun and useful try a different powerset.

You can chose Flight straight out of the box, and Afterburner if you want to go fast, I don't but I know plenty of people who do.

regards, Screwloose.

"I am not young enough to know everything."


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I suggest playing it from level 1, and take it slow. Learn the toon, what works for you what doesn't. Will you be a stealthy sniper, a hover blaster that rains death from above, or a wanton blapper getting in up close and personal. Doing so familarises you with the attacks and the attack chain you will be using, and hence how you want to build it (build it for debuff, pure damage, kb, etc.) You'll also figure out what IOs or sets to put in or if you need IOs slotted in a particular power at all (sometimes a plain SO is adequate). Take some time to study IO sets and their bonuses. Not all sets are the same, and some cheaper ones are better than pricey ones.

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