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Arc with untold badges need to get fixed


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    So the past few days I was doing the Mr. G arcs, and got a handful of badges, but later when I checked on wiki, I learned I was missing 2 badges Honorary Bro/Sis and Pyromaniac. When I did the Mr. G arcs it said nothing about Dean MacArthur, there is no mention that I should have previously completed his story Arc (me, myself, and my other selves), this is especially true if doing this via the flashback system. There is no clear instructions to go visit Dean between the 2nd and third mission of first arc, there is a cryptic caption at the beginning of the second arc that was not much a clue for getting a badge.


Recommendation for this particular badge, when doing Mr. G, either do not let this arc be commenced until the Dean Macarthur Arc is done, or suspend the requirement of having the Dean MacArthur arc done in advance.


Then add a mission between the second and third mission to actually go talk to Dean, this would be nice from the prospect of finding Dean since his icon is not on the map.


Then on the third mission state as minimum as an option: Rescue Dean MacArthur, or add it to the mission requirements.


In general badges should not have odd inter-arc requirements, beyond having previous arcs of same contact completed, to avid the issues stated above.


The arcs, mission themselves need to be badge getting friendly, not ambiguous or missing it all together. For example in Pyromaniac you are supposed to set all 5 bombs before the Penelope's did their thing. It would have been polite to add in the mission description: Option: Set all 5 barrels before the two Penelope's finish their fight.


I know that this could be a lot of work, especially identifying which arcs needs cleaning, perhaps a forum entry can be made for players to log them as they stumble upon them?


Some for the books:


The Thief of Midnight, specify that after talking to Ashley to take a side door not the main door next to her


Keeper of the Coral Lore, Vincent Ross in the oro flashback never suggest to go get side support from Vince Dumbrowski or Lorenz Ansaldo, this requirement needs to be a mission proper where the player gets to talk to either of them, it also helps locating them since their icon is not on the map. Then each mission, must have the use radio to talk, and the glowie option besides the normal objectives


These are a few for the books...



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This is legacy design from the original developers. And if you miss it the first time it is possible to go back and redo in Ouro. I don't see this being changed. 
Guardian of Forever is another one of those "Hard to Find" badges. This is the way Paragon Studios was starting to incorporate badges, not as simple handouts but things you had to find and work for.
Point is you figured out how to get the badge, and successfully earned them, I don't really see a problem here, just because these badges are hidden or harder to earn.

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I have a Darkness Manipulation Proposal: Let me know what you think!

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Snowdaze, you have a point here, but not sure about how valid your point is currently.


In the days of legacy design, the game was for profit, competing with other companies for the people's money, was trying to develop content/material that only comes with time. Think of any game when they started, they has few zones and missions, but as time passed, the selection grew by a lot.


Today, there are no need for time-sinks, this game is not competing with other companies for the money, and does not have to create new content as a do or die situation.


So in the spirit of removing pointless time sinks practice, look at the evidence, many of the TFs have been revamped and much of the stupid travel and repetitive missions were removed; look at our travel system (even after the change) is revolutionary and we still can travel about quite quickly, all costumes are unlocked, look at how early and easy it is to get travel powers; all of these are very good trends into making CoH the most player friendly and considerate game ever.


So we get to badges, my suggestion is in line with the making the game more friendly with less time sinks. While as you aptly mentioned, there are work-around, band aid methods, they are just patches to symptoms from an old era that needs to be left behind and done away with. If you look at my suggestion, I merely look for ways to take away the need to go to the internet and read all the spoilers so you can complete the mission completely and get all the intended rewards. As I said, a bit of politeness extended to the player.



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