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  1. Another option would be to use Bootstrap(?) or Parallels to run Windows 10 virtually. I used to do this for another game a few years ago. Came across this a few minutes ago: Go to pg 6 of the thread and scroll down midway.
  2. See if your machine can be updated to Sierra or High Sierra. I don't think HC32 or HC64 supports El Capitan.
  3. Tried Ruladak the Strong solo. He is strong. didn't make a dent on him even with a longbow cataphract and vanguard heavy with me. I'll try again some time. 😃 Also tried the 4 Rikti Riders. Couldn't beat all four of them either. I'm such a noob.
  4. I like dying. It's not fun when there's no risk of dying. If I'm dying too much, it means I need to take a look at how I'm playing... maybe a change of powers, slotting, strategy. That said, I might be one of the few people who enjoy Twinshot's entire arc. Hoorb. 😃
  5. I have a lot of hand-me-down attuned IOs that I slot my alts when they can. Then I take them out (like some sets that only work until 20, 30, 40 etc.) and replace them with no ceiling attuned IOs when the alts outgrow them. I also experiment with different combination frankenslotting as well as slot allotment to powers, like t1-t4 primaries don't really maximise 6 slots even as mules. However, I look at respec in a different way. Some primaries and secondaries that I take are useful for a certain level range, but not for endgame. So I end up dropping say Empty Clips when I don't need it any more -- especially around 35-45 when the Epic Pools are available. I feel my present alt isn't performing as well as it should -- respec. Also, as a noob, I've been taking advantage of respec to learn which powers to take/try and which to skip. So thank god I don't have to do respec trials. 😃
  6. I like Willpower as well. My very first toon was/is a /wp. Since then I've found that wp has a bit too much def and res, and I limit it to only 3 each. While I agree with the toggle and forget factor, it's all good until you get sapped and all of your toggles turn off and you have to turn them on one by one. For that reason, I'd go with Super Reflexes. SR's secondaries are mostly auto, so less of a toggle and forget and more of no need to worry. I do find SR's resist a bit more wanting as it is a little limited.
  7. I wouldn't mind a beefier sound to pistols, like a shotgun. Or maybe a suppressed/silenced version for my sneaky stalkery sentinel. 😃
  8. Here's a very comprehensive guide/write up by Sunsette. the first bit is for energy blast but if you scroll down it talks about a lot of things that pertain to any sentinel including power pool pics and epic/ancillary power pools. (I have this tab pinned on my browser and use it as a bible for my sentinels). I don't think there's anything comparable for other ATs.
  9. I don't have a base yet, so I use email to organise my IOs and other things I want out of the bag. I use the email heading to categorise them. So you can have "attuned rare", attuned common, etc...
  10. I would have to go with willpower or super reflexes. my main is wp and is up to +2/x4 with some secondaries skipped to make space for epic pool powers. limited my def and res to only 3 each; my 2nd favourite alt is sr, just hit 35 and is on +1/x4... might try bumping him up to x5 or 6 or 8, but keeping him at +1. I would prefer a bit more res on him but master brawler seems to be making up for the slack. both wp and sr have plenty of end to spare mob cluster after mob cluster or prolonged tangles with hardier bosses. 😃 I might say regen as well, but I haven't played it enough to know better. my regen is only level 15 +0/x4.
  11. While I agree that DP is muy fun to play, I do think some of the animations can be toned down a little. I also almost skipped piercing rounds because it's just so hammed up, but I can really use the hurt it brings. I like all the rest though, especially how clicking dual wield while repositioning just feels and looks awesome in the same way dealing the killing blow with executioner, standing straight taking your time and boom; I must admit, I can never get enough of Hail. Sometimes, I go to the tailor so I can watch hail on a loop. 😃 The only other power animation I enjoy is Staff. If you time it right, guarded spin (t3) looks like it is deflecting bullets dead pool style. But I haven't played enough of it to be really good at it yet. On the practical side, I've almost always passed on the swap ammo because 1) it's the cost of a power pick, and 2) I like and utilise knockback in my gameplay, which is negated by the swap ammo feature.
  12. Hi. sorry, but I just downloaded the new patch and the regular Homecoming (not 64 or safe mode) gives me a vague error message. Could you kindly keep safe mode on for a few more days until I can sort it out. I play CoH in a vintage Mac Mini running El Capitan.
  13. As a newcomer to the game, I was half expecting the origins to have more impact on the game. I guess they could improve/expand the storylines for origin contacts in the city hall basement -- like the warshade and peacebringer tried. It would have been more meaningful to have those as a starting point of orientation other than Matthew or Twinshot. Each origin would have a certain limitation as well as advantage towards certain type of villains, say technology would be pitted against clockwork and freakshow the way warshades/pb are set to fight quantum nebulas right off the bat. As they progress, then it makes sense that their powers and mastery become better and so the lines do get blurred between origins. It would encourage teaming up early in game since as a certain origin, you can't hope to deal with a certain type of villain at some early point of your heroic career. Moreover, it half-bothers me that as a natural-origin guy with a gun, I have to go and "shoot" at vampyrs, ghosts and demons. I would have liked to be able to choose or limit my villains to skulls, 5th column, malta, family, and similar mobs. And not to mention redside/goldside yet.
  14. Before I discovered p2w lady, I always picked the technology because I preferred the taser darts. I didn't know you could exchange them. 😃
  15. I think Opportunity is not getting the love it deserves. Before, I felt the same way, that Opp doesn't really bring much to the table. But after trying other secondaries (paired with the Dual Pistols as a control and because they're my favourite), I've found that with some, I tend to depend on Opp for that second wind of endurance during a prolonged tangle or that extra bit of bite or enough end to finish the fight. It helps. It's there. I'll use it. With WP and SR, it doesn't matter if I end up clicking the red one or the green one. With my /Dark, I have to time the green one strategically to make sure I don't suffer and end crash before the fight is done. I suppose you can say that you can do what Opp does with Insp's. But I'm not much of a skittle-popper. Besides, I really like my T1 and T2 powers. 😃 For single target, maybe. But for the bigger picture, it comes in at the opportune moment (pun intended). I use it on the "next" mob, because a Sentinel is strong enough to go in, wipe out, move on without missing a step (or taking a knee). I've found that it comes in handy with larger mobs with several Lt.'s and one or two bosses in the mix. Nuke takes out most, a quick clean up of targets, save the boss for my undivided attention. In such a case, I get Opp to fire up twice or three times to help with finishing up the boss. I don't really mind which Opp I end up clicking, both continue to prove useful to me. On my /Dark, Defensive Opp is often a life saver. On my /WP, /SR, and /Regen, it just adds some badassery on top. 😃
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