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Notes for alts

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Not sure if this has ever been suggested, or is possible within the programming framework, but a Notes field for each alt in Character Select would be aw'fly nice if it's not a gigantic effort.


I have some thing I want to remember for many of my alts, and memory + my game pages on the desk doesn't do it. My immediate peeve is that I keep playing my E/E blaster for quite some time before remembering to toggle on Dynamo... it's the little stuff that gets ya. A note next to her name would make it easier to remember such small details when you have many alts you play in rotation.

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I think it has been mentioned a time or two. I wouldn't argue with it.

There's a lot that would be nice to have in an overall character screen revamp, honestly - more ways to filter, being able to easily (versus drag/drop across multiple pages or editing a text file) group characters, maybe a peek at inventory, selecting by level range (part of the filter,) listing SG, etc. It's one of many UI areas that could really use a revamp.

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