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Energy/Martial strenghts and weaknesses?


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Starting one of these to replace the sonic/sonic I was running.  Ki Control is built around the concept of a martial artist mixing it up with blasts and melee.  Think Street Fighter or Dragon Ball (Not DBZ when power got stupid)  Was lookin to see the strengths and weaknesses.  Can I soft cap positionals S/L?  Hasten or force feedback for rechanrge?  What are some challenges I will have over other sets?

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Anything can cap S/L and Ranged at level 50.


You'll have a TON of knockdown/knockbacks with this combo.   Both with Ki Push (which even knocks bosses) and dragon's tail and basically all the energy attacks.  


Also you'll have a PBAoE slow always toggled on, so when things try to melee with you enemies should have a really hard time getting to you through the slow and knocks, which makes it a really fun solo toon because you are actively in control of the fight.


Probably the biggest complaint I hear about energy blast is that the knockbacks spread everything around which some team members won't like.  A few people are very vocal about it, but my advice is to ignore those people; they are jerks.    

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6 minutes ago, Haijinx said:

There would be something epic about following up a Ki Push with the flailing arms with a Knockback increased Power Push.

br/sonic does this as well. the push power + your t2 blast (which has kb in it).


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