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  1. Devil Distortion, Bio Armor/Katana Tanker (Inspired by Devil May Cry)
  2. This is a known issue. It also happens with Assault Rifle. Pretty sure it's only triggered by selecting /Ninja Training on a Blaster or Ninja Tool Mastery on a Sentinel. Unfortunately it's permanent and you'll have to reroll to get rid of it.
  3. Super Jump is extremely convenient for me since I take Combat Jumping on all toons. Sometimes I just go without. Sprint + Athletic Run is fine on its own with some set bonuses stacked on top.
  4. A lot are saying Willpower, which I agree if you're truly looking for something you just turn on and never look at again. But I gotta say Radiation Armor is up there as a set that stays reliable through progression and only gets better. Even if you're tight on inf, some smart SO slotting and a few cherry picked IOs (theft of essence in Radiation Therapy = no more end problems) will have you rolling at a nice pace. It also pairs nicely with a lot of melee sets, my favorite being Dark Melee.
  5. I'm on the side that if Regen was ported over in its current form it would be extremely strong. It's already pretty easy to slot Regen to have absurd levels of recharge and Max HP before you even hit Dull Pain, and some builds can even doublestack Dull Pain for a brief time. On a Brute, this leads to crazy healing numbers with their HP cap, something like 89 hp/sec with Dull Pain active and that's without clicking Instant Healing. I'm sure with Tanker numbers it would also be very easy to stack more defense and resistance to raise your immortality line substantially high.
  6. Oh hey, I found this thread right as I was working on something in between moving. (On mobile so bear with me) Staff Manipulation 🤭 Crippling Strikes (Minor Smashing Dmg, Immob, Very narrow cone) Range: Melee. Mini version of Innocuous Strikes. Would have a mini cone like Headsplitter, Cleave, etc. Very fast recharge Precise Strike (Minor Smashing Dmg, Stun, Single Target) Range: Melee. Strike 1 enemy with your staff. Has a small chance to stun. Fast recharge Master's Domain (Toggle, PBAoE slow, -tohit) PBAoE minor slow
  7. As @Werner stated, Shield Wall is gonna be your friend here. 4-slotting it in all of your armors will boost your energy resistance, max hp, and regen at the same time. With Tanker numbers, your defenses will get pretty insane, and your high HP pool will make any little bit of regen matter a lot. Here's my SR/DM Tank. I probably went overboard on Recovery but out of all my tanks this one can go for the longest in almost any situation.
  8. Justiciar Cunningham, Dual Pistols/Ninja Training Blaster He's 6 feet tall, but is dwarfed by a Hellion. Yeesh.
  9. Kinetic Melee/Stone Armor Brute. You're welcome.
  10. You can always drop me a line @Spaghetti Betty. I'm a nocturnal player, with the exception of my off days, I'm mostly online between 12am-5am CST. Mostly play tanks nowadays and I'm down to help with anything.
  11. Cathouse Tragedy, Savage Melee/Radiation Armor Stalker
  12. Jackpot Nekomimi, Electric Melee/Regeneration Brute
  13. I know the topic is about Defenders and Corruptors, but I wanted to throw a +1 to an AR/TA blaster. I've recently gotten one to 50 and it's hands down one of my most fun blasters to play. Proc'd out Ice Arrow gives AR another strong ST attack. Gymnastics and Eagle Eye are amazing toggles that make the toon extremely sturdy. And AoE? Yeah, it lays down the law. This Hero build was built using Mids Reborn https://github.com/Reborn-Team/MidsReborn Click this DataLink to open the build! fox: Level 50 Magic Blaster Primary Power Set: Assault Rifle Secondary Power Set
  14. If 1 down is Waylon then I'm not sure what 4 across is supposed to be. No clue what 5 down is and I don't know 13 down without looking it up, so I guess that's my best shot.
  15. Here's my base. Nothing extravagant. Just a cozy utility base with some rooms that I think are neat. Passcode is BETTY-17192
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