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The Vanguard School of Fire Farming


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Hello Everlasting!


The Vanguard League has been running our Support Sunday Fire Farm for a year or so and one of the most frequent requests we get is "Can you show me how to do this?"

You asked and the Vanguard League will answer!


Next Saturday, 23 January 2021 at Noon Eastern, 9am Pacific in Pocket D, we will host a tutorial school for fire farming!

We will enroll the first 6 prospective students who sign up below. We expect the tutorial to last about 2 hours.


What to Bring:

A Level 1 Brute with Fire Aura secondary. Your choice of primary powers, can be Hero or Villain.

Be fully loaded on 2x xp.

Have Mids.

Have Discord.



We will run your through a a few fire farms, the first to level you a bit and help you select some powers.

The we will turn down the difficulty and let you try a bit.

Be aware, a fully realized fire farmer takes a while, and takes some cash. We'll show you how to get the cash as you level your farmer.


We will also share a mids build for an AFK fire farmer that you can use as a template.


With demos, Q&A and examples, we'll get you fire farming in no time!




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Well, surprisingly, we don't have anyone signed up for this now, so we're going to push it off to the Summer.

If you're curious about Fire Farming and have questions, please join one of the Vanguard League Support Sunday Fire Farms and ask on Team.


See you Sunday!



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So, I promised to post our Away From Keyboard (AFK) FF template.


Theory craft: The goal here is to build a farmer that you can leave unattended for long periods of time, i.e. Fire and Forget. You don't have to do it this way, there are dozens of builds available on the CoH forums, but it  does make operation simple. On most of my FF Brutes/Tanks I have an AFK build (patterned below) and a street build with better rounded defenses and a little more attack UMPH.


You want a Brute to start. We've done this with tanks, but Fury is a thing that exists and it works in your favor.


The attack set doesn't matter much if at all. You won't really be using it. I've built these with Spines, Radiation, Electric, Katana. even Psy. (Yes, each has a unique virtue and we could argue the benefits and drawbacks of each, but for AFK it doesn't matter much since you wont be there to push the buttons).


Fire Aura is the heavy lifter here, it's your defense and your auto attack (Burn). Your goal is to get to 45% Fire Defense. At that point, you can pretty much walk through any fire farm at will. You will take some damage but nothing serious. Every once in a great while you'll get a n unlucky string of hits, but it's very rare and almost never fatal (unless one of your toggles shuts off for some reason). At 45% defense, something like only 1 in 20 hits actually lands and you have so much fire resistance you can shrug it off.. To do this, you'll need a LOT of 5-sloted Aegis in every resist opportunity. It will give you fire/cold defense at 3 and 5 slots. I also recommend slotting of  Shield Wall (+DEF all), Gladiator's Armor (+DEF all), Unbreakable Guard (+7.5% HP), Steadfast Protection (+DEF all), Panacea (+HP) to round out the set.


You can train this up from level 0, and you won't tackle the +4x8 until late in your 50s, but you can easily level up putting the build together as a Brute and learning the non-AFK life.


Once you're ready, hit your toggle's for 45% Fire Defense, set Burn on auto (I've slotted it with Superior Avalanche), drop them into Briggs or Cult's FFsand you're off to the races.



Three Mile Aisle's Build from Mids:


| Copy & Paste this data into Mids' Hero Designer to view the build |
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