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  1. I believe the variety is there, you just need to unlock it through a bit of creativity. Teams, TF/SFs are not obligated to run with a full set of 8, or with just 8 for that matter. I usually run with a friend or two, so there's just two or 4 of us at the most. (and none of that Tank/DPS/Heal/Control BS. We bring whatever toon we like and make do with what we have. Sometimes, there's a bit of role playing, like limiting the toon's powers to what is realistic for the character (I have a soldier who just has guns and gadgets, he has no business throwing force bolts from his hands or running super speed)... as opposed to going full meta with a fire/plant/dark whatever. How the mission progresses depends on who's present. Do we take them head on? Stealth if we can? or lure them to a corner and punch their lights out one by one. Some of my blasters like to punch things instead of snipe, others don't mind getting mezzed because that's part of their character, some of my sents can hold aggro and take punishment, etc. It's not all about speed runs and herding-AoE steamrolling. What I would like to see in terms of variety is a bit of RNG in the AVs and/or mobs we face. You got a team ready to face Silver Mantis? tough bananas because you're facing Ghost Widow instead. Expecting to be sapped by Malta? turns out they're experimenting with plant toxins instead. Ready for Longbow's Wardens? they happen to bring along Subjugators or Vanguard Magicians or Carnies. You hold the power to your enjoyment.
  2. Six Six


    My Rad/Energy is at 45 atm. I've slowed down her progress because I enjoy the character so much. did most things solo. She's a blapper, btw, for those up close and personal... erm... discussions with the enemy mobs.
  3. Glad to see a kindred spirit. I'm the Commander of Black Fang. All VEAT SG in Reunion. For the Glory of Arachnos!
  4. leave no witnesses. I always kill all even if the mission doesn't say I should. It didn't say I shouldn't either 😃
  5. @FoulVileTerror I had several tabs of the forum open. I thought I was replying to a thread, turned out I submitted it here. heeh.
  6. As long, I suppose, that it is not Order 66 😃
  7. Six Six

    SR vs. Nin

    I enjoy them both, but for different themes. Other than obvious Ninja theme, I tend to use Ninjitsu for my "human" only toons. They get decent def, some well-rounded res, and clickies for end recov, regen, and status protection. It makes sense to me that ordinary humans take some time to do those 3 things as opposed to having them in auto or a constant toggle-and-forget. SR, I use for "enhanced humans" (kinda like Captain America). they get super-agility that allows them to dodge most attacks, and quicken their recharge rate... which passed the realm of ordinary humans. Meta-wise, I have found SR to be extremely useful for Sentinels given their lacking damage. the faster recharge allows you to do two nukes in under 90 secs, the same time it takes a blaster's nuke to recharge. so ya, you're not doing as much per attack, but you're attacking more often. I tend to lean towards SR as it has been incredible for my DP and BR as the latter feels really slow with any other secondary. Besides, I'm not too fond of stealth powers which hide my suits. 😃
  8. what substances are you people abusing... can I have some 😃
  9. I don't mind slow animations, although some animations I like better than others (like Fire Breath alternative from the hand) even when the power is one of the weaker ones -- it's all about making it look good to the adoring public 😃 What bothers me is the sound and other effects like Water Blast's screen shake, absolutely disorients me when I play it. Unfortunate because it's one of my best costumes and themes as well as one of the stronger Sentinels in my roster. It's also strange because Earth Dom's shake don't bother me as much. Thankfully for the audio, I've found some SFX mods (by @Solarverse) that have really made the toon better... stronger even.
  10. My cut off is level 15-20. I usually start with a concept which is a name + AT + powers and some notion of how they should be played. Once it's out of the costume I usually take it out for a test drive to level 10 (unless RL cuts it short). Usually by level 15-20, I can tell if it will hold up against the idea in my head. If not, it's either rerolled to a more fitting AT/power set, or set to percolate (as to why it's not working), or parked... waiting for a epiphany. (I've had toons that have sat in wait for almost half a year, and I'm playing them now). Now, I do have "rough drafts" or brain farts which are character concepts that are kinda meh. I keep them for a while until I "edit" them to a better version of the concept. I have names waiting for costumes, costumes waiting for AT/Powers, powers waiting for names. I suppose those get deleted even though they are re-rolled into a better version right away. Once a toon has passed level 20, however I commit to go all the way to 50 sooner or later. t's funny, but sometimes, the only thing wrong with the toon is the costume, or the name, which makes it unplayable for me.
  11. Just got my second 50 the other day, and here's my semi-solicited advice: I've learned to categorise Dom powers into: Quick controls (fast recharge primaries) Long controls (long recharge primaries) Damage (anything that causes decent damage not as a secondary effect of the power) End-suckers (primary/secondary/mastery powers that are toggles with more than 50/s end consumption) at lower levels, I tend to pick 2-3 Quick Controls and 2-3 Long Controls and maybe 1 Long Control. While damage may be lacking early on, I will still be able to kill enemies no matter how slow. it is tempting to take that end-sucker toggle early on, but I've found that if I give in at take it early, I can't afford to turn it on anyway. At around level 12-20, I start working on a few def and res powers. the usual tough/weave and leadership tactics and investing in Rune of Protection even if my toon shouldn't fly. This isn't always necessary as I've had instances when I die, rez and continue to fight quite effectively even with all toggles off. Around level 30 is when I start slotting set IOs. Set bonuses make the world of difference for my Doms with regards to def and res. So it depends whether I like to play the toon from range or up close. Up until now, damage has taken a back seat, and I often feel as OP as a wet noodle. So from here on, it's time to pile on the damage development. Doms will never match the damage of Blasters/corrs, but the combination of holds and damage still makes it a formidable foe/ally. Lastly, I tend to concentrate on one-two types of domination per toon... my Ice tends to slot for -Recharge and Slow, my fire on holds and KD, working on a Dark/Martial that will focus on -To Hit and Fear. Unlike my Fortunata who has the whole gamut of controls. Oh, and don't forget to set that Domination power to auto.
  12. a lot of brilliant ideas... some I never even dreamed that I need. Let me see if I can throw in something to the pot... Not a big revamp, but I suppose could entail some work: make team missions affect every member. My idea here is when I team, only the leader gets the NPC dialogue (even with TFs), only the leader gets credit for completing the arc, and usually only the leader gets the reward merits (except TFs). For example, If I team with someone who's doing say Twinshot's arc, then I get to read the major NPC dialogue as if I was the leader. At least make it an option to be able to view it along with the leader. (on the other side of the table, make an option to turn off or skip cut scenes, I can almost recite Romy's by heart). Also, get credit for completing the contact mission. If I run Marchand's missions with someone, I shouldn't have to redo them for myself when I do his arc. Maybe that should have prerequisite that I do have that mission up... something like that. It will make it seem that the leader and I are actually doing the mission together, not just me riding piggy-back as a hired hand. Similarly, Tip missions should chalk one down to my tip mission completion -- going for Vigi choices but teamed with someone who was doing Hero choices, too bad, you get +1 to your hero counter instead. That and a Personal Min FX Stealth setting. I spent some time creating that costume, I'd very much like to be able to see it instead of it being hidden from me. This is the biggest reason why I don't play Stalkers. I can be translucent/transparent to everyone else's view, but I want to see my toon.
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