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  1. I'd like to add another tactic I use to manage aggro. When the mobs come for you, just run towards the tank or brute and jump over them (not too high, though) or just run past them. tanks have a taunt aura that usually snags these buggers, leaving you free to wreak havoc without looking over your shoulder.
  2. Here's a slightly different take from a noob: I like blapping because it gives me access to melee IOs and some really nice set bonuses.
  3. This I can relate to. Fire/Fire was my first ever blaster after having learned the ropes with Sentinels. The difference in damage was unbelievable, and so was survivability. I packed a helluva punch...when I was on my feet. But half my playtime was running from the hospital back to the mission door. It was so bad, I think I now have a serious relationship with the Nurse at every city's med bay. Then I learned a few things: 1) the thing that would kill me was the mez. I get mezzed (a lot) and things went south faster than you can say "I'll see you in the Hospital". So I asked around how to
  4. Ooh, right up my alley 😃 I've tried most of the combinations of soldiers: Huntsman + Mu, Crab + Mu, Crab + Mace, Bane + Mace, Huntsman-Crab + no patrons, and a Huntsman with no patron powers (SG purposes). My 7th one is still a lowbie, but he'll be a huntsman as well, not sure about patrons yet though... maybe soul, I dunno. Of my 7 spiders, my strongest would be my tankermind crab + Mace mastery and Pure Bane + Mace mastery. both of them have armour until next Tuesday and are quite tough. I think I'm a bit partial to Mace Mastery for the pet spider though. Both of them can solo and han
  5. Ultramarine (Rogue SoA) is now at 34. last few powers and slots 😃 Just gathering the procs to slot. Renamed her to Six-Six Otto Volt (elec/elec brute) is at 15... to be capped at 20 for the teen/sidekick team suggested by @Steampunkette. I chose to cap at 20 so the Prestige Enh still work--need all the help I can get at that level... or is that not allowed? otherwise, he's running on raging hormones alone. Haven't had time to flesh out the bios. but Ultramarine def has a problem with authority.
  6. Haha. that was me. no worries. kinda on the fence with Ultramarine (arachnos soldier). I do have an elec/elec brute that I'm playing now for the sole purpose of a teen team/side kick. He'll only go as high as level 20. he's just a kid, so not strong at all... which I love. While still trying to decide which one I'll level up for the .38 Specials, I figured I'd go ahead with the Issue 0 toons I had planned and leave them in the time eddy to be part of the .38's. 😃 BTW, renamed my Issue 0 Blastro to Black Atom. new costume, slightly different character write up (for RP). hoping to pump some f
  7. Another awesome project idea. why am I not surprised that "the usual suspects" are in this thread 😃 . You guys got me hooked bait, line, and sinker. Already rolled a toon. But with my house being remodelled IRL, I'm afraid I can't commit to playing for the next month or so. (as some of you have noticed with the Issue 0/ 2004 group).
  8. gods, I miss 2004. been busy IRL with house remodel. costing me an arm and a testicle and much needed play time. hopefully work on the house will be finished soon so I can go back and save/destroy the human race. 😃
  9. I have both... plus an elec/elec/elec Fender. between the 3 of them, I can't decide which one is the most fun to play. they're all awesome and incredibly tough. The blaster tends to die more, only because I play him maniacally aggressive. I also have an elec/elec dom on the way 😃 Pro tip. if you customise the elec attacks to red, they become stronger. bright yellow is a very close second.
  10. Wow. seems like I've missed a lot. Been having some major repair done to my house so I rarely get to play lately... too tired or too busy. On top of that, my keyboard's gone wonky. Had to plug in an auxiliary keyboard (old and also wonky) and switch between the two for certain keys. Haha. Wonky keyboards have left my higher level toons unavailable right now as some of their smoother chains are keybound for extra smoovness. Guess I'll have to go back to clicking UI buttons. We have a CoV version now? I hope I can catch you guys. and shout out to @Soyuz. nice to find you here with these folk
  11. I heard you can. but being a total tool with those type of things, I would prefer a UI version... but I've done fine just eye-balling it. 😃 no complaints
  12. You know you can save a) your costume specs b) your scales and c) your power customisation colours--even until incarnates and load them up through a surgeon. If we were going to request for a substantial change to costume management, I would recommend scale sliders with numeric values so you can remember/copy the exact scale changes to your toon.
  13. I rolled a Dark/MA some time back. played it until mid 20s, but couldn't get into the groove. Everything was just janky. Some time before the holidays, I went back to it. Decided to take all of the secondaries, which gave me 3 kicks and 4 shuriken throws, caltrops and a power up (envenomed blades). Now as a dom, I had to invest some picks for fighting armour (plus Kick became my 4th kick power, which goes with the theme sort of), Dark Embrace from Soul Mastery, and worked in Unrelenting as a self heal. I like to play my doms like blappers... or brutinators. Also decided to go deep into Experim
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