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  1. put yourself in their shoes. Wouldn't you run away when faced with a mob or single foe you can't handle? I'm sure a lot of us have done this instead of grinning and bearing it only to wake up in the med bay... I suppose the AI is only human 😃
  2. Just to nit-pick: they do lose their set bonuses IF you have the superior version and the regular version. So if you have all 6 ATOs slotted in a power, and you converted only 2 of them to Superiors, you get set bonus for 2-piece Superior and 4-piece regular. IIRC, both the regular and superiors can exempt down to Level 10 (which is effectively toon level 7) which is pretty much all the content anyway.
  3. Your dedication should be directed to your principle and how effective (or efficient) you are at getting it done with whatever powers you have available. Most heroes/villains suit up and do their thang, regardless of what powers they have or have not. They don't go and wait for their Squad or League. If you can't go and face whatever foe comes your way, all on your own, then you're just a sidekick.
  4. I've come across 2 similar groups so far. Do a search for Hardcore Rogue-Like and Ironman. The rules are quite similar as well, the most common and obvious is the no P2W lady (buffs, xp boost, enhancements and temp powers) rule. There's also a No AE rule, but with some of my toons, I have an amendment that says No AE FARMS, meaning AE content is fair game. Some have Hobo rules (no help from alts, use only drops) with varying degrees of strictness. There are those that ban the use of AH or limit it to just for selling, for instance, others forbid purchasing IOs and/or recipes or using me
  5. I say embrace your altitis and just do 1 build per toon. If you want a second or third build, roll a duplicate toon. With me, each toon develops a different personality even if it's the same power sets. I have 8 spiders if that says anything plus several power sets with duplicate toons but varying power picks and builds... and of course costumes. 😃 This will also explain why I always have no inf on me. haha
  6. Yes, you can change the SFX of Beam Rifle. Here's a huge repository of sound mods mostly by Solarverse. Thanks to him, Beam Rifle has stopped sounding like grating a guitar and has been an utter joy to play.
  7. didn't really keep track nor was I rushing, but my toon with the least vet levels with completed T4s is also 33. I have one at 47 that has more than 6 T4s.
  8. I'm from a different camp. I've been experimenting with toons that have close to no resistance and defences. And I've found that dps toons do justice to the adage, "the best defence is a good offence". That said, I tend to pick up Tough if my toons don't have any place to slot res IOs in as most of those have very attractive set bonuses even for 2-piece ones. Between Weave and Leadership, Weave is my choice for the slightly higher def at a slightly lower end drain. Also, when in teams, everyone seems to have Maneuvres anyway. So when I'm on a toon that doesn't have def powers, I'll pick up
  9. On Doc Buzzsaw's final mish of the 2nd Arc (Find the Lab), the mission description says "Safelyl" with an extra "l".
  10. does anyone know if Oppressive Gloom in Soul Mastery is autohit or does it need accuracy? no, it's not auto hit, Does anyone know if the +Range enhancement of Razzle Dazzle increases the pbaoe radius? no it will not increase radius. Has anyone tried it with Lifegiving Spores PBAOE HOT to see if they will equalize vs the lifedrain and heal from the spores? I use Oppressive Gloom with Twilight Grasp and my hp bar is almost always full.
  11. Doms are a damage class, so it doesn't take much to make them "offensive." A lot of power sets, though, tend to be late bloomers (or maybe it's just the noob I am). For example, you'll have some very nifty primary powers, but you won't be able to afford the endurance cost at low levels, so I just postpone taking them later. Another thing I've noticed is doms have sooooo many cool powers that you simply can't take them all, not if you want to invest in some def/res and other pool/epic powers. what I end up doing is limiting the primary powers (control) and taking most of the secondaries (damagi
  12. took an old fire/fire/fire dom toon out of the shelves hoping to breathe new life into him. renamed, respec-ed and re-fitted for renewed playtime Terran Hellbat
  13. wow, been a while since I played this challenge. Blastro's been gathering dust on a shelf. ...so here's my updated roster for the challenge: Heroes: Black Atom (formerly Blastro), Energy/Energy Blaster (Level 24) Cherri Rad, Rad/Rad Fender Rough Cut, Claws/SR Scrapper Cold Steel, Ice/Ice Tanker Villains: Wild Willy, Mercs/Traps (Level 27) [moved from Reunion] Killwatt, Elec/Elec Brute (Level 16) Hypno-Sis, Mind/Psi Dom Santeria, Martial/Dark Stalker And when these guys hit Level 38, instead of exiting the time eddy, they'll join the .38 Specials which is a lot si
  14. couldn't help myself. added another toon to the pile. Herr Kroenen (...Karl Ruprect, Hellboy Villain) Night Widow. currently at level 28. 😃
  15. Spiders are my favourite ATs as well, and honestly, I don't mind the no redraw. you can minimise the "redraw" if you use similar powers successively (like gun, gun, nade, gun then mace, mace, mace). It retains a certain realism to me that they need to draw the particular weapon, but once in hand, it stays in hand. same with crabby legs and widow claws. 😃
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