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  1. Hi. sorry, but I just downloaded the new patch and the regular Homecoming (not 64 or safe mode) gives me a vague error message. Could you kindly keep safe mode on for a few more days until I can sort it out. I play CoH in a vintage Mac Mini running El Capitan.
  2. As a newcomer to the game, I was half expecting the origins to have more impact on the game. I guess they could improve/expand the storylines for origin contacts in the city hall basement -- like the warshade and peacebringer tried. It would have been more meaningful to have those as a starting point of orientation other than Matthew or Twinshot. Each origin would have a certain limitation as well as advantage towards certain type of villains, say technology would be pitted against clockwork and freakshow the way warshades/pb are set to fight quantum nebulas right off the bat. As they progress, then it makes sense that their powers and mastery become better and so the lines do get blurred between origins. It would encourage teaming up early in game since as a certain origin, you can't hope to deal with a certain type of villain at some early point of your heroic career. Moreover, it half-bothers me that as a natural-origin guy with a gun, I have to go and "shoot" at vampyrs, ghosts and demons. I would have liked to be able to choose or limit my villains to skulls, 5th column, malta, family, and similar mobs. And not to mention redside/goldside yet.
  3. Before I discovered p2w lady, I always picked the technology because I preferred the taser darts. I didn't know you could exchange them. 😃
  4. I think Opportunity is not getting the love it deserves. Before, I felt the same way, that Opp doesn't really bring much to the table. But after trying other secondaries (paired with the Dual Pistols as a control and because they're my favourite), I've found that with some, I tend to depend on Opp for that second wind of endurance during a prolonged tangle or that extra bit of bite or enough end to finish the fight. It helps. It's there. I'll use it. With WP and SR, it doesn't matter if I end up clicking the red one or the green one. With my /Dark, I have to time the green one strategically to make sure I don't suffer and end crash before the fight is done. I suppose you can say that you can do what Opp does with Insp's. But I'm not much of a skittle-popper. Besides, I really like my T1 and T2 powers. 😃 For single target, maybe. But for the bigger picture, it comes in at the opportune moment (pun intended). I use it on the "next" mob, because a Sentinel is strong enough to go in, wipe out, move on without missing a step (or taking a knee). I've found that it comes in handy with larger mobs with several Lt.'s and one or two bosses in the mix. Nuke takes out most, a quick clean up of targets, save the boss for my undivided attention. In such a case, I get Opp to fire up twice or three times to help with finishing up the boss. I don't really mind which Opp I end up clicking, both continue to prove useful to me. On my /Dark, Defensive Opp is often a life saver. On my /WP, /SR, and /Regen, it just adds some badassery on top. 😃
  5. As a new player to CoH, I tried out all the ATs until level 10. I fell in love with Sentinels because they were very forgiving especially for someone like me who's just learning the ins and outs of the game. I got one to level 50 with less faceplants than I expected, and that's with me not knowing what was going on half the time. Working with my first incarnate, sentinels can really deliver some hurt and live to tell about it. Now I'm not in any authority to compare them to blasters, but I found blasters too hard to level for a noob. I just rolled one the other day and I'm afraid I have to park him for now, at least until I improve my skills and knowledge of the game.
  6. I don't play Sonic because the sound effects of the sigh right before each power activation don't appeal to me. On the other hand, Energy Blast's "pew-pew-pew, Rah-ah-ah" once got on my nerves, but they're just so damn fun to play that it's grown on me. Meanwhile, I think Dual Pistols, which is my current favourite, could use a higher caliber SFX as it sounds like a 22. Also, a suppressor option would be nice. But now I'm just splitting hairs.
  7. It would be a glorious way to die. 😃 #Monkeyme
  8. Oh. So They're lying to us. The bastards! 😜 Thanks. I'll go back and revisit my builds now, make sure I'm getting what I paid for.
  9. I have a question: Some attuned IOs say that they are only effective until level X, but when I check their stats or percentages, they're the same as IOs without that limit. E.G. the End Mod for Efficacy Adaptor, which has no limit, has an increase of 42.4% at level 50, while the Energy Manipulator (which only scales to level 20) also gives 42.4%. So why does it have the level ceiling at all?
  10. Good Lord! Now I want to get Second Mutation. I've been missing out by just getting Inspiration. makemeamonkey... makemeamonkey... makemeamonkey... XD
  11. Chatted with a bloke in Atlas park once. He had all of the speedsters as costume changes: Flash, Reverse Flash, Zoom, Black Flash, even Godspeed, I think. Fun bloke. Bought the sprint pack from p2w lady while I was there. Didn't get to ask him what his AT or power sets were. But he sure liked speedsters. I think his global is MarathonMan.
  12. I've seen movies about this. One is Naked Assassins (?) I think, about three scantly clad Chinese or Japanese crew of attractive women who use this exact tactic. It wasn't a porn parody, nor even a B-movie, but a honestly serious effort. I don't recall the plot details, but I'm sure it was all right. They may have come out with a sequel or two. Another whose title escapes me was a male ninja or another form of oriental fighting machine that didn't want to be hampered down by clothing when he fights. This latter one was from Hollywood, if I'm not mistaken.
  13. Sorry, noobishly noob query: So according to the chart, do I understand it correctly that it's better to slot WP's Quick Recovery with Perf Shifter proc, 2x 50 SOs, 2x 50 IOs (assuming I can only allot 5 slots and don't want to spend for Boosters)?
  14. Yes, I've seen that. I figured he just conned blue so you can't attack him while he's monologuing. Never had him attack his own troops though. Edit: Just finished that story arc with an alt. Captain Castillo goes about his monologue (no one for him to kill, since everyone else is dead). We tangle, he dies. Heavy comes out. A "ghost" of Castillo helps me defeat the Heavy. No toon, just a blue reticle that manifests into a gun every now and then. It follows me around and takes shots at the heavy. I was too busy fighting the Heavy that I couldn't tell what damage, buff or debuff it was giving, but it helped non the less. I suppose Castillo isn't all that bad. 😃
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