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Thugs/Therm help


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I have been slowly leveling a thugs/thermal MM and am getting up into my high 30's now so time to start setting goals.  I want to know if perma-Gang war is possible with thermal.  I also wanna get the pets as survivable as they can be and I do tend to play in teams and I do want to heal.  those ideas are  in order of importance.  I can't use mids effectively as an experimental platform because of the size of things in there and visual impairment.  I rarely know the sets well enough to remember them all and how they interact, the few builds I have come up with are never optimal.  I am looking for optimization here.

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Interesting, I'm in the same position with a newish Thugs/thermal MM. I'm now at the point (mid-to-late 30s) where I'm comfortable turning up the number of enemies so it takes very few missions to earn levels. I'm not sure that my (non-incarnate) level 50+ build will have a perma-Gang War, even with Hasten. You can split the ATO Mark of Supremacy set into three 2-set bonuses for the same global Recharge boost.


If you are looking for Global +Recharge boosts and Healing, I have the following powers slotted:


Warmth: 5xPanacea (the proc is in Health) for a 7.5% Recharge boost. I'm using attuned as I level, some pieces will become boosted level 50s later.

Spirit Ward (Sorcery pool): 6xPreventive Medicine for a 8.75% Recharge boost. This isn't a Heal, but a short-term Absorb. I wanted Rune of Protection, so I took this power instead of Cauterize.


Gang War itself (like the henchman summons) can take sets which include Recharge time enhancements and also provide global +Recharge.


My own planned build does not have many opportunities for Luck of the Gambler (a defense set which includes a Defense/+Recharge pieces; any build can benefit from as many as five of these.). Maneuvers and Weave look like it for me. If you are looking for alternate pool choices, I think the Concealment pool has several powers which can act as mules for LotG. I could have tried to add Vengeance to my build (Leadership pool) to act as a LotG mule,  but I want to experiment with some Epic powers.


The one thing I've noticed about my Thugs/Thermal build: I really have to stay in Bodyguard mode or alpha strikes will finish me quickly!


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I jammed in as much recharge as possible on a Thugs/Thermal, and Gang War is pretty darn close to perma. 2.3 secs off. Ageless would easily cover that. Unfortunately the build looks unplayable and far from being optimal.


| Copy & Paste this data into Mids' Reborn : Hero Designer to view the build |

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17 minutes ago, Psylenz0511 said:

Can you put the Force feedback +recharge in Bruiser? I think the proc affects the MM not the pet. Or does that gimp the Bruiser's slotting?


Force Feedback proc in Bonfire? Just looking for more +recharge

I think FF would have a chance to proc for the MM, everytime the Bruiser is summoned. Each other time FF procs, it would go onto the Bruiser. Since +recharge does not affect pets, it would be useless.

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I agree that the Force Feedback %+Recharge would be essentially wasted in a Henchmen. My Thugs/Thermal MM does have that piece in the (Epic) Heat Mastery Bonfire... but as of now (pre-level 50, pre-massive set +Recharge) the recharge time on Bonfire is too long to make a significant impact, even with a 90% proc rate. Since it is an Epic level power for MMs, it is not going to be as reliable in level-scaled (i.e. low-level TF/SF) content.


If the Global +Recharge is 'on the bubble', you can use a SG base crafting station to Increase Attack Speed at one hour intervals. I suggest that you such a crafting table in you base, and then either have a Vault or a storage rack near the crafting station to store the specific raw materials you want to use for that bonus.

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You can also go the route of increasing the area of Empty Clips, and putting a FF:+Recharge in it, and spamming that during combat to trigger +Recharge bonuses. And Dual Wield also can slot +Recharge. I would expect that you can run a build with a secondary without +Recharge bonuses, and still run perma-Thugs.

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