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  1. I can't pick a favorite. It's impossible. Instead, I'll do a top 3. Twisted Samsara (Dark/Rad Scrapper) - Far from the first character I made, but quickly became one of my favorites. I made him after the buffs made to Dark Melee. I had never really tried either Dark Melee or Radiation Armor. My first thought was, why don't I make a character that completely thrives on being surrounded by enemies? Fold Space was also just introduced. Needless to say, a couple of costume reworks, a bio, and some levelling quickly made this guy one of my fastest clearers. I've been told having Fold Sp
  2. Don't know if it counts as manipulation, but I get pretty offended when I see common salvage going for more than 500 inf a piece, so I'll dump 200-300 pieces at 100 inf to balance it back out.
  3. Mostly the animations, and the fact that (IMO) Psi Melee just doesn't have as much oomph for a Tanker as it would a Scrapper or a Stalker. The set kind of needs crits to maintain it's identity, at least for me. Sometimes Insight just does not work. Mass Levitate does help your damage mitigation, though. Mobs can't hit you if they're too busy flying through the air.
  4. Gravedigger Slugger: Begone, woman. I must fight now.
  5. He's a comedian made of metamorphic rock. He's...
  6. This mission is a good stress test for my melee toons, so I usually just jump in head first to see how I do. If I bring anything it's a tray of blues for when I eventually get hit with Curse of Weariness. There was a couple of times I said F it and solo'd the 2 as AVs with a fully decked out toon. That was pretty fun. One of a small handful of scenarios in the game where strategy is required depending on the strength of your character.
  7. I feel the same way. PUGs these days can get frustrating. It's probably also my mentality. I don't offer much in the way of leadership unless I have the shiny star. If I don't, I'm a background character. That's why nowadays if I PUG then I lead. And I tank. And I drink. This is not healthy. I find I have the most fun tanking for 3-4 man teams. Much more intimate and requires some amount of synergy. That's not a very common way to play the game, unfortunately.
  8. I like street sweeping when I need a breath of fresh air from running door to door. Some of my favorite zones to sweep are Croatoa, Crey's, and RWZ. Sharkhead gets an honorable mention for having a good variety of terrain and enemy types. In fact, now that there are exploration badge tips, I'm taking a fresh toon through the City just street sweeping until I get all the badges in an area. It presents an interesting challenge if you're somewhere like The Hollows, since you could be level 8 and get the tip drop for the badge all the way on top of the mountain. As for maki
  9. I was hoping for a water secondary for Doms. Mostly so I could make an Earth/Water Dom with the earth colored orange like Doritos and the water green like Mountain Dew.
  10. That one mission in Shauna Stockwell's arc where you're disguised as a Skull. Protect Stonehenge. Character-by-character context. The 2nd Tina Macintyre mission where you have to defeat all praetorian clockwork? Yeah, my Psi Melee skipped that one. Also, skipping the Atta mission? Come on, man. You bump your difficulty up by +1 and you'll level up at least twice before reaching Atta. Also lots of interesting geometry to kite with.
  11. Spicy Red Pepper, Fire Armor/Martial Arts Tanker Bio included because I feel like it sells the character
  12. I have a Psi/WP scrapper. He's crazy good. I didn't like the animations until I landed on a concept for a blind hero. Now the very lax animations kind of make sense to me. It's not supposed to be super grandiose, since you're essentially making your enemies believe you're swinging a blade at them. That's the way I see it anyways. Also, this set hits stupid hard. Greater Psi Blade is ridiculous. Sure, it takes a little setup, but I can't really complain when Build Up + Insight + Crit Strikes means GPB is 1 shotting +3 bosses. Psi Blade Sweep is an amazing cone move. I think the only
  13. Gang Panda, Super Strength/Bio Armor Brute
  14. Cyber Flowen, a gamer chick turned psycho vigilante Battle Axe/Regeneration Scrapper (Lots of looks because I can't decide on one)
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