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  1. I just got into MMs myself. I decided on bots/traps. the play tends to be slower (or maybe it's just me being a newb) since you need to set up the traps and they're stationary. so if you're teaming with a group that moves at a decent speed through the map, your traps will get left behind. And I like airline food, well depending on the airline and the flight. some just give peanuts.
  2. Hey, welcome to the world of domination. I just got into doms myself, but I play a lot of range vs melee. A nice way to start is to pick similar primaries and secondaries until you get the feel of the play style. This would be some thing like Fire Control/Fiery Assault (I've played this and it looks very cool), Earth Control/Earth Assault (this I haven't but have heard good things about it), and so on. Or something thematically related, like Dark/Martial or Mind/Savage (both of which can be switched around, both I have now and are very fun to play... may not be the strongest, but very fun). I don't think there is such thing as a power set or combo that is "bad". Some may not synergise well, but ultimately people still find a way to make them work for their own play style. Enjoy your spanking new dominator (no pun intended... well, maybe a little)
  3. They have something like this on Reunion, it's a group called Windy, all storm powers, any AT. And I'm also on Twang, an all archer team (again, any AT)... probably the quietest runs I've been on
  4. I used to play this came called Torchlight and they had a mechanic for higher level content that didn't involve new content. Once you reach the end of the game (level 50) you have a choice to start from level 1 (story-wise), while keeping all of your earned/unlocked powers. So effectively, you'll be 50, the mobs in turn would be 50+1 (CoH's mechanic gives you a choice to make it 50+4, with a x8 mob spawn). As you progress through the levels, you stay 50, but mobs progress normally... so by the time your reach Talos, you'll still be 50 with all your bells and whistles, but your enemies will be at 80, and in PI, they'll be level 100 -- twice your level and exponentially stronger/more durable. Let's see how OP they feel then. I have no idea how easy or hard this would be to code, but I think it solves two things: giving people the harder content for vet levels, and giving the people who rushed to 50 to experience low-level content of Atlas, KR, Mercy, etc. (which is good content)... and maybe it would encourage them to run it as new powerless toons.
  5. Thanks for the encouragement and tips/advise Nyghtmaire. πŸ˜ƒ I mustered up the courage to roll an MM. took him out for a test drive. different, to say the least, but hardly in a bad way. slower, more planned attacks and confrontations (which I like). I doubt if I'll be teaming with him until I'm comfortable enough with my skill. Thanks again. πŸ˜ƒ
  6. Hi guys, quick hijack of the thread... is Bots/traps too hard for a first time MM player? I'm apprehensive that traps might be tedious to manage and might over-tax my limited brain capacity.
  7. create a Powers folder inside the Ogg folder put the Objective_loop file inside the Powers folder then restart the client (I do a rescan just to be on the safe side)
  8. An idea just hit me. What if the opportunity aspect is expanded? When the Opp bar is full you now have choices: T1 = +damage T2 = +hp/end T3 = +to hit buff T4 = +disorient/stun T5 = -to hit debuff T6 = +confuse T7 = +regen T8 = +double hit T9 = -recharge/slow So, the secondaries are still the robust armour that they are, but now the primaries, can no longer be seen as a weak attack. It's damage + a special which don't have to last long. Just a brain fart.
  9. I like it as it is. I treat it like a mini game of slot machine. quite relaxing πŸ˜ƒ
  10. I'd like to clarify my point earlier... as judging from several violent reactions. Blasters are not weak. They are hard to play IMHO thus requiring a bit more skill than someone just starting with the game. Hence the face-planting blaster is limited to newbs like me. But having played more Blasters as well as other ATs in the past year, I can definitely attest to the fallacy of my earlier statement especially if taken in a vacuum and tainted with the Blaster vs Sentinel bias.
  11. Hey Vile. Here's mine, just finished it. I must say, listing them was cathartic. πŸ˜ƒ https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/20888-six-sixs-list-of-toons/
  12. A bit more information on some my toons regarding their Bios. Not all of them have their bios fleshed out or "published" in-game. I usually work on bios on a different app because it's easier to type and edit. Captain Cosmo (more on him later) is married to Cryo Jenny (no bio yet). They have 2 kids. One is Silver Bolt who uses mummy and daddy's riches and connections (and tech facility) to create a power suit and play hero in Paragon... because it seems trendy. Her brother Johnny Titanium also plays the hero in secret to make sure nothing happens to his sister. Meanwhile Black Raptor is the nemesis of the family. He copied and improved Silver Bolt's and Johnny Titanium's tech to go after Captain Cosmo (for some reason I have yet to figure out). Hotwire is the sister of Ion Fist. She' currently in Paragon as a "hero/vigilante" to hide from her brother's wrath. The more heroes between her and her brother, the more chances she can escape and live another day. Incendis, Cyclonis, and Tetrax are the alien armours, not the humans in them. The perpetrators who stole the Incendis Armour were intercepted by the Peacebringers and Vanguard, mistaking them for Rikti mercenaries. Their ship crashed to Primal Earth and the armour found a "host" who barely knows how to use it. Meanwhile, Cyclonis was sent by The Source (The Sourcer is just an agent of The Source) to retrieve Incendis. She must do this with as little collateral damage as she can. She is on a race against the clock because if she fails to deliver the goods in time, Tetrax will not be as considerate to his surroundings nor its inhabitants. And some of you might recognise the names of my tribute toons Jessica Cruz is a Green Lantern Kroenen, Karl Ruprect is a villain from Hellboy Sister Freeze is a gender-bender of Batman's Victor Frieze Kilauea is an active volcano in Hawaii Warhawk AND Ajax are (winged) generals from the 1980 Flash Gordon movie I later realised that Six Six and Tetrax are both characters from Ben 10. I had no inkling much less intention of ripping off those characters when I created mine. Similarly, Wild Kat is not intended to be a tribute to DC's Wild Cat. Lightfoot was originally inspired by DC's Arsenal. Having no IOs or set bonuses was inspired by Hawkeye's line in Age of Ultron where he said something like... "we're fighting robots, and I have a bow and arrow." So the idea is he's purely human, no super powers, and with an inferior weapon. He did level up with IOs; I've only recently completed his "rebuild" and will see how he fares with endgame content.
  13. II.a. Recent 50s non-incarnates Bloodmane. Rogue. Brute. Savage Melee/Dark Armour + Energy Mastery III. Work in Progress These are toons with concepts (Costume + Name + AT + Power Sets) that I'm happy with. I split play time among them depending on my mood. Sometimes a toon will be stuck build-wise, so they'll be parked (i.e. The Sourcer) at a certain level until I can figure out a fix, which is usually a simple respec of power choices and slotting. As some toons progress in levels, they get a planned costume "upgrade" to show the increase in their power. Ultramarine. Rogue. Blaster. Assault Rifle/Devices + Munitions Mastery (currently at Level 42) Cyclonis. Rogue. Corruptor. Electrical Blast/Storm Summoning (currently at Level 29) Herr Kroenen. Rogue. Arachnos Widow. Pure Night Widow Build (currently at Level 28) White Hydra: Rogue. Mastermind. Bots/Traps (currently at Level 12) REDBack Six: Villain. Soldier of Arachnos. [Hard Core Toon] (currently at Level 10) This is my current main Six-Six undergoing hard core training for Recluse's Elite Division (the R.E.D. Backs) IV. Queued These are toons with concepts (Costume + Name + AT + Power Sets) that I'm also happy with. They are simply waiting in line for play time because my brain cannot handle several toons at any given time. I get confused with the key binds, controls, and play style. Plus it can't be good for my Multiple Personality Disorder πŸ˜ƒ Blasters Awesome Lotus: Archery/Tactical Arrow Ion Fist: Electrical Blast/Electricity Manipulation Black Raptor: Energy Blast/Atomic Manipulation Brutes Jack Static: Electrical Melee/Electrical Armour Kila U'ea: Katana/Fiery Aura Korrosiya: Radiation Melee/Radiation Armour Demolisha: Street Justice/Invulnerability Irridium Man: Spines/Fiery Aura (yes, this will be my foray into farming) Controllers Sister Freeze: Ice Control/Cold Domination Corruptors Clyde Sidewinder: Dual Pistols/Posion Defenders Eddy Current: Electric Affinity/Electrical Blast Jessica Cruz: Force Field/Energy Blast Dominators Black Sakura: Darkness Control/Martial Assault Tetrax: Earth Control/Earth Assault Cryo Jenny: Ice Control/Ice Assault Wild Kat: Rogue. Mind Control/Savage Assault (currently at Level 13) Tanglewood: Plant Control/Thorny Assault Flame Brain: Rogue. Dominator. Fire Control/Fiery Assault (currently at Level 23) The Sourcer: Rogue. Dominator. Gravity Control/Energy Assault (currently at Level 21) V. Test Drive These toons have concepts (Costumes + Name) that I like. As for AT and Power Sets, I've test driven them after the costume creator. Their level will not be mentioned (usually Level 10 or below) since it is not indicative of how much I like them, rather how much time I had to test drive them before RL interrupted. Some of these may undergo a minor change to their costumes (some even a body change), a name change, or re-rolled as a different AT with different (but similar) power sets. Oobatz: Blaster. Dual Pistols/Martial Combat Praetor Keyes: Corruptor. Radiation Blast/Radiation Emission Epsilon-3: Stalker. Claws/Dark Armour Vermilienne: Warshade... will attempt to play her as a true Tri-Form VI. Drawing Board These are toons with concepts I'm working on, so a lot can change. Or they may be deleted altogether. (Recently I had a culling of 15+ toons) Warhawk Ajax: Blaster. Sonic Attack/Tactical Arrow The Last of the Vanguard. Brute. Broad Sword/Shield Defense
  14. I. Incaranates Six-Six: Villain. Soldier of Arachnos. Huntsman build + Mu Mastery Masie: Villain. Soldier of Arachnos. Bane build + Mace Mastery Krusty: Villain. Soldier of Arachnos. Crab build + Mace Mastery Satin: Rogue. Arachnos Widow. Pure Fortunata build, no patron pool powers Silamir: Hero. Peacebringer (human form only) The Mighty Bonehead: Rogue. Blaster. Fire Blast/Fire Manipulation + Fire Mastery Johnny Titanium: Vigilante. Brute. Energy Melee/Energy Aura + Energy Mastery Blinx: Vigilante. Sentinel. Beam Rifle/Super Reflexes + Ninja Mastery Dread Baron: Vigilante. Sentinel. Dual Pistols/Dark + Dark Mastery Switch: Vigilante. Sentinel. Dual Pistols/Super Reflexes + Electric Mastery Captain Cosmo: Hero. Sentinel. Dual Pistols/Will Power + Ice Mastery (my very first toon) Silverbolt: Hero. Sentinel. Energy Blast/Radiation Armour + Electric Mastery Hotwire: Vigilante. Sentinel. Electric Blast/Electric Armour + Electric Mastery II. Level 50s non-incarnates. Lightfoot: Vigilante. Sentinel. Archery/Ninjitsu + Ninja Mastery (no IO sets/set bonuses) + (will never slot incarnates) Incendis: Hero. Sentinel. Fire Blast/Fiery Aura + Fire Mastery NO.15E: Vigilante. Sentinel. Sonic Blast/Energy Aura + Psionic Mastery Tidebringer: Vigilante. Sentinel. Water Blast/Bio Armor + Leviathan Mastery
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