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"Too many missions", but..

Spaghetti Betty

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So I'm having an issue where I have no missions in my list for a specific toon, but certain contacts give me a message saying I have too many missions, despite never actually getting one from the contact.


A couple of examples: I was speeding through the Dark Astoria storyline (not having done any of the Personal Storylines where you pilot the contact). When I had gotten to Sister Solaris, I had taken a pause in the arc to do other things. A few days down the line I had decided to pick the arc back up, only to be told by her that I have too many missions to start her arc.


Fast forward to today, I only need to do the Heroside cape mission to get the Hero 1 memorial badge, but the City Rep says I have too many missions in order to accept hers.


The only variable I can really think of is that I've used Null a few times to switch alignments on the toon in question. Would that have caused a bug? Is it fixable?

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Do you have a lot of contacts with book icons in your contact list? There are technically two icons, a green book signifying a minor arc you can have an unlimited number of and a blue book icon signifying a major arc which, unless this was changed in I25, you're only allowed to have five of active at one time. These icons are badly designed as they're quite hard to tell apart at a glance.


However there are definitely minor arcs that count to the major arc limit despite what their icon says, like the RWZ Vanguard contacts, and maybe the Dark Astoria contacts operate like this as well. I'm quite sure many post Issue 0 contacts count towards this limit, despite what their icon says. So if you've got a lot of started but unfinished arcs they could be preventing any new arcs from starting, with contacts with no non-arc missions offering their standard busy message. 


I was able to recreate this on test, with only two listed major arcs from Maria Jenkins and Harvey Maylor, but a good number of Mini-Arcs icons, at least 3 of which seem to be counting as major ones, and after finishing Heather Townshend's missions, I was introduced to Mu'Vorkan but he would not offer missions, despite only having 3 currently active.


Edit: I don't have enough experience with alignment switching to speak definitively and I haven't run any tests on it, but is it possible that arcs could stay open and limits could persist after an alignment change?


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