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  1. I second SR on a sent. May I add that Sentinel armours are tough enough that you can minimally slot them, thereby devoting more slots to damage and debuff. I usually just slot 2pc IOs for the set bonus. Of course you won't be min-maxing or soft capping anything, but you will still be more than survivable. I find any secondary on a sent very good in their own respects, so it's just a matter of preference and concept/theme. Additionally, Ninja Mastery will take ATOs, which can free your primaries to be slotted with moar damage/debuff. I'm not a fan of expensive purple, winter sets, or pvp IOs (save maybe for the occassional Shield Wall, Glad Armor and Panacea). Most of my builds are yellow and orange sets. I am a great advocate of set bonuses, and there are some cheap sets that have awesome set bonuses. All of my sents can solo +2 or 3x8 without much worry of faceplanting. They do have trouble soloing AVs, though. A few of my fav Sents are Beam/SR, DP/SR, Sonic/Energy, and Energy/Rad (though you said you're steering clear of Energy Blast). All are great fun to play. I use my Archery/Nin and Elec/Elec as tanks.
  2. I am liking that dynamo does not cost sny end to run. Used to be 75/s, which was why I never took it before. I think elec/elec is in a good place atm. 😃
  3. I'v noticed this on CJ and other ninja run and athletic, you can just set to not blink
  4. I think the proc just affects you even if you slot it in a heal ally power. It should fire even if yhe power isn't used. I usually slot mine in Sorcery's spirit ward and it procs regularly.
  5. It just occurred to me that with the Fast Travel Menu, if you had 1 more travel powers that began with E and change Monitor Duty to execute with N, you can then rearrange the list so that the Key shortcuts spell LOBSTERMAN. Sorry... back to your regular programming 😃
  6. I for one think this dev team and group of unpaid volunteers simply ROCK! I have no complaints with the game whatsoever. Do I wish some things be different? Maybe, possibly, but far too trivial compared to how wholeheartedly thankful I can even play the game.
  7. @Solarverse I was just thinking about a "magic" staff. What if the staff SFX was the voice of Futurama's Bender dishing out quips with every power. Kinda like how Warcraft characters say a different snarky think every time you click on them (the more you click the more snarky)... sorry. I just got up and my brain is still doing the thaw. 😃
  8. @khy Yes! I would even settle for a Hercules Class. But please, more mechs: Vanguard Heavy, 5th Column Zenith Warcry, or a smaller not-kaiju-class Council Warwalker.
  9. Ha! I know just the guy. This guy is awesome with sound mods... oh Hi @Solarverse, we were just talking about you... 😃 Kidding aside, I too wouldn't mind an energy-esque staff. Not so much Darth Maul, actually even just a better version of the Tech Staff that looks like it has a lit blade similar to the Event Horizon or Vanguard Blade.
  10. Do you mean until you have to take the portal to Primal at level 20-25? (meaning all content, including maybe disabling XP to prevent out-levelling some contacts). Or do you mean staying gold until 50? There are quite a few people who have earned their T4's without going primal. One of the most notable is @Darmian (Kameron Daniels) who did it on a Fender. I'm almost there at 48 with a rad/energy blaster. I also have a few more lined up, all blasters because 1) I like blasters and 2) I can't start Arachnos over on Goldside. I think ANY AT or power set can be built to solo ANY content, of course some would be a lot easier than others. It all depends on your play style, and how fast/slow you want to go through it, and inevitably on your notoriety settings. That said, I personally feel that some powers fit better thematically to gold like mind, psi powers and beam rifle stuff. Just my opinion, though. I will say that gold side tends to get VERY lonely, and this is from a guy who solos a lot already. In fact, I had to buy a vanity pet from T4W (gold P2W) just to keep sane... kinda like Hanks and Wilson in Castaway. If you do plan on playing gold side and on Reunion, there's an Gold SG (The Praetorians) that you can join. Look me up (global @Six-Six) in game 😃 Good luck and enjoy.
  11. Is there a macro or slash command to turn incarnates off without unslotting them? If not, I might find the creation of one attractive.
  12. until

    I think Dec 5 one will be in conjunction with this: Baron Havok is looking for the meanest, nastiest and downright terrifying to join him in a raid on Terra Volta and he's got cash to pay! Goodday and welcome all. This is an announcement for a Villain themed community CC that will be hosted on the HC:Reunion server on the 5th of December at 22:30 CEST (21:30 CET, 20:30 UTC). The location is Stateman plaza in Khallisti Wharf Prizes are: 1 billion INF - 1st place 500 million INF - 2nd place 250 million INF - 3rd place 50 million INF - 5x runner-ups NB! The contest is divided into two parts. Part 1: Visual Part one is about your looks and appearance, there will be 4 categories and 2 winners will be chosen from each category. The catagories are: 1. [Science & Technology] - your mad scientists, rampaging cyborgs, evil robots, gadget heavy bounty hunters etc 2. [Mutants & Monsters] - your beasts, abominations, icemen, biohazards, aliens etc 3. [Magic & Mystical] - dark gods, mad sorcerers, predator druids, demons etc 4. [Natural & Self-made] - mobsters, swordsmen, ninjas, thugs, corperate etc The reason for the catagories is simple - fairness. A dark god is far more flashy than a mobster but both are equally valid as a villain. If you not sure what category your villain fits in then just go with your gut feeling. The catagories also make it easier for the judges to evaluate similar costumes. Part 2: Biographies. 2 winners will be taken from each category for a total of 8 finalists. The judges will then assess the biography of each finalist. NB: having no biography will automatically disqualify you from the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Above all have fun and let your wildside out for a bit 🙂 Ps: extra Judges will be needed. If you are interested in being a judge email me in game @Rivvic. Judges will have to be post-apocalyptic themed Edited 9 hours ago by TrueBornTyrant Times changed so as not to conflict with Hami raid
  13. in that case, Ass Rifle will bore you more. DP is quite fun in terms of play style and its cheeky animations. one AoE (Empty Clips) has a shorter range than the STs and the "nuke" is a PBAoE, so you have a lot of jumping in and out of useful range. It works well with Devices' caltrops. DP doesn't have snipe attack, so you can compensate for it with Targeting Drone's +dmg.
  14. Go with Dual Pistols (or Beam Rifle). Ass Rifle sucks in its current state.
  15. Here's my two inf: What you like I like the concept behind it; however, I don't think it's where it wants to be atm. The crafting is a nice grinding incentive. I like the judgement effects, though some more than others. What don't you like I personally don't like the incarnate system all that much. I think they make the toon so OP that most of the current content becomes too easy even at max difficulty and notoriety especially on a team of 8 fully T4'ed toons. Now if we were to have content that scaled with the power creep, then I suppose I wouldn't mind some godly powers. On some of my toons, I don't even bother with the incarnates. Others have them slotted, but the clickies are rarely used. Balance of the sets I haven't tried all of them yet. but from those that I've tried: - Musculature, Cardiac, and Vigor are great. Trying Nerve now. Resilient seems useless. - Judgement: Vorpal animation could use some love. Cryonic seems weak... (or maybe it's just how I use it). I would say Ion seems to have an unfair advantage over the others. - Destiny, I've only tried Barrier, Ageless, and not the T4 of Rebirth and Clarion. I was a bit disappointed by Clarion. the rest are great. - All 4 (core and radial) Hybrids are awesome - Lore. Wow. so many choices. 😃 But still, can I petition the Warcry and Malta mechs please. * I do have a suggestion for the Lore pets that might not be as popular. I propose the pets available to you should be linked to what Gladiator Badges you have earned. It will be kinda like having to unlock your lore pet choice. That and the option for skins and/or at least colour change for pets. The crafting system My only comment on the crafting system is either to get rid of the shards or make all others be craftable with shards. If it's the latter, please make Notice of the Well easier to attain by offering more opportunities for its drops. Also, I would appreciate a way to break down a crafted incarnate much like breaking down an incarnate component. Where you'd like to see them go I'd like to see more fitting content for such powerful pieces. I suppose the iTrials used to be that. but they are hardly a challenge when you have 16 - 24 overpowered teammates. Also, more thematic powers for Judgement would be great. We have Dark, Elec, Fire, Ice, and 2 melees (Mighty and Vorpal). Someone suggested a blade one, a gatling gun (or a howitzer artillery barrage--for pistols and ass rifle) and an orbital strike which I think are awesome. Some suggestions: Tsunami for Water or Wind/Storm/hurricane Berserker Rage for Claws or Savage (similar to Vorpal) Meteor Strike or Landslide for Stone or Nature or Gravity Shockwave (I imagine something like a radial or conic Shockwave) for Sonic Murder of Crows ( or a flurry??? --whatever a flock-- of bats is called), zombie horde, Mot Maw from the ground or for a demonic theme Toxic Spray for SoAs/Widows or Poison or Radiation Quill burst (cone or radius) for Arrows or Plant/thorns or Martial Assault (Shuriken) Sorry, that may have been more than 2 inf.
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