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  1. wow, been a while since I played this challenge. Blastro's been gathering dust on a shelf. ...so here's my updated roster for the challenge: Heroes: Black Atom (formerly Blastro), Energy/Energy Blaster (Level 24) Cherri Rad, Rad/Rad Fender Rough Cut, Claws/SR Scrapper Cold Steel, Ice/Ice Tanker Villains: Wild Willy, Mercs/Traps (Level 27) [moved from Reunion] Killwatt, Elec/Elec Brute (Level 16) Hypno-Sis, Mind/Psi Dom Santeria, Martial/Dark Stalker And when these guys hit Level 38, instead of exiting the time eddy, they'll join the .38 Specials which is a lot si
  2. couldn't help myself. added another toon to the pile. Herr Kroenen (...Karl Ruprect, Hellboy Villain) Night Widow. currently at level 28. 😃
  3. Spiders are my favourite ATs as well, and honestly, I don't mind the no redraw. you can minimise the "redraw" if you use similar powers successively (like gun, gun, nade, gun then mace, mace, mace). It retains a certain realism to me that they need to draw the particular weapon, but once in hand, it stays in hand. same with crabby legs and widow claws. 😃
  4. haha. sorry, not sorry 😃 enjoy your trip.
  5. I disagree, @Carnifax. I think Leadership and other pool powers should not be allowed to run while shifted. to me, the pool powers are human traits, which should only affect the human form (may just be my interpretation of the lore and such). the squid is devastating enough even without assault and tactics, while the lobster is tanky enough without maneuvers or tough + weave, for instance. making them active while in alien form would make give the PB an unfair advantage... and this is me from the pov of the PB. the squid has a nice trade off between blaster level damage in exchange for def/res
  6. Ah, @cranebump and @Grindingsucks... why am I not surprised to find you two here. Anyhow, I have a hardcore toon on Everlasting, currently level 19. he's my third hardcore toon attempt, corruptor. he's a duplicate of a toon I have in Reunion, 50 but no incarns yet. the first one (arachnos soldier) never made it past 22 in the span of several months, must've re-rolled him a dozen or so times from dying stupid deaths (like being too close to a bomb, standing outside during an invasion, etc.) the second one (defender) was made for duo-ing with a friend, but he lost interest before L15 a
  7. @tavmminqat or another option would be: see your toon to it's full potential (to 50, with sets and incarns). then roll a duplicate for the purpose of .38's then just PL him/her. slot it according to house rules. I've done this with a few toons (that I really enjoy but have had the challenge sucked out of them by power creep). and it's nice to compare what an OP toon can do and what a .38-er can't. personally, I like the limitation. it makes the hero feel a little more relatable and somewhat realistic (in a purely fantastic setting, that is). 😃
  8. Awesome work as always. Thank you HC peeps, gms and devs. you guys rock!
  9. Hey hey. got the discord. Will be working on my bio for the dossier section. Dibs on room #6 please 😃
  10. sorry, that's my bad. no official upcoming changes to Poison Trap. I read or recalled it wrong. sorry. I was following a thread under Suggestions and Feedback and confused it with the Release Candidate post.
  11. I love Traps. My BR/Traps Corr is my most favouritest (and strongest) of my corruptors. I'm playing a Merc/Traps and Traps/DP Fender atm. Web nades are chosen for you, so I just stick in a chance to disorient proc in it. it's there, so may as well make use of it from time to time. I don't rely on it, but I've found the proc to fire quite often. the immob itself hits like just half the time or less. I didn't bother with Time Bomb as well. too much trouble to set up and coax the buggers to get to it. I have more use for Acid Mortar and Trip Mine than Time Bomb. I'm rather excited for the c
  12. on all of my toons, I make it a point to pick up Tactics and six slot it with Gaussian. awesome 6-piece set bonus. On blasters, I try to build for ranged res/def even when I'm blapping, just to minimise mez on me. some of them are good enough that I don't need to pick up Rune of Protection. ya, I get mezzed, but it only lasts a second or two and I can still attack with T1 and T2 so it's no big. Numi's 6 piece is also a nice one (if not that, I usually 6 slot Prev Med). speaking of blapping, picking up those melee powers open up slotting choices even if you dont use them. Mako's or Touch of
  13. Here's another way of looking at it: I like taking Provoke over Pacify, then opening up the rest of Presence pool for the last three powers which are the most useful to me -- intimidate, invoke panic and Unrelenting. Since Provoke is there, I use it from time to time when one of my henchmen is getting overwhelmed and not the me overwhelming the enemy. Provoke can also take taunt IOs like Zinger and Beratement, which have some decent set bonuses. I just usually single slot intimidate with a fear proc, 2-slot Invoke panic also with a fear proc and end redux, and full set of healing IO in Unrelen
  14. blue side's too dang bright... both in atmosphere and spirit. gimme a redside hospital (stuff of nightmares and ghost stories) any day of the week.
  15. It's part of making sure you're not a walking arsenal, I suppose. 😃 Come to think of it, I've never tried using the Ghost Slaying Axe with my DP guys to see if it has the same vanishing effect. I know Gab's Hammer works fine. so there's hope.
  16. I'd like to add another tactic I use to manage aggro. When the mobs come for you, just run towards the tank or brute and jump over them (not too high, though) or just run past them. tanks have a taunt aura that usually snags these buggers, leaving you free to wreak havoc without looking over your shoulder.
  17. Here's a slightly different take from a noob: I like blapping because it gives me access to melee IOs and some really nice set bonuses.
  18. This I can relate to. Fire/Fire was my first ever blaster after having learned the ropes with Sentinels. The difference in damage was unbelievable, and so was survivability. I packed a helluva punch...when I was on my feet. But half my playtime was running from the hospital back to the mission door. It was so bad, I think I now have a serious relationship with the Nurse at every city's med bay. Then I learned a few things: 1) the thing that would kill me was the mez. I get mezzed (a lot) and things went south faster than you can say "I'll see you in the Hospital". So I asked around how to
  19. Ooh, right up my alley 😃 I've tried most of the combinations of soldiers: Huntsman + Mu, Crab + Mu, Crab + Mace, Bane + Mace, Huntsman-Crab + no patrons, and a Huntsman with no patron powers (SG purposes). My 7th one is still a lowbie, but he'll be a huntsman as well, not sure about patrons yet though... maybe soul, I dunno. Of my 7 spiders, my strongest would be my tankermind crab + Mace mastery and Pure Bane + Mace mastery. both of them have armour until next Tuesday and are quite tough. I think I'm a bit partial to Mace Mastery for the pet spider though. Both of them can solo and han
  20. Ultramarine (Rogue SoA) is now at 34. last few powers and slots 😃 Just gathering the procs to slot. Renamed her to Six-Six Otto Volt (elec/elec brute) is at 15... to be capped at 20 for the teen/sidekick team suggested by @Steampunkette. I chose to cap at 20 so the Prestige Enh still work--need all the help I can get at that level... or is that not allowed? otherwise, he's running on raging hormones alone. Haven't had time to flesh out the bios. but Ultramarine def has a problem with authority.
  21. Haha. that was me. no worries. kinda on the fence with Ultramarine (arachnos soldier). I do have an elec/elec brute that I'm playing now for the sole purpose of a teen team/side kick. He'll only go as high as level 20. he's just a kid, so not strong at all... which I love. While still trying to decide which one I'll level up for the .38 Specials, I figured I'd go ahead with the Issue 0 toons I had planned and leave them in the time eddy to be part of the .38's. 😃 BTW, renamed my Issue 0 Blastro to Black Atom. new costume, slightly different character write up (for RP). hoping to pump some f
  22. Another awesome project idea. why am I not surprised that "the usual suspects" are in this thread 😃 . You guys got me hooked bait, line, and sinker. Already rolled a toon. But with my house being remodelled IRL, I'm afraid I can't commit to playing for the next month or so. (as some of you have noticed with the Issue 0/ 2004 group).
  23. gods, I miss 2004. been busy IRL with house remodel. costing me an arm and a testicle and much needed play time. hopefully work on the house will be finished soon so I can go back and save/destroy the human race. 😃
  24. I have both... plus an elec/elec/elec Fender. between the 3 of them, I can't decide which one is the most fun to play. they're all awesome and incredibly tough. The blaster tends to die more, only because I play him maniacally aggressive. I also have an elec/elec dom on the way 😃 Pro tip. if you customise the elec attacks to red, they become stronger. bright yellow is a very close second.
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